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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Voxel Box, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Voxel Box

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    Voxel Box

    VoxelPort 1.8 is out for 1.4 / cb #617. enjoy!

    we are still workin' on some fun stuff for VP users that will really make reconfiguring ships be much easier on you a more fine control over departure times.

    we are also discussing ways to tie this into an item-trigger, making it tie into a server's economy if needed. more details as the ideas and executions firm up, but expect a much cooler, smoother voxelport in the future.

  3. Ooo my godd !!! Thanks you, verry thanks ;) for your update Bukkit #600+ ;)
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    I saw something someone said that I was interested in. I havn't found anything else on this yet so I figured id ask as well.

    Are you planning on/wanting to/ looking forward to see, a verison of this that allows you to press a button or right click a sign or something along those lines to get the tickets without having to type /depart. It would really make it just that much more rpish!

    Regardless, thanks for making a great mod like this, i've been needing an excuse to make a ship for a while. I will be inplementing this mod onto my server tomorrow!

    Thanks again.

    EDIT: Wow! just saw that you were saying you wanted item-implementation.... derp :/ Sorry guys.
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    Actually the next release will feature a big change, the portals will be sorted into a data structure of my making which will make checking presence-within-a-port exceptionally fast and so thats why the new VoxelPort will feature a walk-in system where if you approach a Port while holding a 'ticket' you will be notified of your presence within the port and transported when time comes. This will also change the time-dependency of VoxelPort from 30mc min(25 sec) to 6mc min(5 sec). Making 10 departures per hour instead of the old 2 departures per hour. Also, a small GUI program to manage all the ports from outside the game; No more messy Commands! :O
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    You know, simply <3 ! Your suite of plugins remains the very best of the best, huge grats to the whole team behind this.
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    Well, I'm the only one programming these :p
    EvilSeph tends to update the sources when bukkit breaks the plugins
    Plusnine writes all the documentation and often likes to test out the new stuff I drop in

    The rest of em sorta just use what I give them ;P

    But I must say that I now have two other guys under my wing doing programming, one is rewriting VoxelSurvival and the other is working on some awesome VoxelSniper brushes with me.
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    Really want to try this out because setting up something like a hot air balloon or a big ship on a set schedule of going back and forth is just too cool! However, I am somewhat new to hosting a server, especially with Bukkit. I only have a few plugins now but none are that complicated. There just seems so many commands and stuff, and I am worried about 'working it'. I'll check out the videos and any documentation you have when I get back this afternoon, but I'm just letting you know in advance that I'm somewhat a noob to plugins for CraftBukkit, and I may need some help with setting it up inside the game (I know how to set it up outside of game) it's just the commands and what-not that I have difficulty with it.

    Sorry for this very noobish post, I hope you understand.
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    I'm pretty much in your same boat but i think i have a decent understanding of this stuff now. I'm just somewhat confused about the install but i'll get it.

    Awesome to hear! Thanks!

    Man I cant wait to get this started so I can get rid of those ugly Wormholes!!

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  10. /gendisp 0 ??

    how much should I put it to the port operates every minute?
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    Okay so I downloaded this and got it working with a few balloons from my spawn to my floating city (just to start with) and everything works fine.... but one thing. Its not a big thing. It never gives me a count down. It simply teleports me. Did the newer version take out the countdown or is it just me? Nothing big, i'm just wondering.

    Well i put 2000 (2 hours0 for mine if people will be using it alot. When I begin making my server more rpg style ill just out in 1 depart at like noon or something to add an effect. but if people use it a lot, i'd go with 2 hours or so. And if you want instant just do 500 (for 30 mins).

