Inactive [TP] HeroSpawn - Spawn first time users in a different location v2.0. [1.2.3-R0.1]

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    Version: 2.0
    CraftBukkit Version: 1.2.3-R0.1 (Works on 1.1-R6 too)
    Spawns first time users in a different location!

    Note: Essentials Spawn will break this plugin, making it useless. I am working on a fix.

    Download: Here

    Do you have a tutorial area that you have to go through every time you respawn? Not anymore!
    HeroSpawn allows you to set a new spawn point called a "HeroSpawn", so when a user joins your server for the first time, they'll spawn there instead!

    HeroSpawn 2.0 also works with multiple worlds, when I user joins a world on your server for the first time, you can send them to the "HeroSpawn" of that world.

    • MultiWorld Support (Finally :) )
    • Easy to use commands
    • Knows who's already joined! (Even before the plugin was installed)
    Commands and Permissions
    • /herospawn - Lists help for commands you have permission to use
    • /herospawn set (herospawn.set) - Sets the HeroSpawn of the world you are in to your current location
    • /herospawn tp [world] ( - Teleports you to the herospawn of the world given, or the current world you are in.

    Version 2.0
    • Completely rewrote
    • Added multiworld support
    • Improved /herospawn tp command
    Bugs and Support
    If have a problem or find any bugs, please head over to the BukkitDev page and file a ticket and I'll try and respond as soon as possible.

    It takes up quite a bit of my time to develop plugins, if you're feeling generous - a donation of any size would be greatly appreciated!

    You can donate using PayPal here.

    This plugin uses Hidendra Plugin Metrics to collect usage data. If you wish to opt-out from this, then take a look in the config.yml in the PluginMetrics folder and change 'opt-out' to true.
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    Matt G

    haha. BTW, I want to thank you for this plugin shad.
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    ik i was just bored.
    P.S. i stopped hitting f5 like 5 minutes ago :p
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    Okay, I dont know if this is just because the plugin is not yet updated but I'm getting 2 problems.
    1. New players spawn at the /spawn anyways.
    2. When I do /herospawn the chunk the herospawn is in is always missing, so I have to reconnect every time.
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    need support 4 1.8. Plz, i really could use a great plugin like this
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    Hey, I know your probably working hard. But do you have a twitter where we can follow your progress.
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    "Note: This IS working on the latest RB #935."

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    Hmm, this might be what I'm looking for. Will this bypass Essentials Spawn?
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    @Everyone, Sorry for not updating this. I will release this tonight, But it WILL NOT SUPPORT the latest RB, You need to use the builds where the world change event has been added. I will supply a link.
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    What event is this? Will that fix some of problems other teleportation plugins ?
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    A new WORLD_CHANGE event has been added in the later builds, this will allow this plugin to work properly with multiworld.
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    well new RB with the world_change event :) so i guess no probs. can't wait :)
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    Any news?
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    Then the update of this will not work with RB1240? :(
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    Please Update to RB #1240.
    Also: Could you add muti-world support,
    And: If the initial spawn is not set, and you type /herospawn, it comes up with a internal error.\

    Also, the information in the first post is incorrect, the CB number in the header is 1000, and you still have the CB #935 sub-header.

    Even though of these things, Thankyou for this plugin - it has really helped the people on my server. Have a [diamond].
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    OK! ah... I'm so good at procrastinating... - I've basically got this complete, fixed all the bugs in the post above. All I have to do is add that world change event.
    Well, it's 12:00am now, let's see if I can get it released before 10am tomorrow!
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    Thankyou :)
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    Just wondering how multiworld support is going. That all im waiting for then I will be using this so I can move my newplayer spawn to my survival world.
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    Hey, Does this work with:

    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/Announcer.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/BlockBlocker.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/bpermissions.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/ChestShop.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/Citizens.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/ColoredSigns.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/DimensionDoor.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/Essentials.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/HeroicDeath.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/HeroSpawn.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/iConomy.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/JailLikeHell_v1.2.1.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/Lockette.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/MobArena.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/MobBounty.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/MyWorlds.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/NarrowtuxLib.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/PlgSetspawn.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/Prefixer.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/ServerSaver.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/WorldEdit.jar
    sftp://[email protected]/root/minecraft/plugins/WorldGuard.jar
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    It should do... I am making a new version right now though. Come back later for an update
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    Ok, How long we looking at?
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    Not too sure, Hopefully tomorrow at the latest.
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    Alright, Message Me whens it out,
    Skype message would be great :D
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    Does your plugin say some Informations to a new user when he comes on the spawn point ?
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    No, not at the moment. I can incorporate that into the next release as an option though.
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    So for resuming, your plugin spawn the new users to a specific point and that's all ?
    That's cool ;)

    P.S: I can't download it ! Why ?
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    Yeah, that broke a while ago. The new one will be up soon. Don't worry.
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    Thank you :D
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    Does this have multiple spawns? I.E. Class 1 spawns at x, 2 @ y, etc.
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    Doesn't work with the current dev build. >.>;; I can /herospawn set and /herospawn just fine, but new players aren't spawning at the location.
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    The current development build is not supported. I will update this once a recommend build comes out. Possibly before - but don't expect anything before then.

    Thanks for telling me though.

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