[TP/FUN] SkyFall - What is under The End? [BukkitDev]

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    Will you update this please :)
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    Hello, yesterday I tested SkyFall with 1.3.1-R1.0. Worked fine :)
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    • Added landing and climbing points. If you define some points for a world, you will teleport to nearest (or random) fall-in (or climb-in) point.
    • Added time synchronization (time in one world will be equal to another)
    • Internal code optimization
    New commands:
    • /skyfall locfall [name] - create fall-in teleport point
    • /skyfall locclimb [name] - create climb-in teleport point
    • /skyfall clearfall [world] - remove all fall-in teleport point
    • /skyfall clearclimb [world] - remove all climb-in teleport point
    • /skyfall fallin [world] - toggle fall-in teleportation in defined (or current world)
    • /skyfall climbin [world] - toggle climb-in teleportation in defined (or current world)
    • /skyfall fallrnd [world] - toggle random fall-in teleportation
    • /skyfall climbrnd [world] - toggle random climb-in teleportation
    • /skyfall linktime [world] - toggle time synchronization or synchronize time of current world with defined
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    Deleted user

    What if you want the borders to be infinite?
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    Hmm... Infinitive worlds are not supported, but you can define a really large worlds: -10000,-10000 x 10000,10000 for example. In next version I can add option to remove this limitation.
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