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    MultiHome - Multiple named home locations:
    Version: v0.11.3

    This plugin is much the same as other multi-home plugins, except this plugin supports named home locations and home sharing. no longer do you need to keep a list of which home number is for what location; why not simply name the location from the start?

    When the plugin generates it's data files for the first time, it will import and convert your home locations if you use Essentials or MultipleHomes.

    To enable home-on-death, set enableHomeOnDeath, under MultiHome, in the config file to "true" and give the appropriate users the multihome.homeondeath permission.

    All test displayed to the user can be fully customized. This also allows for translations to other languages!

    Sleaker: Too much to list here... Heaps of stuff. You rock!
    HereInPlainSight: Submitting a pull request to add PermissionsBukkit support. Also a pull request for new event system.
    Maxis010: For providing basic support in this thread.

    Donations help with development of this and other plugins, as well as the upkeep of our server. They're completely optional and give you that feel-good feeling we all know and love. :)


    • Supports multi-world.
    • Multiple per-user home locations.
    • Home locations use names rather than numbers.
    • Can respawn player to their default home upon death.
    • Forwards-compatible with SimpleHome data file format. Simply replace "MultiHome/homes.txt" with the homes.txt from SimpleHome to migrate.
    • Can list and delete home locations.
    • Optional warm-up, cool-down and max-homes settings for all Permissions groups. Global settings for undefined
    • Automatically imports home locations from Essentials, MyHome and MultipleHomes data directories.
    • Can invite players to your home. Can globally invite all players to your home. Can impose a time limit on invites.
    • Every piece of text displayed to the player can be customized!


    Source Code:

    • Support for custom commands.
    • User-settable option to enable/disable spawn-to-home.
    • Lockable homes.
    • Persistant, user settable HomeOnDeath option.
    • Option to store home locations in MySQL database.
    • Settable message colors.

    If you encounter bugs in my plugin, open an issue on GitHub:

    Commands (open)

    • /home - Teleport you to your default home location
    • /home <name> - Teleport to a named home location
    • /home <player>:<name> - Teleport to another players home location if you have permission or an invite is open.
    • /sethome - Set your default home location
    • /sethome <name> - Set a named home location
    • /sethome <player>:<name> - Set a home location for another player. Requires permission. Leave <name> blank to set default home.
    • /deletehome <name> - Delete named home location.
    • /deletehome <player>:<name> - Delete another player's named home location. Permission required.
    • /listhomes - List home locations for yourself.
    • /listhomes <username> - List home locations for another player. Requires permission.
    • /invitehome {<user>|*} - Invite another user (use "*" for global invite) to your default home location.
    • /invitehome {<user>|*} <home> - Invite another user (use "*" for global invite) to your named home location.
    • /invitehometimed {<user>|*} <time> - Invite another user (use "*" for global invite) to your default home for a short time.
    • /invitehometimed {<user>|*} <time> <home> - Invite another user (use "*" for global invite) to your named home for a short time.
    • /uninvitehome {<user>|*} - Retract invitation for another player to visit your default home.
    • /uninvitehome {<user>|*} <home> - Retract invitation for another player to visit your named home.
    • /listinvites - List invites open to you.
    • /listmyinvites - List invites you have open to others.
    Permissions (open)

