[TP] EasyTP v1.0 - Teleporting simplified [818] [Permissions]

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    Version: v1.0

    With this plugin OPs or specified players (Permissions) will be able to teleport easily to players or teleport players to theirself. I know it's not really hard to code and something similar exists, but it is something which was useful on my server, that's why I am sharing it. ;)

    Thanks to Coi for this idea!
    Features (open)
    Easily teleport to someone
    Easily teleport someone to you

    Codes (open)
    /to <(part of) name> - Teleports you to the specified player
    /from <(part of) name> - Teleports the specified player to you

    Additional usable plugins (open)

    Permission nodes (open)
    EasyTP.to - allows specified player to teleport to someone.
    EasyTP.from - allows specified player to teleport someone to him/her self.

    Changelog (open)
    Version 1.0
    ** Release of EasyTP

    Download EasyTP
    Download EasyTP without the 'has teleported to you' message - thanks SwearSword!

    I would appreciate feedback! :)
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    I really wish there would be more plugins like this. Too many plugins have tonnes and tonnes of features and it's often hard to mix and match these plugins in a way that gives you exactly what you want. Good job!
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    Thanks for your feedback! :)

    My opinion is exactly the same on that, I hate having plugin which can do too much, althoug having a whole bunch of plugins can also be annoying.
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    Thanks for the plugin! Very simple, and it's beneficial too for tping!
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    No problem. Just let me know if there are any issues :)
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    Thanks. I have been looking for a good tp plugin that isn't complicated
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    Just a quick test I did here, still works fine with Bukkit #602.

    EDIT: And 670 :)
  9. I know this may make this simple plugin complicated, but is there any way you could add the option for players to opt in and out of being Tp'd to and from? for example some players are building secret bases, and would be compromised if someone were to TP to them, or players getting lost or annoyed after being TP'd somewhere. Thanks.
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    I could indeed add an option like that, but also, isn't that a case of trusting the people you give it? Or should I make it request the player being "from'd" whether he does want to go there or not? Just let me know :)
  11. It wouldn't be a perfect solution but would probabaly do for most people.

    Have an option for people to op out of being Tp'd to (/opt out/in to) and from (/opt out/in from).
    You could then also add permissions to be able to opt in/out, or an admin/op option to override the opt in/out and TP regardless.
    I've just read my solution again and just thought that people that have opted out could have the option to invite (or be invited) specific people using an invite system. /invite to/from <person>.

    Just an idea.
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    Finally found a plugin that just does this, thanks!
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    I will probably make a more advanced version for that, because people like to have simplicity as it is now. For example the post I quoted below.

    No you, thanks :p
  14. If you are going to create a more advanced TP plugin, could you add an option to stop people from teleporting to people if they are in a certain world? My server needs this urgently for the new PVP world.
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  15. this is great! however i have pvp enabled most places on the server. Do you think you can make it so a player has to confirm when someone tries to tp to them?
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    Great plugin! Thanks!
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    I would like to have permission to make it so a certain person CANNOT teleport to certain, specified people (or a group).
  18. Any news on the next version / what it will bring?
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    I am sorry for my long idleness, I am in my examweek, but after that I should have more spare time and will give my plugins a higher priority!
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    If anyone uses /to or /from without a specifying a player then an error is thrown in chat.
    It would be good if instead it said something like 'You need to specify a player to use this command.' or nothing at all.
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    love the simplicity and permissions tie in...
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    Does anyone know if this currently works on 818?
  23. Seems to work ok for me.
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    Ok thanks :D ill be sure to try it
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    Does this plugin work for multiple worlds? Say I'm in world "world", and the player I want to teleport to is in world "desert". Would I teleport to the destination location in my world, or would I teleport to the correct world and location?
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    I am sorry people, but I think I am going to quit minecraft modding.. I have been here for only a short time, but it was sure fun to have that much people liking this! Maybe I will return someday when my clan dies again. I will release my source publicly here, so anyone can modify it further and I approve if they want to release it, as long as you keep me in the credits for making the original version with an URL to the page of the original plugin.

    Source: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23499594/Minecraft/Plugin Public Source/EasyTP.zip

    All of my plugins (even unreleased) and source of it can be found in this package: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23499594/Minecraft/Plugin Public Releases/AllProjects.zip

    Note you can also use Java Decompiler in order to decompile .jar files.
  27. Not sure why it would do that, Herochat works for me.
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    Indeed not sure why it would do that, could be because nowadays you have to pass on to super or the next plugin which wasn't that way when I coded this. I really don't know.
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    Was my error. I had only noticed the problem after installing EasyTP, but it was something else interferring.

    Is there any way you could hide the "<X> has Teleported to you!" message? It took me this long to realize that griefers knew when I was invisible behind them.
  30. Maybe an extra command to hide the message (i still want my trusted users to know when i've telported to them).
    e.g. - /tos as1
    with the added "S" being for silent or something (as i always find myself forgetting to update toggles).

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