[TP] Spawn Blocks v. 0.2 - Use buttons/pressure plates to set spawn [803-935]

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    Spawn Blocks v. 0.2 - Use buttons or stone pressure plates to set spawn:
    Downloads: [v.0.2]
    Previous versions: [v.0.1]
    Version: v0.2
    This allows you to create way point buttons and stone pressure plates to set the spawn of the player who uses it.


    • Permissions 2.5.5+
    • Create buttons/pressure plates to set spawns of users
    Permission Setup:
    • To allow a user to create a spawn blocks, spawnblocks.create
    • To allow a user to set their spawns with the buttons, spawnblocks.use
    Creating/Removing Spawn Block - With a glowstone block:
    • Left click on a button/pressure plate to register a spawn block
    • Right click on a button/pressure plate to unregister a spawn block
    • If you need a glowstone block, type /spawnblocks, need spawnblocks.create permission
    Download The Spawn Blocks [Version 0.2 here] [Version 0.1 here]
    Source Code [here]

    Changelog: Version 0.1
    • Releasing Spawn Blocks
    Version 0.2
    • Added support for bed to set your spawn.
    • Wasn't able to override /home because Essentials stills runs the command if you cancel the event.
    • Added removing of spawn block when block is destroyed.

    Created for this request: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/spawn-point-buttons-checkpoints.12601/
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    Just tested it. It works exactly like i had envisioned. Thank you very much.
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    Not a problem, let me know if you want anything else added. :).
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    I think i get the general idea of the plugin. You set down a glowstone block, place a button or pressure plate on it and left click? I'm not sure but the instructions can be a little more specific thanks.
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    I will make a video for this.

    Edit: I have added a video to the main post, hopefully this helps.
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    I haz idea! What if you could allow permissions too! That way no more newbz can make it there SP too. It could be something like ( With glowstone ) right click on the pad/button WITHOUT makeing it your SP and typing /spawn set [NAME] or if you want to put like a password I guess once you did the /spawn set [NAME] stuff type /spawn set pass [PASSWORD] and to activate it walk over the pad/button


    /spawn( Pad/Button )set [EPICwin1000]


    /spawn set [EPICwin1000] pass [123aBc]
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    Does this work on #684 and higher ?
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    This is a fantastic plugin can you make it so that it sets home as well?
    Keep up the great work!

    would be great for preventing players from escaping difficult quests with /home
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    Cognito guy

    Can you make it so that beds still create your spawn point too? because now it will still spawn you at the latest spawnblock even though you have slept in a bed already.
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    Is it possible to get this updated for bukkit740?

    Great plugin otherwise.
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    cb 674 - inactive
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    I will update this for latest build, and I will work on the /home and bed as well.

    Edit: I have updated the plugin, and put the new release up on github.
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    Hey, is there anyway to reset spawn without having to walk over an activated plate? For example we have checkpoints in a maze but they are unable to walk out and building ladders at every checkpoint is inconvenient. So if there was a way for users to set their spawn to the default location, for example another plate which inactivates the spawn, that would be great.

    Thanks for the plugin.
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    So you want one so that when they finish the course, it removes them from the Spawn Button?
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    Yes, or if they decide to quit midway through and they try to /suicide out but it just brings them back to the spawn plate.

    Players don't have access to the /spawn command.
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    It already does that (the second part). :) I can make some sort of removal block too.
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    Love the plugin great fun... I was wondering could you make a way to teleport between them? As in linking place to place (in my case Cities)

    For example... I have A city named Braialla and a city named Valhalla theres a spawn point in the Town Center of both Braialla and Valhalla so if i stood on Braiallas spawn point (Named Braialla) and typed Valhalla it sent me to Valhallas spawn point and I could go back again if I wished... This would make a GREAT Fast Travel System without need for Warps or general commands usable anywhere. like /warp (name here)
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    I can look at adding linked buttons/plates.
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    Cognito guy

    It doesn't spawn me at the right location if there's an air-space somewhere below the spawn-block (in my case a pressure plate), it will spawn me in that one block of air and I'll suffocate. Can you fix this?
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    I will work on an algorithm to spawn you in a safe space.
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    Nice Plugin. I'm currently using it as checkpoints throughout a quest. Is it possible to add a 'spawnblocks.reset' function which has a pressure plate that removes the spawnpoint, say when they reach the end of my quest?
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    That is exactly what I already asked, we have a quest also and it's a bit hard without checkpoints.
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    That would be great.
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    Cognito guy

    Can you please update so that it can spawn you in places with a low ceiling (2 blocks)? It is spawning people on there roofs all the time...
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    agreed with above. Also, can you please make it so we can CUSTOMISE the message sent when you go over the pad or press the button.
    Like so I can change it to 'Checkpoint Reached'
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    Just wanted to post and say this works excellent on the newest bukkit 935!
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    looks handy
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    Sorry about the lack of updates guys, I am a little busy trying to get a fairly substantial site for a plugin that I am working on, I will update as soon as possible.

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