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    Server Port Suite
    Version: v12

    This is a new version of my ServerPort plugin.

    I have decided to split it up into pieces and eventually plan to have all the current features. For the time being the complete plugin is likely to have more features (but perhaps be more complex).

    There is an API for handling server to server teleporting, which will allow other plugins to teleport players between servers. The idea is to make no distinction between worlds. You just teleport to a world and the core plugin figures out if it should use an intra-server teleport or a server to server teleport.

    At the moment, it will teleport ops to the spawn point on any world on any server that is part of the cluster.

    • Teleport between worlds no matter what server
    • API for plugin devs

    This allows plugins to send events to other servers. This is required for communications between servers.

    All connections use SSL so are secure. One connection is established and all communications between the 2 servers use that connection.

    The plugin can handle routing, so even if there isn't a direct link between two servers, events can be routed via other servers.

    (API planned)

    Download Latest
    (Previous Releases) (Source Code) (Wiki)


    This allows automatic reconnecting between servers.

    Download Latest
    (Previous Releases) (Source Code) (Wiki)

    Server Port Core

    This plugin handles teleporting between servers. The player's inventory is passed and they are moved to the target location on the other server.

    Download Latest
    (Previous Releases ) (Source Code) (Wiki)

    Download API
    (Previous Releases ) (Source Code)

    Server Port Warps (optional)

    This plugin adds inter-server warps using Server Port Core as base. It requires Event Link and Server Port Core.

    Players can set warps on any server and warp to the with /spw <name>.

    Download Latest
    (Previous Releases ) (Source Code) (Wiki)

    Server Port Simple Portals (optional)

    This plugin allows simple portal support, similar (but with less functionality) to the principle behind ancient gates..

    Ops can set locations in the world that teleport to a given location. If a player enters that block, the player is teleported. No other function is provided.

    Admins can create portals, or other markers, and protect them with other plugins if needed.

    There is no permission support, any player which enters the portal will be teleported.


    Show Spoiler

    Both commands as op only commands.

    This will create a connection from the block the player is standing on to the MainWorld on MainServer at location 1000.5, 71, 94.5. The last 2 zeros are the direction and the pitch.

    Note: there should be no spaces after the commas, or it won't work correctly

    /simpset MainServer,MainWorld,1000.5,71,94.5,0,0

    This will delete all source blocks within 10 blocks of the player

    /simpdel 10

    Download Latest
    (Previous Releases ) (Source Code)

    Server Port Simple Chat (optional)

    This plugin links the chat from all servers connected via EventLink. There are no settings, it just bridges all the chat channels.

    Download Latest
    (Previous Releases ) (Source Code)


    The recommended order for setting up the plugins is
    • EventLink
    • ServerPortCore
    • CraftProxyLiter
    Instructions are available on the wiki for each portion.

    Change Log
    Version 10
    • Initial version
    Version 11
    • Adds Simple Portal
    Version 12
    • Adds Simple Chat plugin
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    Will support be added for portals like in the old version of serverport?
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    When I Install these plugins and the Proxy Liter it doesnt teleprt us too the servers it just drops us back in them. It also tells us we dont have permission to use the servers. If you would be able to help My group with this it would be very appreciated
  4. is there command to teleport into another server? or wtf
    i dont get it how it works
    friend cant connect ot his server which should be the second server where ppl could teleport
    i can connect mine
    he cant connect mine
    i have my friends server in trusted list of eventlink

