[TP] Tele++ v1.3.4 - Full-featured teleportation suite - Moved to BukkitDev!

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by lycano, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Tele++ v1.3.4
    The complete teleporting solution for bukkit powered servers
    Craftbukkit 1846

    This project has been moved to BukkitDev
    Please visit the new project page on BukkitDev http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tpp/

    Project moved to BukkitDev

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    @xZise: Hmm im a bit puzzled because you said "down"-jumping now you are saying "look into the sky and use /tp jump" ...

    Well, maybe this will explain it: /tp jump is used to teleport you to the block you are looking at (crosshair). You could also say /tp jump is the command triggered when u left click with the TP-Tool in hand (/tp tool).

    If you look into the sky there is no block you can jump onto.

    If you want something like "teleport you to a higher place above you" then you can use /tp up <height>. See picture one section glassed in the description.


    According to "jumping into the air" (where no block is in your line of sight) it may be possible to combine "/tp up" with the "/tp tool" by extrapolating the position of the glassed block. This would mean that i need a new configurable option that switches this behavior. Something like "max-tool-distance: [0, 10, 20, 40, 50, 60]" in blocks. Where 0 means current behavior and 20 "if there is no block place yourself on a glassblock".

    With this feature it would also prevent you from teleporting too far away from your current location as you may have discovered it when you use the tool and click on a block that is far far away.
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    I mean when you look 90° up into the sky while you are on the surface and execute /jump (Essentials) you will be teleported on the 2nd highest space (e.g. a cave under you). I don't know if this behavior is also in T++, I thought so, but I have to disable your plugin for testing. So I could test it actually at the moment, if it is only in Essentials.

    But your second suggestion sounds nice :) (Although my players here means that are 100 blocks are to near -.-)

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    @xZise: are you serious that you mean the jump command from Essentials? As the command reference of Essentials say: "/jump, /j: Teleports you to the nearest block, in your line of sight (Crosshair)."

    Furthermore you said "looking 90 degrees up into the sky" which technicly means you look right above you, you say that you will be teleported downwards e.g to a cave under you?? Sry, but that doesnt make sense xD Didn't tested it with Essentials but if this works as you say this must be an undocumented behavoir.

    Speaking of Tele++ you can use the TP Tool for that by right clicking (see illustration TP Tool). It will then dive through blocks to find the next safest materialisation spot (depends on your line of sight).

    I thought about this max-distance stuff a while and i can imagine that it would be a nice feature as you can teleport in air like walking on a stream of light ^^

    100 blocks are to near? Mkay ...
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    Awesome plugin, love your work. Only question I have is, is there a way to stop admins and mods from getting spammed with XXX tool jumped to [xx xx xx]. We have a bunch of mods using it and it spams the hell outta my screen ;)

    lol nevermind, i suppose i should read before asking!
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    Have it working beautifully on 735. Is there any huge difference in the latest recommended (740) that would break Tele++? I want to update to 740 as soon as I can. I'll be testing this anyways.
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    @ambientmf: As long as there are no major changes done to world and location class i think this will work in future builds too ^^ But i cannot see into the future so it might work currently but someday it could break ;)
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    'No players matched query.' Why? What I can do?
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    @Xianon: Please provide more informations about what you did.
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    Jep I had to run the server with limited number of plugins, because of a bug.

    Jep maybe ;) I have to test this with your plugin.

    I know, but I meant the tp jump command.

    I don't know if it is already fixed, but I have problem with the rod: After I tagged a player and teleported the player it selects something other, but if I try to teleport this, it say nothing tagged. And if I try then to tag something it tells me, I have tagged entities :D

  11. broken link derp
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    Okay I loaded 1.3.3a (btw which link is broken?) and if I'm watching in the sky (90°) it teleports me down!

    And I don't get any message if I use the rod. Only one time, that I have tagged entities.

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    @ShadowProgg32642342: Dont call me like that, please. I have a name here and if you would have read the second post then you would have noticed that my domain is currently in transfer. DNS-Updates takes some time so be patient.

    @xZise: some links will be broken in some hours because my domain is currently in transfer ;)

    I'll try to reproduce it when i'm at home.

