Inactive [TP] PlgWarp v3.0 - warps.txt & multiworld [1.4]

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    PlgWarp - Warps using warps.txt with multiworld support:
    Version: 3.0

    Since I want to use a plain warps.txt format and the plugin I used is not updated for multiworld, I made my own. Warps.txt moved to the plugin's folder, not in root anymore, just copy the old one into plugins/PlgWarp/. The old warps that do not support multiworld, will teleport the first world on the server (should be the main one). New warps are ok.

    As in all my plugins, you can now edit the name of commands in plugin.yml.

    Simplewarp users: Jarchuleta did not include pitch in his new warps, you have to add :0 (that's colon zero) at the end of his warps (just add it to the end of a line where there are only four numbers).

    • /warp, /setwarp, /removewarp, /listwarps (/warplist)
    • /world teleports you to the spawn point of given world (see /listworlds or /worldlist)
    • uses hMod warps.txt format
    • multiworld supported
    • Op version with /setwarp, /removewarp and /warp <place> <player> only for ops
    Download(source code in the .jar)
    Op-set/remove version
    Op-only version
    Old /warp version (no warping of others)



    Version 3.0
    • New commands /world and /listworlds
    Version 2.2
    • only OPs can warp other players around in OP-set/remove version
    More (open)

    Version 2.1
    • added an optional argument to /warp to set the player to teleport
    Version 2.0
    • uses onCommand - CB 454+ compatible
    • you can rename all commands in plugin.yml/aliases:
    Version 1.3
    • When warp not found, it tells you
    • "Long constructor" warning fix
    • Minecraft 1.3 compatible (no change needed for that)
    Version 1.2
    • added /warplist as an alias to /listwarps per request
    Version 1.1
    • Backward compatibility adjustment, should port to the main world when no world specified in warps.txt
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
  2. This plugin is so good, its so simple. I checked out other warp plugins because i needed permissions support but theyve just not been as simple and satisfactory. Would you ever consider adding permissions support?

    Im allowing users to make their own warps but for a price. Im using Golder which charges people gold ingots to use commands. This is something im planning for the Economy Expansion for the server
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    This looks like exactly what I need... if it has permissions :D
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    then it's not what you need ;)
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  5. HOw coem?
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    because this does not have permissions
  7. Ok but hear me out. Your plugin is good. Its the best in its category. But more advanced servers cant use it, which is a shame. On my server for example, and im sure on others too, there are mods who have limitied admin privliges. Personally i do it to avoid a situation, god forbid, where a mod goes awol and fucks up the server :)

    This is where permissions comes in, where you selectively choose who can do what, as im sure you may know.. Why you dont support it, i dont care. But the community im sure would love your plugin for it. And you know as well as i do, the more people that use your plugin and the more they love it, the better donations. So why not take this great plugin and make it epic with permissions
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    Yes, the category being "alternatives to permission-based plugins".
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    Plgwarp is very good and tiny plugin but i stucked somewhere with permissions... Plz guys letme learn
    1- using permissions bukkit 1.2
    2- im trynto closing warplist access by default users.
    3- i found a node in plugin file
    description: Lists all defined warp location names.
    aliases: [warplist,listwarps]
    usage: /<command>
    4- im trying to write in permissons config file like this :

    permissions: false
    Plg.Warp.*: false
    5- Almost tryed every chance plg , plg.warp, plg_warp, plgwarp so i cannot find how to permit it can someone help me with coding? im trynto understand its logic... thank you
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    understandable, since it does not support them
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    So this plugin will work with the SimpleWarp warp file?
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    It should, I made it as a replacement back in the days.
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    Cannot u please add permissions support?
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    I actually finally studied them for other plugins, but I'll have to find some time to write them into this one, there are more commands.
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    For i need it to the Permissions im fixing for a server
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    Thank you. I got super duper sad when my old warps.txt based warp plugin went under. But now you made me super duper happy.
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    Everytime it says an error ocurred, can you help me ? ..
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    well, what does it say exactly and what does it print into the server console?
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    Nice. I suggest that there are 2 or more types of warps so admins could go to warps where only I want the admins to go no players
    but I still want players to be able to warp
    so admins could have commands such as /awarp {warpname} and /awarp set {warpname} while players could use commands such as /warp {warpname} but I also don't want players making warps so every command would have its own permission node
    just a suggestion.
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    Why u no use permissions?

    What if I want to prevent warpping from nether to for example "bank" warp point witch is at "world", not at "world_nether".... How can i do it without permissions?
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    you could use one of those many plugins that do support permissions.
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    Didn't find... Is the problem in me? :p
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    How can i let members use /warp (warp) /warplist but that they cant use /setwarp /removewarp
    WithFriendlyGreets Revo58
    If i try to remove a warp with /removewarp (warp) it say "No warps anvailable"
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    use the OP version
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    I downloaded the op version but i still cant remove warps
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    then you are not OP
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    i know for sure that i was a OP i made myself op i could make new warps but i just couldnt remove them
    it said "No warps anvailable"
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    Well then there are none. The plugin cannot warp you and at the same time say no warps available.

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