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    Nethrar - Unrestrictive Nether / multiworld portals, with ridden and riderless minecart and boat support, and many options for the power server admin.

    Version: v2.3.1 (Dev v2.3.2a)

    Nethrar is a Nether portal implementation that aims for simplicity and as unrestricted usage as possible. Portals are created and used almost exactly like in SSP. Build a portal, light it on fire, and go! No commands, no required Permissions, and nothing else meta-gamey to use. Spatial compression is implemented, with configuration settings allowing varying ratios, even a Nether which is larger than the Normal world it is attached to! Portal pairs are automatically created, and even saved between reloads.
    Nitty gritty details (open)
    A somewhat conservative heuristic is used to link portals in the smaller world to portals in the larger world (the Nether is the 'smaller' world, usually), to avoid portal spamming the larger world. Additionally, portals will never destroy a pre-existing portal; rather, they will simply link to that portal.
    Stepping into a portal in one world will first try to find a portal to link to in the destination world, then build a new one if none is found. The tl;dr version of this search is "Is there a portal in the destination world, that, if newly created and stepped into, would link to this portal in this world?" If so, link to that portal, otherwise build a new one. What determines whether a portal in one world links to one in the destination world? Essentially, if the hypothetical 'perfectly positioned' counterpart, in the destination world, to the first world's portal would conflict / intersect with an existing portal in the destination world, then the already-present portal is chosen as the destination. Note that this overall strategy is to prevent creating portals unless absolutely necessary, but can make generating distinct unique portal pairs in close proximity difficult.
    If you really want to know what the name comes from, you can ask, but it's really not important.

    • Drop-and-go: defaults provide full, basic SSP-like functionality for most servers. Just drop the .jar file into your plugins directory. Nethrar should now be able to guess most parameters, but if there is any doubt, check the generated worlds.yml file. **Current bug: due to changes in the way configurations work, the default worlds.yml file is no longer generated. This will get fixed in the next release.**
    • Total multiworld support. Whatever arbitrary world configurations you wanted, now you can have them.
    • Portals 'remember' their destination, so world loops are possible. For example, if I have it set up that portals from world A go to world B, and portals in world B go to world C, and then finally portals in C go to A, what would happen if I build a portal in A, which leads to B, and then step back through it? I will go back to A, not to C. This 'memory' is preserved with clean server shutdowns.
    • Facing, orientation, and when applicable velocity, are preserved going through the portal, for the smoothest transition possible for players.
    • Minecarts carrying players function seamlessly. Minecart tracks should lead to and from the portal on both sides, on the same elevation, for minecarts to work properly.
    • Minecarts can now go through portals riderless! Powered minecarts are not supported, but empty minecarts and storage carts both go in and out unassisted. For best results, use with the force-chunk-loading feature.
    • Boats can be driven through portals too! If you are linking between two water worlds, or a water and normal world, you can now paddle through between the two.
    • Chunk keep-alive: For servers strapped on disk IO, or lower-performance servers, teleporting can be a real bummer for everyone on the server. Nethrar can be configured to keep chunks loaded in a radius around portals, increasing RAM usage, but decreasing the amount of resulting lag from teleporting through portals.
    • World blocks: Each world can have a 'world block' assigned to it, like wool or a gold block or stone. If you create a portal with a particular world's world blocks in the top two corners, then that portal will link to that particular world. This lets you make permanent 'special' portals that go places regular ones won't.
    • Custom world generator support for any world.
    • Configurable settings include:
      • whether to use permissions or not.
      • whether to redirect respawns or not.
      • how many chunks around a portal to keep loaded.
      • whether to allow riderless vehicles.
      • how much debug logging to print (currently there is very little even at the most verbose setting, this is more for helping me with debugging).
    • It works.
    **** Important Note: You should turn off the default Nether functionality if you are going to use Nethrar. Failing to do so can cause random and unpredictable double teleports, teleport loops, or worse. Set "allow-nether=false" in, or add it at the end. This will notdelete your existing Nether, it will just prevent the portals from teleporting you if you stand too close for too long. ****

    Download Nethrar (.jar, config, worlds) (.tar.gz, .zip)
    Dev build: (.jar). Changes: see my post.

