[TP] NearestSpawn v0.6.2 - TP to the nearest Warp, Graves, Homes, MultiWorld, Multilanguage [1000]

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    This plugin will not be supported anymore.

    NearestSpawn is a plugin to let you create a lot of different spawn points. Your players will be able to teleport to the nearest spawn. The outputs are custom so you can translate to any language, The spawns are named and they can have accents. The spawn list is saved every time the server is closed or rebooted.
    You have three lists of spawns/warps: graveyards, warp points and homes. Warp points are accessible when the player is alive, graveyards are spawns when you die.
    It works like the GraveYard plugin. It is an alternative.

    • Manage all your graves, spawns and homes with one plugin;
    • Custom messages support with colors inside;
    • No Database;
    • Multi-World support.
    • PermissionsBukkit or another Plugin for Bukkit SuperPerm.
    • MineUtil, a lib I made myself, it is included, no need to add it elsewhere. Sources.
    • To everyone who supports this plugins, reports bugs etc. Thanks !
    • I did not intend to implement a new graveyard plugin at the begining, it was supposed to work on pair with the GraveYard plugin. But on the IRC channel it was spoted that the plugin name was a little of since it wasn't on respawn. Since it was that way I had two choices: to add that functionnality or to change the name, I choose the first one. I do not which to battle with the GraveYard plugin author and I did not use any of his code nor did I looked at it.
    • I'm not an english native speaker, there sure are lots of mistakes, sorry for that;
    • French traduction included, if people are interested I will add their own traduction file;
    Known Issues:
    • MultiWorld seems to have some problems with some people. I had bad feedback with the 0.5 versions. Had errors with a bukkit version too. So I have checked everything. It does work just fine, NO issues with MultiWorld using MultiVerse !
    • /spawn and /home commands are used by lots of other plugins. NearestSpawn do not intend to overwrite those commands. If it doesn't work, remove other plugins or use the alternative commands /spawny and /homy.
    Version 0.6.2
    • Fixing permission issue
    Version 0.6.1
    • Adding /home go function to warp to a world's home;
    • Adding moderators multi-world home warpers;
    • Support for Bukkit 1000;
    • Bukkit built-in Permissions.
    Show Spoiler

    Version 0.6
    • Full tests with multi-world (tested with multiverse), works !
    • Add multiworld homes. One home per world;
    • Changed the save format a bit, you'll have to recreate your spawns, graves.
    Version 0.5.3
    • Removed fix for 818 release
    Version 0.5.2
    • Fixed respawn event;
    • Adding new Permissions, check the wiki.
    Version 0.5.1
    • Fixed /spawny list grave error;
    • Put higher priority on respawn event. Should fix conflicts with other plugins.
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed 815 support;
    • Fixed commands error.
    Version 0.4
    • Fixed player teleported into the floor;
    • Fixed player teleported with default orientation;
    • New serialized method, not compatible with 0.3.
    Version 0.3
    • Added graveyard function;
    Version 0.2
    • Added spawny add command;
    • Removed the old spawny add command;
    • Added spawny delete command;
    • New structure based on HashMaps : faster location search based on full name and world;
    • Using a custom "Position" class instead of Location to be able to serialize it;
    • Location rounded in integer, I can't see anything wrong with that;
    • Better Multi-world support;
    • Better search based on the name: can be sequential if the name is not fully typed.
    Version 0.1
    • Added spawny command;
    • Distance calculation and serialized Property file to save spawn list;
    • Custom output;
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    changelog has to be at the end
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    It is now up to date
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    I like the idea of this. Might add it.
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    @rakiru Thanks for your interest :)
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  7. Great, Gonna give it a Try with 1.6 when I revamp my Server
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    Watching Goes with my servers town theme, ill add this when i update to 1.6. Just making sure the grave yards are where u tp when u die, and the warps are where u go when you type in /spawny

    Good Job 2 internets for you
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    You got it all right :)
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    How does this work with beds and such?
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    It doesn't set the spawn of the world, neither for the players. They still can use beds and when they first enter the server they will be sent to the global spawn point.

