Inactive [TP/FIX/MISC] ExactSpawn V0.3 - Have people spawn in the exact same spot [1000] [Discontinued]

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    ExactSpawn - Have people spawn in the exact same spot:
    Version: v0.3

    This plugin has been discontinued.
    Because there are other plugins that do this better, this plugin does not work correctly either.

    This plugin will allow you to have users spawn in the exact same spawnpoint every time, allowing you to set the spawnpoint in buildings or other tight spaces. Very simple to install and use, just place in the Bukkit plugins folder and it starts working. (Well, starts working on the next plugin reload or server start.)

    If you want a plugin to set the spawn, you will need to get another plugin to go along with this one. I recommend PlgSetspawn.

    * Will make players spawn in the exact spawnpoint, allowing you to have the spawn in a small building or other space
    * Doesn't interfere with beds

    Known issues:
    * None

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <font color="rgb(16, 97, 179)"><Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Source coming soon!

    Version 0.3
    * First time user spawning fixed
    * "Could not pass event PLAYER_LOGIN" error message fixed

    Version 0.2
    * Hopefully fixed working with beds and new users spawning

    Version 0.1

    * Releasing my awesome plugin
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    Very Good Work.
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    It'd be nice if there were a list of commands or something...
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    When I get home i get this.
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    finaly!!! I´m searching for this since I use bukkit.

    but it doesnt work for me everytime i spawn at a near position, but not the same
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    This is just a download 'n drop plugin. It is always enabled
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    does this effect beds?
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    I have been waiting for this plugin for a while now. Thanks!
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    I'm not sure if it effects beds, I think it might make the bed spawn disabled, can I get some feedback on that? If it does, I need to find a way to make a option for that.
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    Great idea! I'm also curious if it affects beds and other plugins that effect spawning, like towny. :/
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    I agree with the commands thing. How exactly are you supposed to have stuff spawn inside if you can't tell the plugin where the spawn is.
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    I put my spawn inside of a building and I spawned on the inside in the same place but my friends all spawned on top of the building. I used mcedit to move the spawn.
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    awesome plugin :D

    but could you please supply a constant link for craftbukkituptodate

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    How do I set the spawn? Whts the command to set the position?
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    Not working for me. New players still spawning in various places in a 33X33 block around the spawn point
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    Thx, i'm going to try it :)
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    Not sure why it wouldn't work...
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    Hi, if I erase my Player.dat, the first Spawn is always at the roof of the building. Later respawning works. But that doesn´t help me, because I want to let poeple spawn in a house at the beginning. Even if i put th Spawn in a deeper floor, I will spawn the first Time on the roof.

    And Yes, It also disables the Bed-Spawn-Feature.

    Greets, Flipp
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    Hey, just wanted to know if it were possible to set the Yaw and Pitch of the spawn, as I want my players to be facing a certain direction when they respawn.

    Also can you add 'First Spawn' support, as in, a new player joins and instead of spawning at the normal spawn, they spawn at a location for new players? I know this can be done with another plugin, but I would rather not use too many plugins for one thing.

    Thanks for considering.
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    I will try to fix those issues soon.
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    I just want to point out that there are some serious lag issues with this plugin. I have a 4GB server from Brohoster on SSDs. With this plugin installed, the server would lag for 4-5 seconds when a player logs in. And there are various lag spikes throughout playing. When I uninstalled this plugin, all lag problems were gone. It took me a while to figure this out because I didn't think there was a reason this plugin should lag.

    I just want to tell you this because it is a problem and should be fixed. The intent of this plugin is GREAT don't get me wrong, it just has a few issues that need to be sorted out.
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    I will try to fix the lag. It's hard to test when I only got 1 player.
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    How do i make a spawn point?
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    how do u choose where the spawn is ??[diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore][diamondore]
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    Does it support multiworld?
    i set my spawn with the multiverse mod.
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    You need another mod that allows for you to switch the world spawn is. Also spamming diamond ores is annoying.
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    How do you set the spawn :eek:
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    It should work for multiworld, yes.
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    Yeah but theres gotta be a command to change the spawn point, right? Or does the plugin actualy sense where you want it? :confused:
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    No, you have to use another mod for this, i use multiverse for setting the spawn point.

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