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    WorldManager 1.2.3 - THE light-weight world managing solution!

    WorldManager was created so that servers could have multiworld without lagging up their server. Thus, WorldManager was created very simply, with efficiency in mind.

    • Very light-weight
    • Create, load, remove, and just plain manage your worlds!
    • Display various messages on world join.
    • Teleport to worlds
    Commands & Permissions:
    WorldManager supports SuperPerms/PermissionsBukkit, Permissions 3.x, Permissions 2.x
    Permissions are NOT required.

    worldcreate/worldcreate [type] [name] (seed)Create a world.wm.create
    worldremove/worldremove [name]Unload a world.wm.remove
    worldjoin/worldjoin [name]Teleport to a world.wm.join
    join/join [name]Teleport to a world.wm.join
    worldload/worldload [type] [name]Load a world in the server directorywm.load
    worldlist/worldlistList the worlds currently loaded.wm.list
    worldhelp/worldhelpDisplay the help documentation.wm.help

    #Should we display a message to the player on world join?
    useArrivalMessage: true
    #What message should we display to the player?
    arrivalMessage: '&eYou teleported to world %world%!'
    #Should we broadcast a message to the server on world join?
    sendBroadcastMessage: false
    #What message should we broadcast to the server?
    broadcastMessage: '&e%player% has arrived in world %world%!'
    Version 1.2.3
    • Fixed a stupid /worldhelp bug (that's what happens when I copy/paste my code)
    Version 1.2.2
    • Fixed issues with commands and permissions.
    • Fixed the OP and lost the rest of the changelog.
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    Thank you for making this mod mate, its quite awesome for keeping our world managing lean and efficient. It works flawlessly on the Xeon server with 24 gigs of ram (18 worlds) :-D. Thanks a bunch and I hope you never lose interest in this mod. Please keep up the good work!. Our server is counting on your progress! ;-)

    CyborgNetwork Team
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    This plugin was quite good , 2 bad its gone.
  4. This was the only plugin that worked for our needs... I don't want to use any ripoffs, but I guess its up to you.
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    AW! My favorite plugin. Gone. Can you put it back up? With a big message at the top saying it has been stolen? Please? I LOVED this plugin. D:
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    I really need a plugin like this right now, but if you're so quick to take down all resources, links, information on how to use it at the drop of a hat. I feel like its not a reliable thing to have to deal with. The time I need to look something up or to fix something, its not going to be there.
  8. I hope he'll bring this back like he's bringing back uCreate.
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    I can take over Dev if he allows me too.
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    If the development continued on it my server would have continued to use it :-(. Its very unfortunate, but I have no choice but to cross to the dark side, and use Multiverse. Its a shame, I really liked the lean manager he developed too. It will be missed. Cheers mate.
  11. How was it licensed? I can get the source if it was licensed open source and whatnot.
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    Another dev temper tantrum. Holy hell.
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    This is the only world manager I will ever use. Don't stop D:
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    You can make something copycats can't. You can make it better. Don't stop. We have faith in you.
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    @ChrizC @MonsieurApple

    I fixed the OP and updated, can this be moved back to releases please?
  17. I love you DrAgonmoray!
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    The feeling is mutual >.>
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  19. Short bug report on /worldhelp see picture to see what i mean:


    As you can see it appends a worldcreate in blue to each command.
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    O_O thanks

    Version 1.2.3

    • Fixed a stupid /worldhelp bug (that's what happens when I copy/paste my code)

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    Keep up the good work!
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    cant build on it, it says you do not have permission to destroy in this zone, i made the world and im an op
  23. Your plugin in amazing, and i am definetly looking forward to WorldmanagerPlus, if all goes well, its going to be epic! Just a suggestion, Perhaps in WorldManagerPlus you could add the optional use of portals, it seems to be a bit more funner than commands, if not nevermind ! :p
    Please let us know here when WorldmanagerPlus is out :D
    EDIT: also i thought of another idea for WorldmanagerPlus, could you add something where it makes the world permanent, meaning that after every restart i dont have to, /worldload, it will already be loaded?
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    Thinking of switching to this from multiverse, how does this plugin handle spawns? can i make a spawn for each world?
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    Does this support superperms ?
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    I am new to this server business. How hard is this to install and to get to grips with.
    I would also like to use this with Creative Gates is that possible and would that make any difference.
  27. It is easy and does work with any teleport/gate plugin(or it should at least) :)
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    Is there any way to use the commands from the server? Whenever I try, it complains about it not being able to cast it to a player.
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    Great just what i needed !

    Could you maby do so it's showing which groups there are joining the worlds to ?

    And i have my server on peacefull but peopels isen't getting life agien ? :p
  30. How can I fully delete a world (not just unload it!) ?

    The download link is down...

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    D: Download link be down bro...Cries...

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