[TP] WorldManager 1.2.3 - THE light-weight world managing solution [1240]

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    WorldManager 1.2.3 - THE light-weight world managing solution!

    WorldManager was created so that servers could have multiworld without lagging up their server. Thus, WorldManager was created very simply, with efficiency in mind.

    • Very light-weight
    • Create, load, remove, and just plain manage your worlds!
    • Display various messages on world join.
    • Teleport to worlds
    Commands & Permissions:
    WorldManager supports SuperPerms/PermissionsBukkit, Permissions 3.x, Permissions 2.x
    Permissions are NOT required.

    worldcreate/worldcreate [type] [name] (seed)Create a world.wm.create
    worldremove/worldremove [name]Unload a world.wm.remove
    worldjoin/worldjoin [name]Teleport to a world.wm.join
    join/join [name]Teleport to a world.wm.join
    worldload/worldload [type] [name]Load a world in the server directorywm.load
    worldlist/worldlistList the worlds currently loaded.wm.list
    worldhelp/worldhelpDisplay the help documentation.wm.help

    #Should we display a message to the player on world join?
    useArrivalMessage: true
    #What message should we display to the player?
    arrivalMessage: '&eYou teleported to world %world%!'
    #Should we broadcast a message to the server on world join?
    sendBroadcastMessage: false
    #What message should we broadcast to the server?
    broadcastMessage: '&e%player% has arrived in world %world%!'
    Version 1.2.3
    • Fixed a stupid /worldhelp bug (that's what happens when I copy/paste my code)
    Version 1.2.2
    • Fixed issues with commands and permissions.
    • Fixed the OP and lost the rest of the changelog.
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    Where's the download link for 1.1?
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    Oops, it's the link in the main post, I just forgot to make it say 1.1 lol. My bad
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    hi there may i say great plugin very easy to use and it needs to be with me :)
    just one thing when i start bukkit up it creates 2 worlds new world1 and new world1-nether so i spawn in new world1 and i create colony my single player world and skylands i can teleport to colony and skyland but once there i cant teleport to new world1 but can between the other 2 if i delete new world1 when i start up bukkit it just creates new world1 again and the same problem is there useing worldremove new world1 does not work any ideas :) and yes i'm a noob at this
    argggg don't bother just got it forgot to delete new world in server note :rolleyes:
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    Can you please rephrase your.. text.. with punctuation? I honestly can't understand anything you just said. Sorry.
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    sry about that sorted now:)
  7. I wonder how i can setup the server properties for each world. Now my TestWorld, is full of Monsters. They blow all my stuff up. How can i set my spawn-monsters:false to every world?
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    Use a plugin such as WorldGuard.
  9. Thanks!
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    Could you make the /join command something a little more diverse like /jw (joinworld) so that it will conflict less with other (chat/tp/whatever) mods. Thanks!
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    I second changing or allowing Custom world join command /join is pretty common. Also can this only create the 3 world types? Nether/Normal/Skylands? or will it detect added types by [WGEN] plugins and use them also?
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    It only works with nether/normal/skylands. Unless the WGEN plugin as an API for me to hook into, it would be impossible to use custom ones.
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    Hmm I like this
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    Oh btw! Great plugin. I do hope you can get the custom command option to work tho. This plugin seems to load/run so much better than others i've tried in the past.
  16. It would be cool if you could look into some of those WGEN plugins. As MV supports them, there should be a way for you too.

    I'm thinking of this plugin [WGEN] CleanRoom

    If not, ignore this post :D
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    Could you add option for activate/desactivate mob, pvp and animals?

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    I'm really glad you like it. :D I'll try and get the custom command option in, or at least change it to something less common.

    :confused: Dang MV.. I'll look into it, but no promises, sorry.

    That is beyond the scope of this plugin. This is meant to be as light-weight as possible. You're going to need to use some other plugin. I suggest WorldGuard, it is really useful.
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    WorldGuard don't permit to activate/desactive mob, pvp or animals pear worlds :s
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    Really? Last time i checked it did, because I used it on my old server.
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    /join conflicts with HeroChat. Any chance of an alternative like /worldjoin <worldname>?

    Great plugin btw pulled me over from MultiVerse :)
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    OMG Such a relieve from MultiVerse!

    You should add a command called "/world help" so I don't have to pull this page up. Not that it's a problem or anything... ;)
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    Will do.

    Will also do.

    Yeah, once you create a new world, (or load an existing one using /worldload) they will automatically load on startup.

    Update status:
    /join command alias coming soon (/worldjoin) as well as /worldhelp.
    It will also support the new RB #1000 permissions in the next update.

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    Thanks mate, i do appreciate your response. I deleted the question since I just stumbled upon it by accident just by reloading it lol. Didn't mean to ask a dumb question :)
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    it's not a dumb question, lol. You should have left it there so other users with the same question could have been enlightened. :)

    @ctek @Tauryuu @mrdeadlocked @AlphaPapa @otherpeopleididn'tbothertolookupbecauseiamlazy

    Version 1.2

    • Added /worldhelp
    • Added RB Build #1000 permissions support.

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    Absolute Legend! fastest response ever :).
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    Haha, thanks. Any more suggestions?
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    Nope I think you just about nailed it. Definitely best world management plugin out here. MultiVerse offers a feature where on server boot it scans for any unloaded worlds in your server dir and imports them automatically, personally I don't like the feature because we have 20+ adventure maps we use for special event days etc and I don't want them all to be loaded at once. So its a good solution for us to easily go /worldload ... when we want them live.

    Keep up the good work, and there will always be a slot for you on our server (when it eventually goes live :)) 1block2far.com
  29. I think you'r plugin is nearly perfect as fas as managment of worlds is conerned, way easier to handle than some others out here and its fast. Nicely done !

    The only thing i think would be nice is what i already suggested before. Implementation of different WorldGenerators. But if thats just too complicated forget about it, we'll find another way ;)
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    I'll look into it, haha, but until then, generate them on a fresh world with the WGEN plugin, then use /worldload. :D
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    Great plugin. Very lightweight and does what its supposed to. Thanks!


    Looks like the current download link doesn't appear to be up / working.

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