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    RealTeleporter - Teleportation gates

    This is a very simple-to-use teleportation gates system, that permit to freely create and link teleportation gates.

    The main RealTeleporter Project page is now on bukkitdev.

    Please do not use the forum for bugs reporting, as I can't read all your posts !
    Use the bukkitdev tickets system instead.
    You can freely talk about the plugin here into the forum, but without the developpers :)

    • Create/delete/link/loop teleportation gates using commands like EpicGates or WarpGates
    • This plugin was made as EpicGates 0.3 and old unmaintained WarpGate plugins have some bugs that are not quickly removed
    • Teleporters are created on a single block. If you want dual-or-more-blocks téléporters to work, you will need to create several teleporters
    • Work with thousands teleporters without making your server lag
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    Any sorta tutorial for players who seem to have no idea what this is?Your Wiki tells me nothing more than what I see present here.
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    You're right :) I've done this quick yesterday evening so didn't have the time to tell more.
    But look at WarpGates and EpicGates plugins. This is exactly the same (with my rtel functions) but without creation of any block, and without any other feature than teleportation.

    A tutorial will come this evening (french evening)...
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    I've got to check this out when I get home..
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    Bravo un très bon travail !
    Il faudrait juste faire une commande /unlink pour délier deux portes !
    Continue ainsi ;)
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    Ah.Ok.I see I'll test it out then and see if it runs smoothly.

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    Is this supposed to create something in-world for users to interact with? The teleporters.txt file is being updated, but nothing shows up in-world to indicate a way to teleport.
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    No, nothing. You should build your gate first, and make it look like a teleportation gate.
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    Hey! Could we have a command for simple mutual linking?

    /rtel loop gate1 gate2
    as the same as
    /rtel link gate1 gate2
    /rtel link gate2 gate1

    also; how do we select teleport destination facing direction? I'm at work so I can't test this out.

    I use EpicGates and I like it a bunch, but the more plugins out there compatible with the EpicGates file format the better!
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    I would be really happy if there was a /rtel list command, which listed all portals. It's pretty annoying when you forget the name of your portal. Besides that, awesome plugin! I love it!

    Btw, is there some kind of restriction of who is able to make a portal? It would be even more awesome than it already is if it supported Permissions.
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    you should add permissions as soon as possible!
    should also make a list command.
    fix /rtel help as it dosent give any info.

    but beside that, YOU ARE MY HERO FOR MAKING THIS!

    EDIT: typo
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    Does this work across worlds?

    Also, seconding the request for permissions support.
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    Is it absolutely necessary that a player be standing on a block to teleport or could I, for example, place a block floating in the air, set it as a warp point, then remove it so that players would just have to be at that particular coordinate to be warped? Trying to set something up with this.
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    You can indeed make a teleport location on nothing.

    Not to say I perhaps... dug a long tunnel, with many signs warning not to enter, and a few blocks in had a portal leading to high up above a mountain causing you to fall to your death....

    Who would ever do that after all...

    But again, yes, you can make a portal location that is not dependant on having a block underneath it.
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    - mutual linking : I will do this, great idea
    - facing direction : when you /rtel create, the facing direction of your player is the facing direction players will arrive when teleported at this gate.

    - /rtel list : ok I will do this
    - no restriction of who is able to make a portal. don't give the /rtel commands information to your players if you don't want them to do anything ! will work with permissions on a next version

    ok. on a next version...

    - multi-worlds : yes.
    - permissions : soon.

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    Just a quick request as you seem to not have fallen off the face of the earth. Could you update the thread title to the latest RB release that this works with? I can confirm it working fine with 677, have not tested with 684 yet. Thank you.
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    Good idea. Thanks.
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    Could you add some sort of fade-out fade-in animation as they teleport from on location to the other.
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    No I couldn't. This is a server-side mod, no client-side animation can be made (or I should develop a client-side mod for this, but all you players will need it and I am not a client-side mod developer, that seems more hard to do).
  21. I know the 700+ builds have not been promoted to recommended yet by bukkit, but this plugin does not work on version 704. The teleporters no longer teleport you and any command given just gives back a "/rtel help" statement.

    No rush to fix this since the 700+ builds aren't official, but just a heads up.
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    It works fine on my #709.
    Consider upgrading craftbukkit :)
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    I'm on 709 and our teleporters will randomly stop working.

    EDIT: To elaborate a little, they'll stop working randomly. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with lag, they just wont work for a few minutes, then suddenly will. My servers transportation system depends on your teleports! :)
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    I've got the same bug. I don't know why (the server does not seem to create lags when it appends).
    This is my next debug to do on this plugin. Just need a little time to do this.

    If you move a little into the teleporter, this will finally work.

    A little question : how many doors have you got on your server ?
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    I had set up at least 20 two way systems, so 40 total pads. I have to say, when it works it's a sweet, sweet plugin! Here's hoping you figure out what's up with it. :]
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    Seems to be running just fine in build 733.
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    A lot of new commands in the last release yesterday. I hope this will help.
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    When i reload plugins I get an error from realteleporter.
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    do you have the source? and is it possible to make it so that you can travel through the portals in minecarts and boats???
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    I will release the source into github when I have 5 minutes.
    For minecart and boats, not sure I am doing this complicated function. I wanted RealTeleporter to keep minimalist and simple. Perhaps one day when I have nothing else to do...

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