    Source (github) (LGPL licensed)

    Configuration / Installation, most people: Download Nethrar.jar. Put it in your plugins/ directory. For most people, this is enough.

    Configuration / Installation, fewer people: If you had trouble with worlds not being what you expect, or if you want more power, then do the following. The plugin will put a config.yml inside a directory called "Nethrar" in the plugins/ directory. Set the following parameters in config.yml for your particular server. Also, edit worlds.yml to describe the world setup YOU want for your server. Assign the relevant Permissions nodes as you see fit.
    config.yml (open)
    # Set to true to use Permissions, otherwise everyone gets
    # all permissions.
    usePermissions: false
    # Set to false to use builtin vanilla respawning behavior.
        respawn: true
    # Set to some number > 0 if you experience server-wide lag
    # when anyone teleports.
    forceLoadRadius: 0
    # Set to true to allow minecarts / boats to pass through a
    # portal without a Player passenger.
    riderlessVehicles: false
    # Set to 1 or 2 to increase the amount of console messages
    # Nethrar will show.
    debugLevel: 0
    worlds.yml (open)
            environment: normal
            destination: world_nether
            scale: 8
    # Note that the environment field is *required*
            environment: nether
            destination: world
            scale: 1
            peaceful: false
            respawnTo: world
    # Add more worlds here, or edit the ones above as you see fit.
    # For example, to make a loop of normal -> Nether -> SkylandsPlus -> first normal, do the following:
    # world:
    #        environment: normal
    #        destination: world_nether
    #        scale: 8
    #        worldBlock: 57
    #        ^ Any portal made with diamond blocks in the corners will link to 'world'.
    # world_nether:
    #        environment: nether
    #        destination: world_skylands
    #        scale: 1
    #        peaceful: false
    #        worldBlock: 42
    #        ^ Any portal made with iron blocks in the corners will link to 'world_nether'
    # world_skylands:
    #        environment: normal
    #      worldGenerator:
    #              name: SkylandsPlus
    #              args: if there were any args to pass to your world generator, they would go here
    #        destination: world
    #        scale: 8
    #        worldBlock: 41
    #        ^ Any portal made with gold blocks in the corners will link to the 'world_skylands'
    # Note that to make a SkylandsPlus world, you'll first need the SkylandsPlus mod, which you can get [URL='']here[/URL].
    Permissions (open)
    # Allows usage of Nethrar portals.
    # Allows usage of Nethrar teleportation.
    Commands (open)
    # Teleports the invoking player to the destination world.
    # Places a single block of glass at the destination under the feet.
    /nethrar tp world 
    Not issues:
    • "I'm using MinecartMania and when I go through a portal I don't keep moving!" Obsidian is the default "minecart stopper" block in MinecartMania. Either power the obsidian block on both sides of the portal with redstone, or change the stopper block to be something other than obsidian.
    • Transitioning between worlds can be a little laggy. I am trying to mitigate this, the Bukkit devs and community are making great progress making teleports suck less, but there is nothing we know of that we haven't done to make things better. Sorry.
    • "Help I fall and sometimes die when I teleport between worlds!" Best thing I can say is: make sure you're running an up-to-date build of CraftBukkit, and it's lag-related, but it's nothing I believe I can solve any more than I have already tried.
    • "Why didn't I respawn at my bed?" Recent versions of CB should fix this, and Nethrar will support this soon as well even with respawn redirects.
    • "Help I am always respawning in the default world." Unless you are using Nethrar respawn redirects to keep people who die in one world to respawn in the same world, this is working as the Bukkit devs seem to want it to work.
    Known issues:
    • Chunks can sometimes, but less commonly with newer (860+) builds of CB, fail to load when transitioning between worlds, and only load on relog. Portals can also stop functioning when this occurs. Set "forceLoadRadius" in config.yml to something greater than 0 (reports say that 4 tends to work, I would recommend something between 2 and 4).
    • Camera orientation is not preserved when travelling through a portal in a minecart. I suspect some deeper issue with the server when putting a player into a minecart.
    Potential future development (open)

