Inactive [TP/FUN] Ports v0.3 - Travel at the speed of awesome! [1.4.5-R1.0 - 1.4.6-R0.1]

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    Ports allows you to define regions which transport players around the world instantly, or on a schedule of your choosing.

    Your ports can be trains, planes, ships, portals, whatever you like. You are limited only by your imagination!

    For more information, see the BukkitDev project page at
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    To all:

    Portals DO work cross world. I just created a portal, same as I do for 2 destinations in one world but this time I created one of them in the flatgrass map I made (using mcedit) and linked them just as you would any other and they work.

    I JUST did this so I haven't tested anything beyond a simple port, and don't know yet how to charge a fee for using them. But I did want to re-confirm that portals DO in fact work from one world to another and not just to/from the nether but between user created maps also.

    LOVE this plugin btw :D It's one of my favorites.
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    Is it possible to change the 'Wooosh' when I used a Port?
    The config file is almost empty :(
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    Not yet, but you'll be able to customise the messages in a future update.
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    I had same problem like you. It was caused because directory include korean(like 서버) (I'm korean) When I deleted korean
    It work well.... hm.. but in your server log there is no language except english...
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    Just tested again today because I have reformatted my harddrive, but I had the same problem as last.
    So now is my Quiestion is there any other plugin like this? as good as this, And then I mean the World Edit, Mark where the portal will be and so? :)
  7. Please update your plugin for 1.2.3 !
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    It already works with 1.2.3, but forum rules require the title of this thread to contain the latest RB this plugin was tested against, which was 1.1-R6.

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