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    an MC day == 24000 MC time;
    24000MC time == 20 minutes realTime;
    500MC time == 25 seconds realTime;
    so closest to every minute is every minecraft hour (1000MC time) <- 50 sec realTime
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    not chocolate

    When i try to start my server with voxelport it runs fine put i get a warning message saying "Error while loading admns.txt"
    can anyone help me?
  14. You obviously didn't read the thread, read it since you must create a folder too if you want the ports to remain saved.
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    Nathan Seeley

    i followed all the instructions but when i try to use it, and I tried both methods, it repeats the command then gives me a tutorial like thing for instance with /vpoint is says:

    why isn't it working?
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    Sigh, when will any of you learn that you need to be an admn to use the commands of the plugin.
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    Nathan Seeley

    i figured it out!! i had that file but i spelled the name wrong! sorry for wasting your time

    wait is it spelled admns.txt because you left out the "s"above.

    okay now i have it working. i had to put the admns.txt in a folder called voxelport i dont think the site says that

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    .. you dont have to do that.... its a txt file called admns that just sits in your plugins folder.

    The actual NAME of the txt document CANNOT be admns.TXT.

    the name is SUPPOSED to be, admns. But it is a .TXT file.

    Get it?
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    Points define fine, get confirmation for linking and for generating dispatch, but for some reason, after we /depart, although we get the message that says we got a ticket, we never teleport! :O halp?
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    Clancy Dawson

    I get the same problem as Naito. I've setup and made everything as described, (twice now), but no luck, we still don't teleport :(

    We get everything perfect to the point we it says we got ticket. From there nothing happens, no count down to teleport, or teleport
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    Did you try restarting the server after creating the first few ports?

    You see what happens is if when you start the plugin and the portal_names file isnt present it wont start the PortTick Thread which handles the scheduled departs, so as long as you have made some portals and restart the server it will work.

    Otherwise if you don't want to restart your server you may use the undocumented command

    ^ will begin the PortTick thread if it isnt yet started.

    or .. if you feel adventurous

    /startthread IntervalTime (Milliseconds) ( default is 25000 or 25 seconds)
    ^ will set the already running PortTick thread's interval time ( which is how long it waits untill check the departures again ) ( the smaller the number the more often will it check departures, but it will screw up the printout statements of next departure time )
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    Clancy Dawson

    Thanks, the restart fixed it.
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    I'm anxious to get the next update for faster port times and also an item trigger!

    My players are beginning to not like the 25 sec port time for my short distance chambers although I find this mod keeps the adventury theme!!!

    I now have about 9 "chambers" (3x3) the go short distances, 2 hot air balloons for medium distances, and 2 big ships that go about every 5 hours. I love your plugin and keep up the great work!!!
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    Hehe, thanks. Right now I'm not sure as to the time period because I'm elbows deep in VoxelSniper stuff and other real-life things, but for now if you want the ports to work faster just /startthread with a number lower than 25000. This changes the delay between PortTicks
  25. Is the teleporting structure feature going to be added ?
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    Well first of all there isn't a real way of 'teleporting' structures but you can deploy some tricks to make it appear so.
    For example if each portal has two states: 'present' and 'empty'
    You create a portal and scan its zone as one of the states; do your appropriate changes and scan it for the second state.
    You do the same for the other portal and than link them together selecting the dominant portal which would be present first.
    When someone teleports the portal's states switch and the portal that once was 'present' is now 'empty' and thus cant be used from that side untill someone teleports back from the other side.

    There is one problem with this though, you cant travel unless the portal is on your side.
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    Hm... im not very fimiliar with configing and stuff I dont want to break it D: I'll just wait patiently and love your plugin in the mean time!
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    Psycho Robot

    I take it would be to memory intensive to have it so that it automatically switched on and off as appropriate for the schedule regardless of someone was using it or not?
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    Well, depending on the size of the object it would vary. But a good programmer can make even the most complex things easy on the CPU, in turn that usually means sacrificing TIME.

    But if there is a right data structure the ports can be scheduled to update when a chunk containing the port is loaded and than afterwards removed from being updated when the said chunk is unloaded. With that said, It is up to bukkit whether they have these Event implemented or not, last time I checked they didn't do shit.

    If carried out successfully this would have an effect of someone using VoxelSniper every 25 seconds.
  30. Is deleting the structure and creating it somewhere else that hard ? :confused: I really want the ships to actually disappear when they travel... I dunno, this must be made as a new plugin since this one is made with a different ideea in mind :/

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