    • Pre-emptively generate or load chunks in the Nether which are 'known to be needed.'
    • Allow minecarts with any passengers to teleport between worlds. Works best with force-loaded chunks to enable physics with no players present.
    • Enable teleportation of *any* entity - animals, mobs, mobiles, etc.
    • Auto-link / generate nether for new normal worlds, as option.
    • Teleport delay. Obviously incompatible with vehicles.
    • Per-world End support., if possible.
    A note about future development: This is a side project first and foremost. Development was primarily driven by my and my friend's needs on our personal server, and future development will be heavily influenced by that. If there is sufficient demand by the general public and users, then I can implement other features, but I am not compelled or otherwise forced to do so. Just FYI.
    Version 2.3.1:
    • 1.2.4-R1.0 support.
    • No major changes besides updating to remove deprecated API usage.
    Version 2.3:
    • 1.1-R3 API support.
    • Added support for custom world generators. Environment is still required, add key values to specify a world generator plugin, worldGenerator.args for additional args for the generator.
    Older changes (open)
    Version 2.2.1:
    • Removed 'physics!' spam.
    Version 2.2:
    • 1.0.1-R1 support.
    • Added support for teleporting to The End. Set the target world's enviroment to 'the_end' or the equivalent. Portals might not be able to be reignited once in The End, so beware!
    • Misc fixes and logging.
    Version 2.1:
    • Implemented world blocks. World can have an optional "worldBlock" property, an integer, defining a block ID for that world's "worldBlock." Any portal made with that block in the top two corners will link to that world.
    • Updated to use Bukkit builtin permissions. You must use a compatible permissions plugin to use this. Read for more information.
    • Still uses sync threads to do teleportation.
    Version 2.0:
    • Added easier drop-and-go installation code and support.
    • Added true multiworld support. See worlds.yml for syntax and examples.
    • Added per-world custom destination world.
    • Added per-world custom destination world for respawns.
    • Added command "/nethrar tp world"; Use it as a server admin to get between worlds to set up portals for people.
    • Added portal destination persistence to help with more complicated world setups.
    Version 1.5.1:
    • Fixed teleporting when riding a minecart so that everything happens in a thread, instead of half in a thread and half synchronously (it's not okay to be a passenger of a vehicle in another world, eh?).
    Version 1.5:
    • Fixed "moved too fast" issue causing disconnects. Unfortunate side effect: teleports exhibit just a wee bit of lag before actuall occuring once you hit a portal. Depends on the server's load at the time. This will have to wait for if/when the Bukkit team fixes the checks around that disconnect.
    • Riderless minecart teleportation! Hidden Netherworld logic, long-distance unassisted storage cart teleportation, possibilities abound! Supposedly will work great with Evercart.
    • Boats! Now you can enable your crazy multiworld water coaster. Not tested as thoroughly as it should have been, buyer beware...
    • Various refactoring to help prepare for Nethrar v2.0.
    Version 1.4:
    • Added option for it to always be night in the Nether (default true).
    • Changed Permissions support to default to false, change to true if you want to use Permissions.
    • Added chunk loading prior to teleporting through portals, to help alleviate more transition issues.
    • Nethrar now generates a config file if one is not found.
    • Added some checking around where Nethrar determines which block a player has interacted with, due to people reporting a situation where a player can be "in a vehicle" but either the vehicle, or it's location, are null. This will help prevent NPEs.
    Version 1.3:
    • Added configuration option to enable a 'peaceful' Nether, empty of Ghasts and Pig zombies.
    • Switched to using a more polite chunk unloading function.
    Version 1.2:
    • Added configuration option to keep chunks loaded in a variable sized radius around portals. Set "forceLoadRadius" in config.yml to > 0 if you are having issues with falling or with chunks not loading after transitioning.
    • Added "NethrarMinecartTeleportEvent" which is called after a player is teleported with a minecart. Plugin devs, listen for this event if your plugin does things with minecarts, and needs to know when minecarts suddenly move or get added/deleted.
    Version 1.1:
    • Added Permissions support for permission node "nethrar.use" - give users this permission to enable use of Nethrar.
    Version 1.0:
    • First release, with minecarts and conservative portal linking and configurable spatial compression, etc.

