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    NetherPortal v0.6.11

    New in Version 0.6.11:
    • Added NetherPortal.portal.use permission

    I always thought things like random tping around that make the game too easy takes away the fun of playing, but in SSP fast travel constrained by 8x ratio rule was fun and reasonable advantage considering that you had to go through the nether a dangerous place to set up portals there, and if you wanted to make the travel safer you'd have to build or dig to make it safe. Unfortunately I have not seen a single plugin that does the following:

    1. Fast travel (8x rule)
    2. Auto portal creation (i.e. when you go through a portal a portal is created at the destination that is linked to it)
    3. Multiworld

    Well this plugin does. But it is also different from other plugins.

    The challenging thing is of course how to match portals. One thing I did not like in SSP was portal hopping, making it possible to easily find caves by digging down in the nether and place a portal there , and travel ultra fast by placing portals where there was solid material on the nether side. One solution to this was creating airpockets and platforms as in NetherGate. While this preserves the 8x rule, it is a bit dangerous to use, since you can destroy things you've built, and alternatively it would make it difficult to program to avoid it.

    The easy solution for me, which also adds a bit of challenge in setting up working portals, is that portals simply do not work if there is not air for the portal to be created in, the portal exits on both sides, and a platform for the portal and you to stand on when you exit it. So the challenge is to find a suitable location for a portal, but you can do it with the aid of a compass which gives a rough indication of the probability of there being a suitable location nearby, the closer the greater. The compass will also give you a guaranteed indication "X" that there is one solid block underneath and 5 air blocks above and one solid block underneath and at least 1 but at most 4 "_". The shape of the "X" indications in the following form:
    will guarantee that a portal can be constructed here, however if you have linked the world to more than 1 other world, readings from another world could interfere and you lose this guarantee, even though it is not likely to fail. Note, the exact size of the shape depends on the ratio between your world and the target world. If you are going to the nether from a normal world with default ratios (1 to 8) the shape is 8 times bigger. Note also that each indication then represent the entire 8x8x8 cube.
    If you are going to a higher or equal scale world, the portal has to be placed so the two bottom middle blocks reside within the two middle blocks of the shape.
    If you are going to a lower scale world, a special portal indication "N" "S" "W" or "E" is needed to guarantee that a portal can be placed, indicating the direction the other bottom middle block of the portal from the block you stand on (which is one of the bottom middle blocks).

    To get any reading at all YOU HAVE TO LINK THE WORLDS using the WORLD LINK or WORLD TARGET commands for a one way link.

    Here is a top down schematic view of all blocks needed on each level of a suitable location for a portal:
      S  |  A  |  A  |  A  |  A  |  A
     SSS |  A  | AAA | AAA |  A  |  A
     SSS |  A  | AAA | AAA |  A  |  A
      S  |  A  |  A  |  A  |  A  |  A
    y-1    y     y+1   y+2   y+3   y+4
    Where S is solid i.e. non air block and A is air block.
    Full features list (open)

    • Portals that simply work, no strange glitches or random suffocations happening. Place a block in front of the portal exit and it will refuse to teleport you.
    • Fast travel (8x rule like in single player, but ratio adjustable)
    • Auto-portal-creation at destination, so you can go back, like in single player
    • Multiworld support - create or import any number of worlds, nether or normal.
    • Permissions/Group manager support (optional)
    • Iconomy support (optional) - set the cost of portal usage
    • The (now optional) challenge to find a suitable location for a portal using compass
    • The option to create portals destructively (air pocket and platform creation)
    • The option to link any portal to any other, one way or two way.
    • Basic safe teleportation commands-adjusting to prevent fall damage and suffocation
    • Eternal night in the nether - good bye blue sky!
    • Worlds can link/target each other to allow fast travel auto portal creation and compass reading
    • Deconstruct portals faster - destroy one block and all will drop.
    • Anti-obsidian farming auto-created portals.
    • Configurable commands
    • And more.. see full list of commands

