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    WorldManager 1.2.3 - THE light-weight world managing solution!

    WorldManager was created so that servers could have multiworld without lagging up their server. Thus, WorldManager was created very simply, with efficiency in mind.

    • Very light-weight
    • Create, load, remove, and just plain manage your worlds!
    • Display various messages on world join.
    • Teleport to worlds
    Commands & Permissions:
    WorldManager supports SuperPerms/PermissionsBukkit, Permissions 3.x, Permissions 2.x
    Permissions are NOT required.

    worldcreate/worldcreate [type] [name] (seed)Create a world.wm.create
    worldremove/worldremove [name]Unload a world.wm.remove
    worldjoin/worldjoin [name]Teleport to a world.wm.join
    join/join [name]Teleport to a world.wm.join
    worldload/worldload [type] [name]Load a world in the server directorywm.load
    worldlist/worldlistList the worlds currently loaded.wm.list
    worldhelp/worldhelpDisplay the help documentation.wm.help

    #Should we display a message to the player on world join?
    useArrivalMessage: true
    #What message should we display to the player?
    arrivalMessage: '&eYou teleported to world %world%!'
    #Should we broadcast a message to the server on world join?
    sendBroadcastMessage: false
    #What message should we broadcast to the server?
    broadcastMessage: '&e%player% has arrived in world %world%!'
    Version 1.2.3
    • Fixed a stupid /worldhelp bug (that's what happens when I copy/paste my code)
    Version 1.2.2
    • Fixed issues with commands and permissions.
    • Fixed the OP and lost the rest of the changelog.
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    Works fine for me.
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    It struggled but managed with that link.

    minecraft@ns383137:~/temp$ wget "http://livecraft.net/DCP/web/dl.php?id=WorldManager&ver=1.2"
    --2011-07-24 16:29:38--  http://livecraft.net/DCP/web/dl.php?id=WorldManager&ver=1.2
    Resolving livecraft.net...
    Connecting to livecraft.net||:80... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found
    Location: /RendZ/DCP/web/dl.php?id=WorldManager&ver=1.2 [following]
    --2011-07-24 16:29:42--  http://livecraft.net/RendZ/DCP/web/dl.php?id=WorldManager&ver=1.2
    Connecting to livecraft.net||:80... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found
    Location: /DCP/web/dl.php?id=WorldManager&ver=1.2 [following]
    --2011-07-24 16:29:45--  http://livecraft.net/DCP/web/dl.php?id=WorldManager&ver=1.2
    Connecting to livecraft.net||:80... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
    Length: 8222 (8.0K) [application/octet-stream]
    Saving to: `dl.php?id=WorldManager&ver=1.2'
    100%[========================================================================================================================================>] 8,222       53.1K/s   in 0.2s
    2011-07-24 16:29:46 (53.1 KB/s) - `dl.php?id=WorldManager&ver=1.2' saved [8222/8222]
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    Hmm DL link doesn't work for me either. Any alternatives? :/

    EDIT: never mind, just took a while to load

    Anway how do I set a custom spawn for the worlds?
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    The worldhelp is a bit buggy and i cant create worlds and the permissions dont work :p something wrong or maby it's just me
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    It would really be helpful if you were more specific..
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    I seem to be in a pickle, i installed this fabulas plugin, reloaded and restarted my server and the plugin doesnt respond. I am set as admin so i get all the commands, all the config files loaded/created. Please help me, heres a screenshot of /version.

    Thank you

    img : mccreadiedesign.com/version.png
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    "WM 1.2 REQUIRES RB #1000.
    If you do not upgrade to RB #1000, you will get massive error spamage in your console. This will not impact performance and will not break the plugin, however your console will have many many errors.

    I updated via McMyAdmin and still no avail :(
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    Show me your config, tell me exactly what you are trying to do (as well as what doesn't work) and tell me if there are any errors in the console/log.
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    It was an accidental ' in the config files, many thanks
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    lol ya i will try to send you what it shows me
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    Works great in combination with ucreate and a flat map
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    Sweet- And that gives me an idea. I'm going to try and make a flat-map generator for uCreate. :D
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    it seems that /join works always and for everyone even if the permission wm.join is not applied.
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    Now that I think about it, it's my permissions logic. Thanks, you helped fix a security flaw that I will release soon.

    Version 1.2.1

    • Fixed a semi-major permissions bug/stupid mistake I made.
    • Updating is encouraged.

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    What is the difference between this and WorldWarp?
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    In my past experience with WorldWarp when I owned a server, it crashed my server _every_ _single_ _day_ due to memory leaks. It just used more and more server memory until my server exploded and everyone was disconnected and I had to reboot the server. I know it was WorldWarp because after I removed it from my plugins, I never crashed again.

    In addition to that possible bug, WorldManager is open source, it has a help command, it has a world load command, it's updated more often, the OP is much cleaner, and the author doesn't beg for donations :p

    And I can almost guarantee you my code is much more efficient.
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    Ok let me try your for a while and see if it works smoother, but my server never crashed because of worldwarp even before the 1000 build :/
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    ok tried it out and I have to say that this is better than WorldWarp! Though I really want to make a suggestion: Can you add a command for private and public worlds? because I want to make adventure maps and huge cities for lots of people to see when they are done, but so people wouldn't join and grief it. To me this seems very simple, but I don't know how much work goes into making these MultiWorld plugins :p

    EDIT: for some reason /worldhelp doesn't work even though I have all permissions.
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    After I finish a new plugin that I'm going to release soon (probably within the hour) I'm going to begin working on something called WorldManagerPlus. It will have many more features than WorldManager.
  24. Can confirm this issue, mine does not show up either i just get "Unkown console command..."

    Oh and i did create a ExtraHelp file for the Help plugin ;) (It's pending to be pulled ^^)
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    WorldManagerPlus Info

    Work has been going good on WorldManagerPlus. It's aimed to compete with MultiVerse 2.0 (nothing personal) while still offering a very light-weight and lag-free experience. As of right now, there is a new file called worlds.yml. It looks like this so far:
            animals: false
            mobs: true
            environment: NETHER
            pvp: true
            alias: ''
            animals: true
            mobs: true
            environment: NORMAL
            pvp: true
            alias: ''
    Any suggestions on what to add? All suggestions will be looked at and considered :D
    @Lathanael @ifrezzax @Sphex @ctek

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  26. well the only suggestion i could make atm is the ability to integrate those WGEN plugins :)
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    Yeah I've been thinking over how to do that the last few days. I _think_ MultiVerse 2.0 does it by putting the WGEN's source inside their own plugin. I don't know though.


    What about configuration options for config.yml?

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    This plugin rocks, soooo easy to use. Cheers.
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    Glad you like it. :D
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  30. I'll see what i can come up with, just give me some time ;)
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    Thanks so much for this mod. Can't wait for the update so that I can have a world with monsters and one 'creative' (without). Great work!

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