    If you like this, and you use Bitcoins, and you feel like being generous, send some my way at 1Lwcw5awgpHyrhpWd4qc3dKPaDHpttm1Vh . It doesn't have to be more than 0.001 BTC, I'm very much a penny BitCoiner, but the thought is appreciated :)
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    Ross Gosling

    Yeah, your compromise sounds better than my original idea, i'd love this feature to be implemented :)
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    Okay, I made a nether portal, before I had Nethrar, and it went to the nether, I built a little base, then I tried going back THROUGH the portal and ended up at another portal. This happens a lot, and when I went back through their portal, it led to our base. Bad, so I installed nether, went through OUR portal and it created yet ANOTHER portal in the middle of the nether (Not in the center, but surrounded by nether rack) Now, I can't find our old nether base, but in the case that I do, is it possible to link portals manually? If not, it would be a great feature!.
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    Yeah, it can happen. I started on a core code refactor last weekend to make my life easier, it's not going as well as I'd hoped. It'll happen eventually though.

    If you have both portals, you can manually edit plugins/Nethrar/portals.yml to point the two at each other. The file isn't normally meant to be edited by players, so it's not very readable, but someone earlier wrote a post about how to edit the file to point any two portals at each other. On the plus side, you won't run into the issue of portals randomly linking up anymore :) Note that to generate the file you must start the server with Nethrar installed, go through each portal, then completely stop the server.
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    alright- so i cannot find a "worlds.yml" file, only a "portals.yml" are these the same thing or what? this is THE only plugin that supports multi-world for the newer releases that works but i cant even find half the right files and its a big headache :confused:
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    worlds.yml only exists if you provide it, and I have included links to samples / defaults. I thought I had included the fix which automatically creates it in 2.3.1, I guess not. If you download the .zip or .tar.gz files, you'll get a package which includes all the files by default.
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    ah! thank you, this should fix it, thanks for your time!

    also: in the promp

    orld: environment: normal destination: world_nether scale: 8 world_nether: # Note that the environment field is *required* environment: nether destination: world scale: 1 peaceful: false respawnTo: worlddoes the scale refer to world's scale, or the world_nether's scale? as simple of a problem
    that this may be, i keep somehow messing up on the specific line spacing '-.- again,
    thank you for reading and sorry for ANY bother this caused

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    So, if you have
            scale: 8
            scale: 1
    That means that 'world' has scale 8 and 'world_nether' has scale 1. For every 1 block you move in world_nether, you move 8 in world. This is meant to be the same as vanilla.

    In yml files, every time you have
    thing, thing2, and thing3, are all associated with "something." The indented things are associated with the first un-indented thing above them.
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    Im getting theese errors from the Nethrar plugin. any help?
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE]
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at$BlockDataInputStream.peekByte(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor1.invoke(Unknown Source)
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at$1.execute(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.ChunkProviderServer.getChunkAt(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.createWorld(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.Bukkit.createWorld(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.WorldCreator.createWorld(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at org.akrieger.Nethrar.PortalUtil.initializeWorlds(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at org.akrieger.Nethrar.PortalUtil.initialize(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at org.akrieger.Nethrar.Nethrar.onEnable(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.t(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at
    >11:00:55 [SEVERE] at
    >11:00:55 [INFO] [NETHRAR] World "world_nether", environment nether, scale 1.
    >11:00:55 [INFO] [NETHRAR] World world_nether size: 256
    >11:00:55 [INFO] [NETHRAR] World graph:
    >11:00:55 [INFO] world --> world_nether
    >11:00:55 [INFO] world_nether --> world
    >11:00:55 [INFO] [NETHRAR] World respawn redirects:
    >11:00:55 [INFO] world_nether respawns redirect to world
    >11:00:55 [INFO] [NETHRAR] Nethrar v2.3.1 enabled.
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    Looks like a conflict with another plugin - notice that the error actually is happening in a chunk listener for another plugin. Maybe McMMO? I'm not familiar with the classes mentioned, but a Google search brings up a lot of links related to McMMO. If you have it installed, try disabling it and trying again, otherwise try disabling other plugins one by one until you find the conflict.