    Commands (open)

    fullsearch <target world>                searches a 400x400 area around you of suitable portal locations to target world
    fullsearch <target world> <size>         same as above but you can specify the area size
    teleport <world>                         teleports you to worldname to the corresponding coordinate
    teleport <world> <x> <y> <z>             teleports you to worldname to specified coordinate
    location                                 lists your corresponding coordinates in each world
    world create <world> <environment>       creates or imports world of type environment (normal or nether)
    world remove <world>                     removes a world (does not delete it)
    world ratio <world name> <ratio>         sets the ratio of the world (nether is 8 by default and normal is 1)
    world center                             centers the world at the spot you stand (0,64,0 by default)
    world list                               lists all loaded worlds
    world link <world1> <world2>             link together 2 worlds (i.e. both target each other)
    world settarget <world1> <world2>        world1 targets world2 - allows fast travel auto created portals and readings from world2.
    world detarget <world1> <world2>         removes world2 from world1's target list
    portal link <portal1> <portal2>          link together 2 portals (i.e. both target each other)
    portal settarget <portal1> <portal2>     portal1 targets portal2 - stepping into portal1 teleports you to portal2
    portal detarget <portal>                 set portal points to null i.e. nowhere
    portal name <portal>                     sets name of portal you last stepped through
    portal punch through to <world>          auto creates a portal in world for the latest entered portal and with air pocket and platform if necessary
    portal list                              lists all portals in current world and their locations and targets worlds and locations
    portal setcost <cost>                    set the iconomy cost of portal you last entered
    teleport adjust                          change configuration of command based teleport to not adjust you on y axis to avoid fall damage or suffocation
    teleport to potral <portal>              teleports you to a named portal.
    world target list                        lists the target worlds of a world
    setspawn                                 moves spawn point to current location

    config.txt (open)

    alwayspunchthrough - sets whether to punch through to a target world automatically when you enter the portal
    tpadjust - sets whether teleportation y coordinate is adjusted so you do not take fall damage or suffocate
    respinnormal - respawn in last normal world you were in, when you die in nether
    artificialportal - workaround for portal not teleporting you when it reports the portal block to be air
    cooldown - number of milliseconds it takes for a portal to work again
    compass - the item id of the compass
    noYscale - whether Y scaling (up/down) should be used or not.

    Permissions (open)


    Downloads (open)

    Todo (open)

    • Fix portal not lit on the other side at times (is this happening at all anymore? a bukkit issue that got resolved?)
    Done and will be in next update:

    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.6.11:
    • Added config option noYscale, is false by default. It removes scaling factor on Y axis.
    Version 0.6.10:
    • Fixed /world remove not being called
    • World remove now removes the world from MC server without needing a restart.
    Version 0.6.9:
    • Added NetherPortal.portal.use permission
    Version 0.6.8:
    • Updated iConomy support to iConomy5
    • Added compass config option for changing the id of the compass
    Version 0.6.7:
    • Fixed inaccurate teleportation when portal exit is on different axis than entrance
    • Fixed portal names not being loaded into lookup table at startup.
    Version 0.6.6:
    • Fixed scrambled portals on reload when there is at least one portal without target
    Version 0.6.5:
    • Removed nag about some old event that i imported
    • Fixed singly linked portals not being loaded correctly
    Version 0.6.4:
    • portals will not break other portals when punching through, they will "angrily spit you out" on autopunchthrough
    • cooldown option for setting how long time til a portal can be used again
    • defaults to ops only when permissions is not present
    • autocreation of config file
    • uses NSCommand now
    Version 0.6.3:
    • bug fixed old portal names remaining after being renamed
    • All portals are now given auto-generated unique names until renamed. No more indistinguishable "null"s
    • Portals can no longer be given a non-unique name
    • Right clicking a portal gives info about it as well as selects it, in the same way walking through it does.
    Version 0.6.2
    • Updated for 617
    • Fixed broken permissions
    • Removed debug messages
    • Added permissions NetherPortal.portal.create and NetherPortal.portal.destroy so you can control who can create and destroy portals
    Version 0.6.1
    • Backward incompatible support for #602 (bukkit api changed so can't help it. You can use the previous version for #556 - nothing else changed)
    Version 0.6
    • Iconomy support: portal setcost <cost> (all portals are free when iconomy is not running) Backward compatible savefile format change to accomodate cost
    • Portals are no longer auto constructed on water, lava or any other player walkable materials
    • Portals now accepts player walkable materials as portal exits (but they will not show on indication still, which only looks for air)
    • Portals are no longer auto constructed in place of active portals (although they can still be constructed on inactive portals)
    • Fixed embarassing bug causing nonsensical indication. It should make a whole lot more sense now.
    • Fixed faulty target location is not safe messages
    • Fixed teleportation to bottom of world when using tpadjust when location is solid.
    • Fixed dropped air blocks on collapse causing client to crash
    Version 0.5.5
    • Teleportation to nonexisting world causes nullpointer exception bug (harmless but pollutes your server log) fixed
    • Portal frame corner blocks drops obsidian blocks on collapse when corner blocks are not obsidian bug fixed
    • Artificial Portal block (the workaround for bukkit portal is air block error) remaining after collapse bug fixed
    • Artificial Portal blocks configurable off by default. Put "artificialportal=true" in config.txt to turn it on.
    Version 0.5.4
    • If you die in the nether you respawn in last normal world you were in. Can be turned off by putting CFGrespinnormal=false in config.txt
    • command setspawn will set the location to current location
    Version 0.5.3
    • Permissions no longer required to have a config file
    Version 0.5.2
    • workaround for portal block said to be air (randomly stops working until server restarted - bukkit issue)
    • debug messages removed
    • fixed portal creation on too high or low altitude
    • fixed linking worlds is being only oneway
    • changed indications of 80000 to X and 70000 to _
    Version 0.5.1
    • Added alwayspunchthrough config option
    Version 0.5
    • Command for Air pocket and platform creation portals for lazy people
    • Command for teleporting to a portal
    • Configuration to adjust command based teleportation target y wise to avoid suffocation or fall damage, default is on, but can be changed in configuration file
    • Command to change the above configuration on the fly
    • Command to list all portals in current world and their locations
    • removing any block of a portal result in the portal to collapse and are thereby removed from list of registered portals
    • A portal that collapses, drops all of it obsidian blocks unless it was autocreated
    • Autocreated portal collapse when untargetted
    • Autocreated portals cannot change target
    Version 0.4
    • Symmetric Portal creation criteria
    • Portal linking feature - link individual portals
    • Configurable commands
    • Commands and permissions changed
    • World linking feature - link worlds rather than all worlds being directly accessible to each
    • worlds not saved when world created or imported fixed along with some other world related commands
    • Somewhat more useful search function for higher ratio to lower ratio worlds
    Version 0.3.2
    • fullsearch no longer teleports you but lists all locations
    • fullsearch allows specification of size and default changed to 400x400
    • proper colouring of text
    • np location displays corresponding locations in all worlds
    • indication no longer displays location
    • indication no longer displays two kinds of it
    Version 0.3.1
    • Save files to keep data on how portals are linked (needed for x8 to x1)
    • x8 to x1 auto portal creation finally working
    Version 0.3
    • workaround for "Player moved wrongly" bug.
    • moon higher up now updating every 2 hours (72 seconds your time) rather than 8
    • More output, less guessing
    • Fixed some permission names
    • Fixed always displaying indication 0 [0,0(0)] before any interaction with a newly loaded
    • Reverted to 8x8x8 rather than 8x1x8 even though it means only 1/8 of the nether is within reach of a 1x1x1 world. Since 8x1x8 makes readings make less sense.
    • Compass starts moving erratically and spin on full indication
    • np tp <world> <x> <y> <z>
    • np fullsearch <target world>
    Version 0.2
    • set ratio fixed.
    • Normal worlds have a default ratio of 1 and nether default 8.
    • Auto-created portals are now lit (apparently problems with it still)
    • Improved long range search giving readings inverse square proportional to manhattan distance
    • Eternal night in the nether - good bye blue sky!
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release

    Donate (Not necessary but appreciated)
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    Did you get NSCommand 0.1?

    Thanks for the bug reports. Will fix immediately

    Just download the newest NSCommand, should work with it now.

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    Don Redhorse

    arrgh forgot about that ... sorry.. cool thanks!
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    I have portal adjacent to another portal! (O=Obsidian, A= Air)

    O O O O O O O
    O     O     O
    O     O     O
    O     O     O
    O O O O O O O
    But I get the error with blocked portal :/

    Could be this a solution?

    O O O O O O O O
    O     O O     O
    O     O O     O
    O     O O     O
    O O O O O O O O
    Or third variant?!

    O O O O A O O O O
    O     O A O     O
    O     O A O     O
    O     O A O     O
    O O O O A O O O O
    Hope someone can tell me :)
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    Blocked portal occurs because you try to punch through destroying an existing portal.

    Edit: You can have them like in the first figure, if you change the target rather than punch through or punch through to a different world, or to a lower ratio world
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    No, I haven't tried to destroy a existing portal :p

    I have 4 worlds:

    startup world

    Now I have in the startup world three portals:
    To world1,2 and nether.
    They are working.

    But for example in the nether, I can't use a portal, which is linked between startup and world1 (I wan't to get out there, too)

    What is my fault? :/

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    If you use punch through, it will destroy things in the way of the portals, except for other portals, in which case it will say it is blocked by a portal. If you want to have the portals next to each other like in the figure, you can use portal link command to circumvent this.

    Not sure what you mean here.

    cooldown is in milliseconds, sorry, should mention it in the OP.

