Inactive [TP] LapisPortals v1.3 - Command free teleportation [1.4.5-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by fetusdip, Jun 18, 2012.

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    1.3 is now available! check it out at BukkitDev

    Moved to BukkitDev
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    It looks like some sort of tardis. Approved.
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    Any chance we could get versions in which we could change what block ID (i.e. 46=TNT) is used to make the portals?
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    I get an error:

    Could not load lapis portals. unsupported major minor version.

    Please fix, or tell me how to fix. I like the look of this plugin.
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    It says portals created, but It wont teleport me?
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    why it doesnt work?and which items i can put in the box?(with witch items u know it will work for sure?)
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    Hey, I get a error on startup:

    unsupported major.minor version

    Then stuff about a native method and an Unknown source.

    Please help

    Opps, already posted, sorry.
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    This is compiled in Java 7, make sure you're using the latest version ->
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    Thanks much, I'll try that.
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    make sure that both portals have the same inventory, also, if you make a change to the inventory, you need to break and replace the door.

    I'm sorry, you'll need to elaborate more, is it not loading the plugin entirely, is it not telling you that your portals have been created successfully, or is it not teleporting you when it should? If you're simply not getting the portal creation message make sure you have set up the portal exactly like in the picture and THEN put the door on.


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    Okay, so I downloaded and installed java, and reloaded the server. Still same message. Unsupported class version error, could not load plugin, then stuff about ender portals.
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    what's the full error report? p.s.: can i have my soul back?
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    Lol, yah. Um, unsure how to get you the error report. Is it a file I should attach or do I have to type out everything I see in the command prompt?
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    Don't worry about it, apparently you weren't the only person with the java 6 problem, I just uploaded a new version compiled under java 6, try that one.
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    Thanks much, i'll try that..

    Yep, works now, thanks!

    OK! GREAT PLUGIN. I like the lightning and thunder. Very nice. Five stars and a diamond for you.

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    I got to say, clever plugin.
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    I'm having a problem, I've got the portals to work smoothly and everything on my server but after I stopped the server and started it back up, none of the portals were working anymore. I tried destroying and rebuilding them all but that didn't help and neither did removing the plugin and putting it back in :/
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    seems to be happening to some people. I'm looking into it, and as for remaking them, you need to destroy and replace the door.
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    Why did you quote me? I didn't develope this plugin.
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    I thought the same thing :p
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    very nice but one fail: when i teleport to another place and move i see that i have flames over my head. can u fix that?

    oh ya and when i type /extinguish it says i extinguished my self and then the flames are gone? fix please!

    try to go backwards and u see flames above your head. fix!

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    If you are referring to the fire on the top of the portal, this is only clientside so you can't get hurt. I will get to fixing it when I'm ready.
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    yes that to but im referring to the fire above my head! click f5 to check! its only first time the portal is created!
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    got a screenshot? i can't seem to reproduce it.
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    Fantastic plugin! I rarely write reviews but I had to for this one. Thanks for making a teleportation plugin that doesn't make everything so complicated. I downloaded it, put it in the bukkit/plugin file folder, restarted the server and Bam! worked like a dream!

    I'm currently working on a server with a friend and we are on an island. We went exploring and found other islands that we wanted to work on without having to travel for days everytime we needed to head back to base. And finally another use for Lapis.

    Thanks again!
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    i really like this plugin. i give it two thumbs up!

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    [gold] NIZE PLUGINZ!
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    This is an insanely awesome plugin, I made an account on here JUST so I could tell you that. I hope this plugin will continue to be around for a long time. :D
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    Same here ghostly
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    do you have some sort of anti-cheat? Also, ensure that you're using the same exact inventory for both

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