    we didnt get this work.
    Unable to do the eventlink add..
    better information in which order and what to change would be nice :(
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    Will somebody please tell me how to fix this "certification" error?
    >eventlink add
    20:58:12 [INFO] [EventLink] Connected to
    20:58:12 [SEVERE] peer not authenticated
    20:58:12 [SEVERE]     at
    20:58:12 [SEVERE]     at com.raphfrk.bukkit.eventlink.EventLinkClient$
    20:58:12 [SEVERE]     at
    20:58:12 [INFO] [EventLink] Unable to extract certificate from target server
    20:58:13 [INFO] Unable to extract certificate from target server
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    I must be configuring proxylite.txt incorrectly. I can only get this to work on two local test servers that exist on the same box by putting them in offline mode. When they run in online mode I see failed to authenticate user name on the server being connected to. This will move over to the Linux servers once working.
    CraftBukkit 953
    Java 1.6.0_26 64
    Windows 7 64
    SERVER 1
    SERVER 2
    I decided to try the Server Port Warps. The servers are still running in offline mode. I can use /serverportcore to move between servers but when I try to use the /swp command it states I do not have permission to travel to that server.
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    wow great plugin im a huge fan of the old serverport plugin btw.
    im always looking for ways to TP from server to server ingame without client side plugins
    there are three thinks i would like to see done before i switch to this though
    1. permisions 2.7.x-3.x support
    2. abbility to create gates/custom gates(like the old serverport)
    and 3. the abbility to block inventory transfer to/ from X servers (a ban inventory server list or some thing for switching from free build to RP servers)
    till then ill just use the old server port plugin its not that hard to setup (but i hate having my users have to install a client plugin (btw has that been updated for MC 1.7.2))
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    Hi, I don't want to sound like a pain but I currently don't run my server without this plugin. Its been pretty much offline for the last two months and now I have rented my own minecraft server from . So I have two minecraft servers that i usually run on my windows server 2008 box at home and my new one on the web. The thing is with this new server at I can't operate it like a windows box, it only allows me to add plugins, configure files, stop and restart the server. I don't see how I can run craftproxylite since it needs to be opened from a startup.bat batch file. I think anyways?

    If so can you modify your craftproxylite plugin to load from the plugins folder with a configuration file, so that it don't need an open console window and batch file to run and operate. Am i missing something?

    Also if you could make it so that when you have a portal to teleport to, that possibly you are able to make different portal teleports from one single portal gate. Having one sign to switch the portal destination by hitting it, changing the portal names and then having another sign called something like "activate portal" to activate and enter the portal to be able to goto the assigned destination portal gate.

    Hopefully everything is going well with the community :)
  9. You can use the Proxy as a plugin and it will create a config file.

    Are you still working on this plugin?
  10. Do you have the same equipment on all servers joined? If not you could set up a internet server, on which the equipment is saved and loaded again when entering any server on "the grid"
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    Not really, sorry. I wish I had more time.
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    Hey I keep getting a error message saying ''Unable to extract certificate from target server'' I am running both servers on the same computer and I went through the wiki twice but I cant seem to fix the problem. If you could help it would be great.
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    It works for me with the latest RB.

    Deleting everything in the /plugins/Eventlink directory and then starting the invite procedure could help.

    Make sure you have set each server to have a name by editing the file /plugins/EventLink/eventlink.txt and changing server_name=

    Also, for 1 of the servers, you need to update the port. However, I don't think getting either of those wrong should cause the error you are seeing.

    /eventlink add localhost:<portnumber>
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    Your download links are for .zip files, not .jar files.
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    .zip and .jar files are the same file type internally. Some browser/OS combinations will auto-open the .jar files as zip files.
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    I d/l'd Chrome to get the .jar files, I normally use IE9.
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    Not much I can do, it is auto-converting them :).
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    Thanks man that worked, idk what the problem was the last time but thanks for help everything works now. Great Plugin btw.
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    evertime i use a command it says \spwset warp-name
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    Hi, I'm having a bit of difficulty with the proxy, basically, it's not doing anything... I thought I set everything up right, but when I try to warp from one server to another, it just disconnects me and tells me to reconnect.
    Anyone know what might be wrong?
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    @Raphfrk can u create a simple small plugin to build gates on the server to teleport to onther one?
    needn´t be a big thing only a small plugin with a gate would be very fine
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    Well, the standard Server Port does that.
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    yes but we want to use the suite because our players won´t use a plugin on their clients maybe u van help us to create a small plugin oder modify a plugin to get it work?
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    I would suggest using Spout, it is automatically patched.

    Craft Proxy works with both this and Server Port standard.
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    but this here is the better version? can u tell me where i have to change the code so not only op can use /serverportcore tp xyz
    than we can change it for us
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    Well eventually, it would have been. However, the standard version has way more features.

    Also, that is intended as a debug feature, you could give ServerPortWarps a try.
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    problem we cant set up global port locations thats the problem, can we short talk via icq msn or another instant messanger?
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    I guess I am on IRC (#bukkitdev), but am not really support plugins anymore :).
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    big thanks to Raphfrk for the portal plugin
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    No prob, but hopefully, the "bug" in your reply is not a reflection on the plugin :).
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    Is there any way to patch this in to work with lets say the stargate mod. This way they can be linked using signs on the stargates?

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