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    Sorry, my English is not the best...

    But I got it to work now.
    Thanks for your help!

    Last thing:

    possible to create a static download link for CraftBukkitUpToDate?!
    Would be great!

    Best greets


    Sometimes the plugin doesn't save my targets for portals :/
    Can anyone help me?
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    Does it show up in targets.txt?
    Btw, I'll try to get that static link up

    That's some good ideas, I might add an ability to have permissions bound portals.

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    Hmm, in my NetherPortal folder are only:


    Where do I find a tragets.txt?



    Thanks for static download links!


    I get this error, if I use /setspawn in a world:

    2011-04-16 14:36:30 [SEVERE] Nag author: '<NoAuthorGiven>' of 'NetherPortal' about the following: onPlayerCommandPreprocess has been replaced with a new signature, (PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent)
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    Never mind, I wasn't thinking. The fifth field in np_portals.txt should give you the target portal id (the line at which the portal is stored in the file) Maybe you could upload it and tell me which portals should be linked.

    Yes, I noticed that one, its removed now. A leftover import caused it of all weirdnesses.
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    Here is my np_portals.txt:

    I would like to have the targets:

    startnether -> netherneu
    startalt -> altneu
    startneu -> neualt

    (Sorry, the names of the worlds and portals are German, I hope you can help me anyway.)

    But a BIG thanks, for all your quick answers & great support!

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    portal settarget startnether netherneu
    then open the file again and copy it here
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    but I get the strange error, that I have to rename all the portals first :/
    Did this & tested, it works,
    but sometimes after a restart the target from the start world is missing.

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    settarget does it only one way. If you want to travel back the same way you have to use portal link. Does it really say you need to rename the portals or just name them?
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    now everything is working for me - I tried a other solution.

    After a restart, I clicked a portal - the name is still the old -, but I can't link/settarget the portals, because NetherPortal says, that a portal with that name doesn't exist.
    So in short: After a restart, the linkings are still working, but the names are somehow gone...

    So and now to the linking and settarget:
    I'm going to list what worked and what not!

    I linked two portals (eg. 1 & 2)
    I have a third portal in another world (3)

    I tried to /portal settarget 3 1
    It worked, until I restarted the server, then the linking of 1 & 2 was still there, but not the "one way" from 3 to 1

    Now I built a extra portal and only linked portals.
    After a restart the linkings are still there :)

    Maybe it's a little bug you can fix - but now all is working correctly and I can play with my friends!

    A BIG, BIG THANKS for all your support, quick solutions & the static download link!
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    Thanks for the bugreport. I think I know what the problem is now. The original portal file loading code was written under the assumption that they are only two way links. So one way portals work but after reloading, some one way links will drop. Will be fixed in next update.
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    Apparently only occurs when you have portals that don't point anywhere. Fixed now.
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    I just tried 709 and haven't had a problem yet. Those spammed errors typically occurs due to prior errors either in player connect event or more likely the onenable (at startup.) Could you have a look in server log and see if there was such?

    No idea, I use neither atm.

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    I'm only using this for multiple worlds, but I can say, this plugin is awesome ;D

    EDIT: I don't seem to be able to change the time in any other worlds apart from the main world...
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    Thanks for testing, I have not had the time to check it out on 714 or anything after 1.5
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    Don Redhorse

    download links are brocken atm.. :-(
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    I added a rapidshare link.
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    I found a new bug:

    Sometimes (but only at this special portal!) I am teleported, but I'm two blocks under the portal!
    The Portal ins in the middle of three portals - could that be the point?

    O O O O O O O O O O O O
    O     O O     O O     O
    O     O O     O O     O
    O     O O     O O     O
    O O O O O O O O O O O O
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    I'll have a look at it later, I'm sort of busy developing several plugins at once. Thanks for the report though.
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    Hi guys

    i think its just me being stupid but how do u create portals?
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    Have you linked your worlds first? If you haven't linked two worlds with the "/world link" command first, nothing will happen. Par example, if you have two worlds, "world" and "nether", link them with "/world link world nether" and now any portals made in either world will lead to the other.
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    ive linked the worlds and found a spot where i get the right configuration of "X's" with the compass, i built a portal from obsidian like in ssp but nothing happens.
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    What is all about 'Portal creation not authorized' message? Do I need a some setting to be set on my server for ordinary user can place a working portals?
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    You need to set the permission NetherPortal.portal.create for the default group

    If you do not even get any error messages then it is probably bukkit reporting the portal blocks are air. To bypass this you can set artificialportal=true in the config file.

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    Works great, thanks.

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