    • multihome.defaulthome.go - Allow user to teleport to their default home location.
    • multihome.defaulthome.set - Allow user to create their default home location.
    • multihome.defaulthome.invite - Allow player to invite others to their default home.
    • multihome.defaulthome.invitetimed - Allow player to invite others to their default home with a timer.
    • multihome.defaulthome.uninvite - Allow player to retract invitations to their default home.
    • multihome.namedhome.go - Allow user to teleport to a named home location.
    • multihome.namedhome.set - Allow user to create a named home location.
    • multihome.namedhome.delete - Allow user to delete a named home location.
    • multihome.namedhome.list - Allow user to list their home locations.
    • multihome.namedhome.invite - Allow player to invite others to their named home.
    • multihome.namedhome.invitetimed - Allow player to invite others to their named home with a timer.
    • multihome.namedhome.uninvite - Allow player to retract invitations to their named home.
    • multihome.othershome.go - Allow user to teleport to another player's home without invite.
    • multihome.othershome.set - Allow user to create another player's home.
    • multihome.othershome.delete - Allow user to delete another player's named home location.
    • multihome.othershome.list - Allow user to list home locations of another user.
    • - Teleporting to default home is always free.
    • - Setting default home is always free.
    • - Teleporting to named home is always free.
    • - Setting named home is always free.
    • - Teleporting to other players home is always free.
    • multihome.listinvites.tome - Allow player to list invites open to them.
    • multihome.listinvites.toothers - Allow player to list invites they have open to others.
    • multihome.ignore.cooldown[/B] - Player will ignore the cooldown timer.
    • multihome.ignore.warmup[/B] - Player will ignore the warmup timer.
    • multihome.homeondeath - Player will be taken to their default home when respawning.
    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.11.2
    • Consolidated MultiHome and MultiHome_m commands.
    • Fixed a permissions bug.
    • Improved compatibility for Essentials.
    Version 0.11.1
    • Plugin resends target chunk to clients one second after teleporting. Might fix teleport chunk glitches.
    Version 0.11
    • Updated to latest Bukkit version.
    • Trying a fix to alleviate missing chunk glitches.
    Version 0.10
    • Fixed a typo in handling "{AMOUNT}" payment tags.
    • Added support for Bukkit permissions and SuperPerms.
    • Switched to using "Register" for economy handling.
    • Added permissions list to plugin.yml (for Bukkit perms support).
    Version 0.9.7
    • Rewrote permissions nodes.
    • Fixed permissions loading and economy loading (or lack thereof).
    Version 0.9.6
    • Merged update from Sleaker.
    • Added economy support.
    • Added PermissionsEX support.
    • Bunch of tweaks.
    Version 0.9.5
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 953
    Version 0.9.3
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 798
    • Added importing of newer Essentials home formats.
    Version 0.9.2
    • Fixed cooldowns.
    Version 0.9.1
    • Fixed typo in permissions.
    Version 0.9
    • Massive code rewrite.
    • Added invite system.
    • More permissions.
    • Lots of stuff, some large, some small.
    Version 0.8
    • Optional home-on-death. Players can teleport back home rather than to spawn when dead.
    Version 0.7
    • Imports home locations from Essentials and MultipleHomes.
    Version 0.6.2
    • Fixed a bug where plugin wasn't honoring groups correctly.
    Version 0.6.1
    • Fixed unnecesary warp scheduling when warmup time = 0
    Version 0.6
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 670
    • Implemented new config file.
    • Per-group warm-up, cool-down and max-homes settings.
    • Split create and teleport permissions.
    Version 0.5.2
    • Fixed a bug to do with MultiHome loading before MultiVerse and removing all home locations.
    Version 0.5.1
    • Fixed listing homes when no homes set.
    Version 0.5
    • Added /listhomes and /deletehome
    Version 0.4
    • Added support for Permissions/FakePermissions
    Version 0.3
    • Homing from another world will now teleport between worlds before teleporting to home. Fixes a server bug when changing worlds and locations simultaneously.
    Version 0.1-0.2
    • I honnestly can't remember... Released, I guess?
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    If you plan to do this then release it as a separate jar, I've only just got everyone on my server used to the current command set
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    Already done, and yes, it's a separate jar.

    In related news, new release. With a bugfix.

    EDIT: Whoo, on a roll tonight. Just released 0.7, too. When generating it's data directory, this version will automatically convert your Essentials and MultipleHomes datafiles for use with MultiHome.

    EDIT2: Another release, 0.8. I'm catching some sleep after this. Now has a setting to send players back home when respawning, rather than to the map spawn.
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    is it possible to go to someones home as admin?
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    I'm working on an invite system, so it'll be easy to add this feature.
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    thank you, copy myhome :D
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    Stupid question. How do you /home to another users home locations ? I can list them, but that's it.
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    Not a stupid question at all. I'm writing an invite/admin home system for MultiHome as we speak. It'll be done in a few hours.
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    I have a few ideas for the next version I thought I'd run by you.

    First, how about another two permissions like multihome.bypasswarmup and .cooldown which would allow the user with said permission to bypass the configured warmup and cooldown (users below, teleport after the warmup and cant until its cooled down, users above teleport instantly and can teleport again instantly). Also, for this same function, some options to change the strings given for warmup/cooldown and when you are being teleported would be nice.

    Second idea, is for the new home on death feature, I'm about to update to this version and test it, but if it's not an optional thing (like if you have the permission it just does it) maybe have an option like /homeondeath true or something.

    Again, haven't tested the latest version so I'm just saying IF it's not optional once you have the permission, that'd be cool. Other than that, great work, looking forward to future releases :)
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    Great idea, I'll do it.


    Currently not optional, but it's a good idea. Might not be in this release, though. For now, if a user wants to teleport to spawn, use the "/spawn" command.
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    We can already do this, granted it's on a per group basis but it can be done, when you set the default warmup/cooldown you just add a seperate group and set their warmup/cooldown values to 0
  12. I'm using your plugin now with the m_ prefix please keep it on the site and update it aswell. Thank you! :))
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    This might seem like an odd request but can you add a global cooldown
    Player Warm Up = 5
    Player Cooldown = 5
    Global Cooldown = 10

    PlayerX warms up and teleports, when he cools down he tries to teleport again, his warm up completes BUT the global cooldown makes him wait another 5 seconds
    In this situation it doesn't mean anything, now add in PlayerY
    If PlayerX teleports then PlayerY starts his warm up as PlayerX teleports he has to wait for the Global Cooldown, if Player X tries to teleport as well then it queues him up behind PlayerY