    It just "overrides" the respawn event so you won't be teleported to the global spawn but in a graveyard you defined.

    I think this is the most simple setting, you don't have to worry about anything ;)

    If you do have problems for beds or which another setting to be applied, you can give the idea and I'll try to add it.
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    Dont work for me, it's TP me to the spawn.

    @adreide bon je suppose que t'es français mais ton plugin ne marche pas j'ai enlevé essentials spanw pensant que le problème viens de là, j'ai mis un autre plugin de spanw et c'est pareil, on est TP au point de spawn de la carte, pas au cimetière le plus proche, une idée ?

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    @Shooty, I use the /spawny command and not /spawn. You should check the Wiki ;) It's not tested for 815, I'm currently working on PanelMaster, will check NearestSpawn in an instant.

    My apologies, It really did not work for 815, I'm fixing it right now, will be updated in a few minutes.

    Here you go, 815 released.
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    @adreide i'm on B803 and I meant it was her when I die I teleported to spawn instead of the nearest graveyard.
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    B818, always spawns to Grave nearest spawn on death.

    And how about permissions for warp and grave, I don't
    want to give warp to all users on server.

    Great plugin, thanks.
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    Yay recomended build Ill instal dis now

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    Does this conflict with the PlgSetspawn plugin? The Graveyards plugin does, thus I can't set my spawn to a new place currently.

    I just want people to spawn there on first time, and then at the graveyards when they die.
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    I will add differents permissions on the next release.

    I have looked at the source code of that plugin. Everything should be fine!
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    Thankyou for replying, I will try it tomorrow morning when my server goes into maintenance :)

    Okay, I've installed this along with PlgSetspawn, added "spawn" and "water" graveyards, I die near the "spawn" graveyard, and its all fine. I spawn there.
    I die next to the "water" graveyard, and I still spawn at the "spawn" graveyard. I had this with the other graveyard plugin too. :(

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  20. Getting this aswell, across multiple worlds. Wherever i die, i always spawn at "2". I'm also using SpawnX
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    I'll investigate the matter and if I don't find any solution, I'll add the spawnX and plgsetspawn into NearestSpawn so that it will work.
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    I have a little problem, I have two worlds on my server (I use Multiverse), and when I die, it respawn me in my default world and I would like it respawn me in the second world instead of my first world.

    It is possible to do that by configuring NearestSpawn or Multiverse ?

    Thank You :)

    (Sorry for my English, I'm French)
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  23. Getting this even after i deleted NearestSpawn. Could it be a problem with a different plugin? (I also use multiverse).
    I don't know what's up :confused:.
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    Yes, it's weird, with any plugins of teleportation like EssentialsSpawn...etc it does not work.
    I don't understand :eek:
    It always respawn me on my default world.

    CB Build : #819
  25. Same problem, using SpawnX, 819, spawns in default world, sometimes with items from another world which is wierd (using MultiInv).
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    Hmm, I do not have these plugins installed :x

    My Multiverse config :
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    Everyone, I found the bug... it was something on new bukkit versions. The location on the respawn event wasn't the location's death anymore, so it respawned you to a false graveyard and always the same.

    Now I save the location on the player death to use it on respawn. So It should work.

    I also added more permissions
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  28. I uninstalled the plugin, so this should still be broken for me right? (Nothing personal, just wasn't what i was looking for). :)
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    the version 0.5.2 should fix problems with 818 bukkit version and so on. It won't make the spawnX work better.

    If undestand, you just want spawns in different worlds and the spawn default command or spawnX don't work well with multi-worlds.

    You can just have one warp location, you will have access to it with /spawny command, it works well on multi-worlds, it doesn't tp you in another world.

    I will add some of the spawnX function in the version 6 of the plugin like a timer and make it run with the /spawn command also.
  30. I like the simplicity of SpawnX (and his other plugin HomeX) which is why i use it; i uninstalled NearestSpawn just because i changed my mind and didn't feel the need to use multiple spawns, i'm sure the fix will help a few people though, so thanks :).

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