[TP] VoxelPort v2.033 - Travel In Style and On Schedule [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Voxel Box, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Voxel Box

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    Maybe put a download for the latest one with /vhelm?
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    for the latest 1550 CB, voxels just reset upon reload/shutodwn and no longer work or are detected.
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    Hey little problem, when i type the command "vp point" the sever says "vp - need to write the help" what does this mean and how can I fix it. :p
    [EDIT] Sorry VoxelDudes I hadnt read the comments on page 21
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    This plugin has the features, and now it just needs the customization.

    Isn't it possible to declare all the messages that your plugin outputs as variables/constants so that you can allow for users to change them as they wish? This would make your plugin more versitile for servers that are using it in a role-playing perspective such as using it to transport people ashore with a rowboat when they step in one.

    If I could customize the messages, Instead of an instant warp being woosh, I would have it set to say something else that would fit the server better as a whole.
    ALTERNATIVELY you could take it one step furthar and continue being the developers that I know you guys to be, and make it to where each portal/port has all the default messaging and everything, but you can changes the messages using commands for each one, individually.

    (I am aware of the current "welcome" messages. But those are very limited, and could be the beginning of a much more flushed out feature.)
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    This plugin looks awesome, and I tried to use it, but unfortunately it didn't work. I probably did something stupid since I don't really have a lot of experience with this kind of things, but yeah, please help.

    I installed the plugin and made te admns file, no problem.
    Then I created a portal just like the tutorial video.
    But when i finnally got to try it, it didn't work at all..

    I know this isn't a lot of information for you to help me, but it is all i can give you.
  7. Well, perhaps you should let us know what version of CraftBukkit you are using.

    Let me make an educated guess; you're using CB: 1597 for Minecraft 1.0.0, this plugin has not been updated yet. It is still on CB 1317 (Minecraft 1.8.1). Please wait patiently until the VoxelBox guys (they are awesome btw) have updated this plugin. ^^
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    Actually, if you visit the page on the VoxelWiki you'll find that they have in fact updated to 1.0.1-R1. It's packaged together with the rest of the Voxel plugins.
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    anyone in the admns.txt can't use the portals for some reason.
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    /vp - need to write help" need help it keeps telling me this
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    What about Translation, or atleast may i replace the phrases via decompiling?
    Btw: Works perfekt with latest rb
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    Voxel Box

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    Any hint as to when the R3 version of Voxelport will be released? I can't seem to work it with my R3 Bukkit Script.
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    Voxel Box Please make all messages configurable
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    I'm having that problem too... what did you do to fix it?
  17. You have to make an admns text file and add your username
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    how u get the hats????

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