    The reason behind this is because our server isn't very powerful so if 1 person teleports then player 2 teleports before player 1 loads all his chunks the server will crash (3/5 tests confirm this)

    MultiHome is the only TP plugin we have (aside from Ops standard TP) and right now we have everyone sounding off their teleports in teamspeak, this is catching about 90% of the teleports but those other 10% are a problem
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    I can probably add a global teleport queueing system without interfering with warmups/cooldowns. This'll need more thought on my part, but it'll probably honor the initial warmup/cooldown, then reserve a teleport slot. If the global teleport cooldown hasn't expired yet, it'll add the player to the teleport queue.

    As an aside, development of the latest version is taking longer than expected. The plugin was practically rewritten from scratch, as with adding features and bugfixes turned the plugin into spaghetti-code. From a technical perspective, homes, warmups, cooldowns and invites now have global management objects, rather than just code being spread all over the place. Warmups and cooldowns also persist between server reloads. I need to do some more testing and bugfixing, then do the rest of the TODO list above, and I'll be releasing version 1.0 :)
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    Can u add Invite Feature? Like /invite Bob >>> Max has invited you to visit his Home

    Regards Dark
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    Thanks for considering the idea

    Don't TLDR the original post next time please
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    maybe a little suggestion:

    In every world you can set a default home!?

    So I'm in the world 1 and can set my default home
    I travel to world 2 and can set my default home

    (Because now if I try to /mhome in a other world, I get teleported to my default home...)

    I hope you know what I mean!
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    Another feature request here

    Can you make homes lockable
    By this I mean if I typed in /lockhome then /sethome I would be told my default home must be unlocked before I can change it
    Reason behind this is some people (myself included) will make the occasional screw up when typing commands and end up changing their home points without wanting to
    If you choose to add this then can you also add another config option, defaultlock true/false
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    Hmm I'm trying to install this. I have Bukkit. And put this in the plugins folder. When I start the server it comes up with.

    [SEVERE] Plugin attempted to register PLAYER_RESPAWN while not enabled loading
    MultiHome v0.8 (Is it up to date?)
    org.bukkit.plugin.IllegalPluginAccessException: Plugin attempted to register PLAYER_RESP
    AWN while not enabled
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    I've seen this before, but I don't know what's causing it. AFACT the plugin is registering events in the correct place, but the server still whinges. What version of CraftBukkit are you using?
  22. Hi I'm getting the following problem when running the server for a few hours: and players can't connect anymore getting a timeout. players who r on the server also get an timeout. can you please help me?
    This is the what happens at the end: everyone gets timeouts.
    I asked the user JohanMcJohan to go to nether and die again by beeing killed by a pigzombie but it didn't cause this error.
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    Latest build 677
  24. Awesome plugin mate! Just tried it with #714 and it seems to work so far. Looking forward to the Todos! =)
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    waiting for an new update :) love this , its a dia pluggin
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    Hmm, I prepared permissions, but everybody can use commands :/
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    Awesome plugin. Mayb Im missing something but I was wondering if there was a way to change the command. Using permissions and essentials. When I add a home I have to type out /multihome_sethome. I took out the option of /home and /sethome in essentials and added multihome.sethome and such in permissions. Thanks.
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    It's to do with the way commands are entered in Bukkit plugins. Essentials are still taking the /home and /sethome commands, but are not responding to them. Use the MultiHome_m.jar file. All the commands are prefixed with m, making them /mhome and /mserhome etc..

    On a related note, the new version is in need of developmental (alpha) testing. I need a couple of volunteers to test this plugin on my development server. Either that, or if someone has a spare Minecraft account they're willing to let me use. I only have one Minecraft account and I cannot test multiuser things like invites and public homes.

    It's probably a configuration thing. Make sure you're not giving multihome permissions to all users, only those users/groups you want to have them. I suggest you read up on how Permissions works and look at some of their sample configurations.

    I have no idea why it's happening. My plugin behaves according to the basic plugin samples the Bukkit staff themselves published. I may be missing something. As for the error, I've seen it before, but you can ignore it for now as it doesn't seem to cause any problems.

    This is caused a particular (and common) form of map corruption. Bukkit likes to be intelligent by moving chunks loaded from the wrong .mcr file to the correct .mcr file. Unfortunately, on occasion, the chunks it moves WERE in the correct file, so Minecraft needs to go hunting for them when looking for the chunk it wants.

    I'm sad to say it's not caused by my plugin. You'll need to restore from a recent world backup.
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    Awesome, got that part to work. With the other jar file, the commands for permissions will still be the same right, multihome.sethome. Thanks a lot for this.
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    Please, update to CB 733 build
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    Please update to Build 740! ;)

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