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    PlgWarp - Warps using warps.txt with multiworld support:
    Version: 3.0

    Since I want to use a plain warps.txt format and the plugin I used is not updated for multiworld, I made my own. Warps.txt moved to the plugin's folder, not in root anymore, just copy the old one into plugins/PlgWarp/. The old warps that do not support multiworld, will teleport the first world on the server (should be the main one). New warps are ok.

    As in all my plugins, you can now edit the name of commands in plugin.yml.

    Simplewarp users: Jarchuleta did not include pitch in his new warps, you have to add :0 (that's colon zero) at the end of his warps (just add it to the end of a line where there are only four numbers).

    • /warp, /setwarp, /removewarp, /listwarps (/warplist)
    • /world teleports you to the spawn point of given world (see /listworlds or /worldlist)
    • uses hMod warps.txt format
    • multiworld supported
    • Op version with /setwarp, /removewarp and /warp <place> <player> only for ops
    Download(source code in the .jar)
    Op-set/remove version
    Op-only version
    Old /warp version (no warping of others)



    Version 3.0
    • New commands /world and /listworlds
    Version 2.2
    • only OPs can warp other players around in OP-set/remove version
    More (open)

    Version 2.1
    • added an optional argument to /warp to set the player to teleport
    Version 2.0
    • uses onCommand - CB 454+ compatible
    • you can rename all commands in plugin.yml/aliases:
    Version 1.3
    • When warp not found, it tells you
    • "Long constructor" warning fix
    • Minecraft 1.3 compatible (no change needed for that)
    Version 1.2
    • added /warplist as an alias to /listwarps per request
    Version 1.1
    • Backward compatibility adjustment, should port to the main world when no world specified in warps.txt
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    1. the comands /warp (warpname) /setwarp (warpname) /warplist just work as they should only the /removewarp (warpname) doesnt work
    2. He makes a config but its empty

    I found the problem "essentails" also had a warp/setwarp included
    Sorry for the time i didnt knew it also included warps

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    Please add iConomy feature (set cost warping).
    And let it use OPs to set/delete warp.
    Greetz Roy
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    OPs can already set/delete warps
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    I know, but I mean you don't that.
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    Anyone know how i can remove essentials to use warps?
    Want this instead :)
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    How do i need to set a warp in anoter world?
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    you just go there and set it
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    can i link signs to a warp? so yes how do i need to do?
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    There is a problem.
    When I create a warppoint with /setwarp something, go somewhere else and warp back to the place with /warp something, there is a huge hole on the ground and I get stuck like when I teleport somewhere where the world isn't yet loaded.
    But it doesn't load. everything around me is there but there is still this empty hole and I can't move.

    I'm using bukkit 1.0.1 rc1.
    What is the problem?
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    happens to me sometimes, but since I move the standard way I always thought it's a problem with bukkit or server lag.
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    so is there a way to fix it?
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    I usually just re-login :)
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    Hello, i am using your plugin.. But i got a question.. If i go to my home.. and then /warp City.. i get warped but everytime i warp there from my home or from a distance i fall down to the ground and die if i don't disconnect fast.. But it's never happend if i do /warp Spawn .. Why is that? :S
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    What I would love to see in a warp plugin which I haven't seen anywhere else is a categorisation system. Basically, instead of having a long list of warps you would have a list of various directories to choose from when typing /listwarps.
    For example, if I was to type /listwarps {category} then it would give me all the various warps that have been assigned to that certain category. When also typing /listwarps it wouldn't show a long bloated list of warps, it would display the various categories that have been set. To create a new category you could type /setcat {name} and for warps /setwarp {name} {category}.
    If this sort of system was implement then it would be extremely useful for servers such as creative ones as they could assign different themes as categories and have builds added to them accordingly.
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    This plugin is so simple and works great, so thanks for that. The only thing that would make this perfect for me, is permissions for warp points.
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    Plague, I would like to suggest something for the next update for "PlgWarp", I would like to see configurable permissions for each warp. Here me out, Just as an example of something you could do, in the warps.txt file there could be more to it then just a list of the wars and there location. There could be something that allows "non-OPs" to use the individual warps. All configurable by the user. Like next to the warp, there could be something that says, "allow non-OPs to use" "false/true". You get what I'm saying? If you decide to use this I Would take no credit on it what so ever, I would just like to see it happen. I hope to here from you soon.

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    It's not just you. I wrote a waypoint management mod for my server, and when I use the teleport command to return to a cached waypoint, there is sometimes a gaping hole in the ground. A Google search shows that it is an old problem with a "missing chunk", which I take to mean that a chunk of the world was released when you left the area, and was not properly reloaded when you returned by a teleport (had you walked or flown to that location, the server would have had time to reload the chunk). The Google search also showed that it was supposedly fixed, but I don't know if it was fixed for teleporting.

    So, at this point, I'd say it's the Minecraft code that is buggy here, not Bukkit. The only way around it that I have found is to do as Plague suggests and log out and back in to restore it.
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    no permission nodes?
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    Plague : Sometimes, when warping, the chunk of arrival won't be loaded. =/

    Could you fix that ? Or is it a Bukkit issue ?...
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    bukkit/minecraft issue
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    Plague, I have this plug-in. Lately It has been acting up. Out of no where it will warp me to a random warp and say on my screen where I just got warped to. I am not being warped by another player, I know that for sure.If you can help, that would be great. But if this doesn't stop I'm going to have to result in using a different warp plugin.
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    Well computer programs are not magic items, if it does what you are saying somebody IS warping you around or you have another plugin that does that. The plugin will not just start doing this for nothing.
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    As of today I deleted some unnecessary warps, the problem stopped occurring.

    It would be nice to see an option to make some warps available to OPs only and other warps available to everyone. With like a config text. Hope that is implemented into this plug-in some day.

    Yo Plague can you make it so only OPs can warp other players because there are a bunch of idiots (Non-OPs) on my server who think it's funny to TP every one around.

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    so i installed your plugin but i was wondering im using permissions does permissions interfere with the /warp commands or ill have to add the commands to the permission file?
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    I don't use permissions
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    Hi, why i can teleport the op or other player from player who is not the op but plugin reply "You are not op for do this ..." ...
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    This plugin is perfect for me! <3
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    What? I can't understand what you're asking.

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