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    First of all, the purpose.

    CubeList is a site for developers, server admins, and users. All in one nice, clean interface.

    However, without developer support, it all falls apart. So I ask that you look the site over, realize its usefulness, and encourage use.

    And now, the presentation:

    --For Developers--

    Popularity tracking.
    How do you define popularity, or 'Good'? I define it not just by what's useful to me, but what is useful and desired by others as well. Right now, it is very difficult to tell if your plugin is desired, and how well it is.
    There's the thread it's in, sure, but all that really gives you is a generic "Thanks!", or people posting silly problems.
    CubeList aims to show you, exactly how many servers are running your plugin. And not just that, but show you how your plugin compares to another plugin which might serve the same purpose. BB / LB, for example.

    You can browse the site, all the information is there. As of the time of this posting, there are not many servers submitting data. But there will be.

    How you can help.
    Support the website. We don't need money, no. All we need is you to say, in your signature or maybe in the plugin post itself, something to encourage usage of CubeList.

    Direct your consumers to, where it gives some easy instructions.

    For privacy concerns: Like all things Bukkit, it is a .jar that you can open up and look through if you feel the inclination. But I'll spare you some time, if you'll let me.
    CubeList, on load, disables itself. It will do nothing until the user goes in and edits their config file, to turn it on and to select which plugins they'd like to not submit (Private plugins, or security plugins for example).

    They fill in their server details, which is real basic stuff. And then they reload the plugin, it enables and submits the following data:

    All data entered into config.yml, and then the names of their not-blocked .jars. Does not submit the actual files, so it is light on everyone's bandwidth.

    Your Data.
    If you would rather NOT advertise for the site, that is fine. But at least take note of this page:

    So many plugins are without descriptions. All of the data from the website is pulled from your plugin.yml; please fill it in. Complete it, and put out some new versions. The website will then be updated, with your plugin.

    Remember: Should we hit it off well, this will be where people go to see which plugins are popular. And "Description" can make or break a download.

    --For Server Admins--
    Oh noes, another server list! I hear you cry.

    What's different about us? What makes us worth filling out another silly form? Well, we track differently than just about any other server list public right now. Yes, we have a vote system.. That's not the primary use.
    We track a server's average players-per-hour, so servers are rated by how many people are consistently on. Servers with more people rank higher than those that don't.

    Yes, this is a cycle that repeats itself. A high ranked server gets more people and stays up higher; but that is acting on the basic principle of "More people must mean that this is a better server".

    The averages are reset each month, so that does leave room for a server to improve its stature and rank higher.
    This also means that your users do not HAVE to bother themselves with voting every other day; and you won't have to bribe them.
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    Josh Harwood

    Added to my server :3
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    We are still in the beta phases; the site is mostly complete, and serves as a browsable proof of concept. All support can be gained from either myself, or @Kalman Olah.

    You can hop into #Bukkit on IRC, we'll likely be there. Or, this thread works as well.
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    Cool idea. I'm interested to see how many servers end up on here. :)

    Would love to have a searchable plugin list. Historical data in graph form could also be cool.
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    Kalman Olah

    A grand total of 5 so far. So far everyone is using either Permissions, or a Permissions bridge. That, and worldguard. Yay for trivial data.
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    Daniel Heppner

    You should work by percentages. Percent of slots filled per hour. That way smaller servers get a chance to be high-ranked. For instance, using the method you've just talked about, you imply that huge servers are going to be higher up. I don't like huge servers, I like small ones. So since mine has a smaller player limit than most huge ones, will I be unable to compete because I can't have enough players on the server at one?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Does this support multiple servers for one user/api thing?

    How well does it handle being told 31/30 players are online?
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    Kalman Olah

    31/30 shouldn't be an issue.
    You'll need one user per server.
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    The CraftBukkit Plugin List seriously needs a search or at least webpages named after the plugin because I cant find mine in the huge list!
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    This is getting worked on.

    We have the tab for it, the page is incomplete. Won't be too much longer. :)
  12. What does the class do?
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    It checks name, version number, author, all the info contained in all the user's plugins.yml - and anonymously sends it to our server for statistic use.
  14. How do I use it? :confused:
    And make sure you tag me, I didn't get notified from that
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    Kalman Olah

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    Kalman Olah

    Go ahead, as long as you don't modify information you send to us.
  18. Alright, cool.
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