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    @xZise: confirmed /tp jump is teleporting you down. Didn't checked the mover cause i had a war with DNS entries .. I hope i get into it after work tomorrow.

    Notice: Domain is now transfered. All links should now work again.

    Update: Well, sry guys that my roadmap is currently on hold due to a huge timeloss during the domain transfer. Honnestly i didnt expected so much trouble with the new hoster. But its on the road now.

    This evening i'll do some jenkins stuff so that you can download builds from my server.

    There will be a latest-recommended build and older builds available for you to download.
    You can then choose what you want to use: Previous version or latest.

    After setting up all the stuff ill continue with my roadmap.

    Please keep in mind that our timezones probably differs so please give me time to react ^^ Im checking the thread mostly every day after work (19:00 h GMT+1). (sometimes during but only if i got time ^^)

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    I need this plugin only for one thing - make my mods and vips able to use teleports only in one world. Currently they can teleport from freebuild world, where they have permissions for tp, to rpg world, where they don't. Can I stop this with this plugin?
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    @sauevaem: If you setup the correct permissions in each world, yes. F.e. you can allow everything in world "freebuild" and disallow usage of all tpp commands in world "rpg" with Permissions.

    if you mean "prevent users from teleporting from freebuild to rpg" with "this" revoke permission to tpp.world.* for group mods and vips in freebuild permissions file to disallow usage of /tp world

    if you want to allow teleporting from freebuild to rpg and disallow usage of other teleport-commands in rpg give them at least permission to tpp.world.* so that they can teleport back to freebuild from rpg.
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    Only hypothetical: But what is, if the mod/vip teleports to a player in another world? I didn't tested it yet, but this should teleport you to another world (for example from freebuild → rpg). Or do you check the permissions also in the target world?

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    that's what I meant, I use essentials teleports and they only support player to player teleports
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    This is gold

    Yes at the moment it wont allow a tagged block to override a tagged entity. The reasoning is that the mover allows tagging of multiple entities, so say you tagged 5 chickens and you are trying to tag the 6th but miss-aim and tag a block on the ground instead, you would be protected from this block de-tagging all your tagged chickens.

    If you have an entity tagged and want to tag a block instead you can do two things. you can move the entity you have tagged or you can type /tp clear.

    I'm not sure if anyone really uses multiple tagging to warrant this slightly unintuitive behavior. Maybe multiple tagging should be removed and allow any tagged entity or block to override the previous tag.

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    /tp clear. does not seem revert feathers after using /tp tool.
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    And one issue: You override torches (and maybe others) if you use the mover. Either place above, don't move or drop a torch.

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    Your English is not clear. Could you clarify?
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    Permissions don't work.

    Someone has tpp.tp.*, and they can't TP. They can't do anything with the plugin unless they have tpp.*
  25. i have copied the world directory of an old server, and put it in the main bukkit directory with the primary world map (eg 'mapold', is now with 'mapnew').... i am attempting to use this plugin to do /tp mapold 0 90 0, but nothign happens when i try this. I'm OP and am using CB 740, and TPP 1.3.3.a ...
    not sure if there's something else i need to do to 'load' the world so that TPP can recognize it, but i would really like to be able to get to there.

    edit:: i cannot do ANY tp commands... and i've got full permissions. (and there are no conflicting plugins)
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    @stargateanubis14: you have to use a plugin that could load other worlds. MultiVerse f.ex. or another plugin that loads all worlds at startup.
  27. ah... that still doesn't quite explain why ALL the /tp commands arent' working.. hmmz.... i had it working a few weeks ago, but now, after weather stuff, it wont work >.>
    I'll keep playing around
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    If I use the mover and place it somewhere where a torch is, the new block will delete the torch. Maybe there is a better solution (like dropping the torch).

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    Remove torch from through-blocks list in the config.
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    does this support short names?
    ex: if I type in Nath and the full name is Nathen123 will it still understand who I am asking to tele??
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    May I suggest that /tp above finds the first available open space above the player? if that fails, just tp the admin to 130 and let them fall to the location of the player?
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