    It might also indicate a problem with your machine's hard drive running out of space or having some other issue.

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    Hey I have searched the forums and having no luck with finding the answer to my issue.
    So i have 2 worlds, W1, and W2. W1 is normal, and W2 is the nether.
    This plugin creates the W2 just fine, but when I go there, i always seem to spawn in a bad location, high up, burried, in the middle of lava, ect...

    Just as a test I i made 2 portals, and jump through each of them in the normal world. They both come out just perfectly side by side in the nether with an 8 to 1 ratio.

    I am a bit confused, I thought this would act as a real nether portal where it carries the 1 to 8 ratio and looks for flat land withing X number of blocks?

    So they seem to always link to each other by default. So without this awesome plugin in "world" when you make a portal in the real world, it searches the spot in the nether for an already built portal. They NEVER happens with this plugin, even if i make all the portals side by side :S
    It is always A to B and B to A and C to D and D to C.

    Maybe my configs are wrong but here they are :)

    Show Spoiler
    environment: normal
    destination: world_nether
    scale: 8
    environment: nether
    destination: world
    scale: 1
    peaceful: false
    respawnTo: world
    environment: normal
    destination: RCC_nether
    scale: 8
    environment: nether
    destination: RCC
    scale: 1
    peaceful: false
    respawnTo: RCC

    So with the portal file, you can see, it is JUST doing a 8 to 1, and putting me in random weird crazy floating areas and such....
    Show Spoiler

    {removed all other random portals, here are the 4 newest ones as an example...}

    - 17
    - 80
    - 30
    destination: RCC;4
    protected: false

    - -582
    - 54
    - 1009
    destination: RCC_nether;5
    protected: false

    - 139
    - 80
    - 247
    destination: RCC_nether;2
    protected: false

    - -73
    - 54
    - 126
    destination: RCC;3
    protected: false

    Maybe someone can point something out to me that i am just being retarded about, thanks!
    And this is the best plugin. When i first saw the nether didn't work in my multiworld i was gunna cry until i found this :)
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    Nope, everything is working as intended. It is maintaining the 8:1 ratio, just not in the y dimension, and it does not search around for flat land first. Your configuration file is fine, the portals.yml file checks out.

    My goal with writing Nethrar is to *remove* the randomness of vanilla portal generation. It was one of my (and many other people's) pain points with vanilla Minecraft. As you noted yourself, the coordinates you're being teleported to are exact. There is no flat land searching, no 'am I submerged in lava' checking, or anything. It is strict math.

    There *is* a little bit of fuzzy portal matching, though. If you made two portals one in front of the other in the real world, for example, not side by side, they (should) both match to the same portal in the Nether (unless you're unlucky and accidentally cross a certain boundary). Going the other direction, if you're in the Nether and going to the real world, then it does do a little search around the 'optimal' location for a portal to link to, before deciding to make one of it's own. It will always prefer a more 'optimal' portal than one farther away, though, and it won't really check more than 2 y-levels up or down.

    Sorry if this doesn't quite work out for you :/
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    Thanks for the quick answer!

    Not what i wanted, i was hoping i was doing something wrong.
    I kinda like the idea of the "not knowing" where i will end up in the nether, and IF i can get back to my main portal and such.

    But you made it like this, so that is what i will use!
    The only "bad" thing is the random spawning in walls and crap. But hey its a whole new type of "not knowing" for me and my friends.

    With my current world We are about 50 air blocks above lava and about 80 blocks from the nearest wall. We're working on building a bridge over tonight then :) Or maybe we'll use gravel!

    Not going to ask for it, or even suggest, but is it possible to use the "optimal" location, like if you wanted to COULD it be done the way minecraft does it with the default world? Or that just cant be done with a plugin?

    Awesome plugin, one of my favorites!
    Thanks for support!
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    It could be done, but it's not in the theme of Nethrar, which is precision and control. If I were to do it, it'd be as a separate plugin.

