[TP/FIX] Spawny v1.0.0.2 - Giving spawning it's needed update [1060]

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    Spawny - The spawning enhancement
    Version: v1.0.0.2

    Now moved to Dev! http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/spawny/

    Spawny is a simple, light-weight spawning plugin for Bukkit. By spawning, I mean player respawning, not spawning mobs. Nice try, move along...

    Permissions support is complete! If you don't have Permissions, only OPs can move the spawn point. I will be rewriting this to support PermissionsBukkit in version 1.1, as well as cross-world spawns

    It is HIGHLY recommended that you set a spawn point before other players join, or they may spawn inside a block (depending on the map)


    spawny.spawn - Return to the spawn point
    spawny.set - Lets you set the current world's spawn point


    /spawn - Return to the world's spawn point
    /setspawn - Set the world's spawn point


    • Ability to set the spawn point per world
    • Makes spawning more precise (spawn on the exact block)
    • Spawn points do not revert when Bukkit is removed
    Download the plugin
    View the source code on GitHub


    • Fixed an invalid plugin.yml permissions set
    • Initial release, stable enough to be called stable :)
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    Everyone should get this! Cruz works his but off *hands diamond* and he is a genius :D Check out his other plugin also! It's called Warpy, I use it, it has warps, op-only warps, and has permissions support! DOWNLOAD THIS PLUGIN AND WARPY THEY ROCK!!! :D :D :D

    Woot first to download and try it! I win! Everyone, like I said in my previous post, should get this plugin, SUPER easy to use, and you'll have a spawn point set up for your server in no time!

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    You typo'ed your permission node in SetSpawnCommand.java. It is checking for "spany.set"
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    Oh, thanks! I must have been rushing when I typed that bit :p

    Updated to version :)

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    No problem, also tested the plugin and it seems to run fine, nice and lightweight :)
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    That's great, thank you :) It's always a pain when it works on one computer but not any others :p
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    Just added a little feature to the topic that I forgot about
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    Sounds good, might try this
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  9. Thank YOU! First person to understand bare bones spawning is useful.
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    Bios Element

    Any chance it can preserve where you're looking when you /setspawn?
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    The way Notch set up spawning, it's impossible to do that without modifications. I could do it so it does it while Bukkit and the plugin are enabled, but as soon as either the plugin or Bukkit are removed, it won't keep the direction <,<
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    Bios Element

    Ahh ok, cool.
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    This is a great plugin. Simple and it 'just works'.

    As for what Bios said, could you please add that? It's fine if it doesn't save the direction when bukkit or the plugin is uninstalled, but that's fine. Direction saving would be a really nice feature.
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    Sure :) I don't have much time at the moment, but I'll try to get it done over the weekend.
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    does this still let players spawn at their bed? i will definitely get this over others if it does :D
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    Just to clarify, this modifies the level.dat spawn location right?
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    its not working "Makes spawning more precise (spawn on the exact block)"
    ppl spawn near that spot, but not exacly on that block :(
    what did i wrong?
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    Updated to version, not a required update but you probably should if you use a /help modifying command

    Yeah, it modifies level.dat :)

    Hi, AnniKa, I have noticed this starting to happen too. I'll look into it
  19. What makes this so special compared to other spawn plugins?
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    Logger log = Logger.getLogger("Minecraft");
    if (HowdyDonut == CruzBishop){
        Idea = 1;
    if (HowdyDonut != CruzBishop){
        Idea = 0;
    if (Idea = 0){
        log.info("Wow, your enthusiastic :D ");
    if (Idea = 1){
        log.info("Hmm. Makes sense  :)");
    I'm just messing with you guys :) Nice plugin. Anyone wanna release my mini-plugin too?
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    Haha, thanks, Jumla.

    It's simple, has almost no overhead, and the new spawn points are preserved when bukkit and/or the plugin are removed.

    Not that many plugins have much overhead, anyway
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    Says I don't have permission to use either commands on the latest recommended Bukkit build for 1.8.
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    ^ Same as me. I think an update is needed.
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    I just have one question: Does this plugin override beds? Like, if a player has their bed set, will they spawn at their bed when they die, or at the spawn point?
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    It also says no permissions to do this. I don't use permissions.yml and use 1.8.1. Looks like this mod either reacts terribly with other mods or it doesn't work well with 1.8
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    Just what I've been looking for, setting spawn and returning to spawn and nothing more.

    Small problem though, while /setspawn works fine, /spawn does not.
    If I do /spawn chat says "Oh, something went wrong while spawning. Please try again later!", in the server windows it says "[SEVERE] Could not spawn - null is null". It works fine when you die though, I spawn at the spawn point I set earlier...

    EDIT: While I do appreciate how lightweight the plugin is, it'd be nice to have the option to have the /spawn command not teleport you people to their bed but always to the global spawn.

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