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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Olof Larsson, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Olof Larsson

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    hey you forgot commands details...what do we type..... :confused:
  4. *facepalm*

    I found that in the "Userguide" link in the OP link.
    You're encouraged to look around for a user guide before asking a question, you know...
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    thx mate;)
  6. RTFM. Then you can call me "mate".
    I abhor people who show no self-sufficiency. The Bukkit forums are all too full of this type... Not a shred of humility in regards to being spoon-fed.
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    Please consider making entry only and exit only gates.

    Possibly using different tools or different blocks for them. And Separate permissions for them. I would like to allow the players to be able to make entry gates, but allow only mods to make exit gates. Obviously only one exit gate would be allowed in a group.
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    Umm i have a problem, i have a main world and two portals to either side of a castlewars world.
    when i go back to the main world it lets me, but when i go to the castlewars from the main, it says
    "this gate does not lead anywhere" i use multiverse halp please?
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    Hey im having an issue with this plugin.... im in the middle of making an adventure map, i was setting up a trap when i accidentally set off the TNT and it did not explode this is horrible for my map as several moments require the level to blow up. how can i make TNT explosive again ???
  10. Aaaand...just how is this related to a portal plugin again?
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    because they worked fine before , after i put the plugin in bukkit the tnt stopped going boom hence traps no longer working
    kinda thought that was apparent what with the being posted in this thread and such
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    I love this plugins but it is very bad. it says on MY server that i dont have permissiosn to make the gate!
  13. This plugin doesn't want to work on my minecraft 1.2.5 server ... it seems loaded and working, but nothing happens when i try to create a portal x/
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    Hi, i have problem, all players can create portails without the permission, i have GroupManager of Essentials for my permissions, see config files : http://pastebin.com/1jpkBAXx

    I do command on my server to check if player have any perm :
    Then return :

    The first line its my GroupManager, second line its SuperPerms, i don't have SuperPerms plugins(Crazy !).

    For example players can't do /god and if i check the perm :
    return :
    Why CreativeGates give the perm automaticaly ? and how to delete it ?
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    wat are the commands?
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    Creative gates are now working fine for me but after some time the water stops and i need to confirm gate with clock again (sorry for bad englysh)
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    works fine with me and been usigng them for a very long time.

    idthink there is any cmds josh23tainsh

    all u do is make any design of any blocks, they dont have to be the same.
    but making the other end at a nother destination? it has to be the same blocks but u can make a different design and still work.

    come take a look at my video when i was doing somthing about the mod planes

    goto @ 7:00mins @7:03 - 7:13 u will see 2 different designs of 2 portals that connects to each other.

    but this video i made was during when i was in single mode only. so they will not work.

    I might make a video for just the purpose of Creative Gates if u like me to.

    WATER POORS/SPILL??? (readme)
    Show Spoiler

    only reason for why water spills out in ur server is like u didnt shut down ur server right so at times it may do that, i tested the other day ago tat some of my portals came out but when i swimmed to it into the portal, i got portaled to my other portal so it still works, just put dirt infont of ur portal (infront the diamond block) to stop the water pooring out and brake the dirt and it wont spill.

    Q. Does this do all the time at my server?
    A. No, it barely happens (meaning never) 1% it happens so tats good out of 100%
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    Why cant any defaults use the portals i have made, only ops can use them
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    look into ur congif.yml
    few pple not ops on my server they can use them.
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    Do the portals have to be within a certain radius of eachother for defaults to use them?
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    (before imean not just ops can use them but guest too.)

    i dont think it should matter i havent touch my config, this is my settings for

    Show Spoiler

    "wand": 347,
    "block": 57,
    "maxarea": 200,
    "effects": true

    Show Spoiler

    "l": "<green>",
    "a": "<gold>",
    "n": "<silver>",
    "i": "<yellow>",
    "g": "<lime>",
    "b": "<rose>",
    "h": "<pink>",
    "c": "<aqua>",
    "p": "<teal>"

    Now i think about it, its possible its in ur permissions plugin folder thats affecting it

    reason i say tat bc i tryed to add permissions in my server for the first time..
    it let guest to use there all-items
    but it dissallowed not just guest but ops to not brake or add blocks in a regios area and even outside a regious area.

    thats the only clue i got is bc of the permissions, expermission, epermssions, etc. how many there are and what evr u/or anyone has on there server.

    i nvred messed with them n not sure how to use them so i got rid of it bc it wouldnt myself and other ops to do anything. except for messing around with other plugins i think.
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    Iphi mate can you help me with my server I added your AWESOME plugin if you help I will get Charlize to get this plugin :D
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    When ever i restart the server all the gates go away!
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    Hello everyone !

    I've just installed CG on my 1.4.6 server and it works perfectly ! But (yes, there is a but !) now, I want to make kind of "filter" ! I've created a freebuild world just for the staff, and I just want the staff to pass through.. Is it possible ? And if it is, how can I do please ?

    I'm using bukkit for just a week, and I feel reeeaaally bad configuring my plug-ins xD

    I hope, you guys, can help me ! :)

    Ps : Sorry for my bad English, I'm trying to remember my languages lessons haha
  25. No worries. As for your question, you'll want to check out the permissions list at http://massivecraft.com/plugins/creative-gates . There's one in particular that might interest you, 'creativegates.use'. If you only want certain people to pass through any gates in specific worlds at all, that's your answer. If you have different gates to be used by different people -- well, I'm not awake enough for that kind of thought yet.
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    I have some problems with this plugin. I can create portals but sometimes water disappears but the biggest problem is that default users can't use them. I use essentials group manager for permissions and I tried to write "creativegates.use" there to give permission to that group but appears on red and when I run my server I see on the console an error at that line.
    Is compatible CG with essentials GM or maybe I have to use another permissions plugin? If it is compatible, how can I give permissions?
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    hey I need help ok so first I had the plugin working just fine when I had my server in hamachi but now that its public all my portals will not activate please help me or my host can't figure it out please help
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    Mr. Minecraft

    Hey I really love this plugin, but on my server the portal material is the same as the Nether portal, and sometimes I am sent to the nether instead of the other portal. I checked the config and there is no way to change the portal material type. I would prefer it to be water or lava though...
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    So I'm making a new server and I want to teleport from the lobby to a creative world , I made a portal in the lobby and in the creative world, renamed the clock, it all worked until I stepped into the poral, I get the error: 'could not calculate the location: the world Creative1 does not exist on [Server ID]' . The 2 worlds do exest and are on the same network how do I fix this? I've made a multiverse and universe in the console with the commands but I probably did something wrong, any help?
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    Where is the plugin.yml and instance.json files located all I can find is the config file?
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    I downloaded the plugin, and it looks great. But I can't access the plugin every time I open the server. I put it in my plugins file, but it is not on the server.

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