    Thanks for using it, and I'm glad you enjoy it :)
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    Oh i do have another question.
    Not sure it is plugin related or not.
    But when I die in the RCC_nether, i respawn there; which was in thin air and above lava. So I ended up using another plugin (DD) to move the RCC_nether spawn point to a safe location.

    I thought using your config file set like this, that i would die in RCC_nether and spawn in RCC.
    respawnTo: RCC
    but doesn't seem to work :)

    Thanks again.
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    Ross Gosling

    Can I expect an update any time soon?
  17. Offline


    I'm sorry Ross, I know I've been talking about it for a while and it just hasn't come. It's a combination of time and motivation. I find myself planning things for weekends, and around them I mostly just try to veg out. I honestly can't give an estimate of when it might happen. Are you hurting for the feature a hell of a lot? If so I can backtrack the refactor and plop it in, send you a custom jarfile to tide you over.
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    Ross Gosling

    Don't worry about a custom jar, the plugin would just make things more convenient it's not essential
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    Beta build of Nethrar available. Features:
    • Supports 'restricted' mode for worlds. Set the flag restricted: true in worlds.yml to make it such that no new portals can be automatically created in that worlds; any portals must be manually placed and lit by a player, and only then can they be linked to externally.
    • Supports damage type specifications for world blocks. Use the syntax "blockid/data" to specify it in the worldBlock field in worlds.yml. For example, worldBlock: 35/11 specifies the blue wool block.
    Download it at
    cc Ross Gosling, and someone else who requested damage type casing for Nethrar world blocks.
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    Ross Gosling


        scale: 8
        environment: normal
        destination: TownyWorld_nether
        scale: 1
        peaceful: false
        environment: nether
        respawnTo: TownyWorld
        destination: TownyWorld
    Where does the restricted bit go?
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    Lets assume you only want portals in the real world to be manually contructed, to prevent fast travel:

        scale: 8
        environment: normal
        destination: TownyWorld_nether
        restricted: true 
        scale: 1
        peaceful: false
        environment: nether
        respawnTo: TownyWorld
        destination: TownyWorld
    You're lucky I got sick, didn't sleep last night, and stayed home todayand ended up working on Nethrar :p

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    Ross Gosling

    Lol, let's hope Karma exists then this good deed should make you well again soon :p

    Do you think you could add a message when you're in the restricted portal? like your may not enter portal creation in this world are disabled. This could message could appear every few seconds of them standing in the portal

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    I'd prefer you just educate your players? I won't mainline a diff like that but I can put it into a custom jar for you.
  24. Offline

    Ross Gosling

    don't worry about it
  25. akrieger
    One of my users built a nether portal on a floating island far up in the sky, the result was ending up inside nether a goodly distance over the nether ceiling. I am using a nether that is 8 times smaller then normal world but i dont know if that is causing it or if its just the height alone. Do you think you could add a sanity check on destination portals and make sure they are always between the floor/ceiling?
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    Ross Gosling

    @akrieger would there be anyway of the nether worlds generating to the full 256 block limit or would that have to be done by Mojang?
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    Whew, sorry I didn't see this til now. Bukkit email fail. I made a beta build that included special height logic to prevent this, but I lost the code. You can find it at, let me know if that fixes your issues.
    That'll have to be a Mojang thing.
  28. This does indeed fix the issue, but removing the old portal in nether was needed so it would create a new portal inside the nether area. Thank you for the fix!
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    *news flash*

    I fully intend to update to Minecraft 1.3 when Bukkit releases an RB, and also make a port for the 'native' Minecraft API.
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    any dev build release available for the 1.3.1 dev thats out ;)
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    Not yet, but I don't see any reason why the current version won't work :) Doesn't look like they made any breaking API changes. I'll do a more official investigation tomorrow/this weekend.

    So, I've done some testing. Teleportation is... flaky. I don't recommend using Nethrar right now as it will either cause players to have to relog often, or potentially hang the server. When the dev build gets more stable, I'll let everyone know (or you can let me know!). I was testing with b2284.

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