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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Olof Larsson, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Olof Larsson

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    Hey epic plugin but any way to add in the new version so that you can make a specific gate for a server. Like by adding another kind of block with it or just hitting it with another tool? Would be epic and looking for something with that!
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    Hey Olof, I hope you add the function of pistons to your awesome plugin, for example if a block of the gate is retracted by a piston it deactivates or if it is pushed into the frame by a piston it activates! this would allow PERFECT usage of my Stargate-Like Gate which has a changeable frame thanks to pisonts

    unfortunately, if I retract blocks with pistons the gate stays active until I walk into it....only then it deactivates

    but anyways, I'm using your plugin since a LOOOOOOOONG time and it is fricking awesome! I love it, keep it up, please!
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  4. I approve of this idea. I just hope something gets released soon. I'm getting tired of this NullPointerException While Disabling bug, and the only thing stopping me from jumping ship is the idea of using horizontal gates (something I tried long ago).
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    This is SUCH AN IMPORTANT PLUGIN! I really hope it's not discontinued, I love CG
  6. I don't think it's discontinued, but it looks like the author is holding out on us. From what I've read, his server already has the updated plugin, even though that was at least eleven days ago.
    You'd've thought that he'd have released it in the last ELEVEN days, though. If it's good enough for his server, it's good enough for us.
  7. Sooo, another RB has just hit the shelf. Gonna release 1.3.3 or 1.4, or something?

    No? Ok, just checking...
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    Does it support bPermissions, Its a supermperm (or something simmilar), and on my cmd it says to permission found...
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    Just a heads up. If you had gone back to page 23 you would of noticed Olof saying "Just a heads up. I am working on a new version and I think it will be out within a week or two." - Posted Jan 4th 2012.
    So on that note I'd say this plugin is thankfully still alive and kicking ;)
  10. Really? What gave you that idea? The lack of dialogue from the author up to this point, or the fact that "within a week or two" only carries the calendar up to the 18th, whereas it is now the 29th? And the author has signed into Bukkit Forums many times since between then and now.
    What the hell are you talking about, sir? "Alive and kicking"? Things that stop talking or moving after a certain time are normally declared dead.

    I'm certain he has a new release however (as written at the top of this page, he invited someone to use a horizontal portal - an as-of-yet unreleased feature). Despite there being three weeks since that post and now, I call this dead, simply due to unreasonable lack of communication (I remind you that he has signed in many times over the course of the month, there's no reason he couldn't take twenty seconds to come here and say "hold your shit, I'm working on it". But no.).
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    just wandering how hard would it be to make the teleporter teleport items and mobs, like creepers and items you throw through it?
    cause i am trying to find a teleportation system which is yet to be able to do such a thing.

    It would definately make it 100 times more awesome haha. or even just to have to the option to be able to do it.

    And one more thing, it would be pretty awesome if you were able to create horizontal portals, or and shape etc. as well as vertical!. lol
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    Well for one these devs aren't paid to do this so they are free to take as long as they want to get out releases/updates or even if they feel like it not post a 20 second message telling you whats happening.
    They are the ones doing you a favour by making these plugins for you to use free of charge.
    Waiting is all part of the game. Sometimes we wait a very long time then out of the blue an update appears.
    Anyway, saying he basically has to send you a message telling you whats going on is a bit cheeky isn't it?
    The dude probably has a life, maybe a family or even friends that may need his time.
    If I was the dev of this plugin and something cropped up in my life that occupied my time, I am not going to think to myself, "I must tell my followers on Bukkit that I am sat next to a hospital bed with my dying mother in it and I'm sorry for the inconvenience my dying mother is causing everyone by delaying the plugin update". Thats an extreme scenario but still, you don't know whats going on and do you think saying over and over in the thread "it looks like the author is holding out on us" etc is going to suddenly make the plugin magically update?

    You mention there these words: "his server".
    What does that tell you?
    I run a server, we develop plugins and occasionally we do not release these plugins or the full releases that can be found on our server to the general public but by the sounds of what you say, if we develop them for use on our server, we should or we have to release them to the public just because people want them?

    You take something somebody says as gospel. Take his not exactly precise expected release date, what was it?, "within a week or two". What makes you think it will or even should be released anywhere in that time scale?
    Don't you know, one to two weeks can actually be three, maybe four weeks or even longer if you are not under a legal contract ;).

    Just chill.
    There is a saying: "Good things come to those that wait".

    I am actually waiting for this plugin myself as it's delaying things on my server but I noticed it hadn't been updated, so moved on. It will eventually be released whether by this dev or another in a different incarnation and when it is my server can continue to move forward in the way I want it to.
    I would love to say it's a pretty simple plugin that any dev could make but it certainly isn't that.

    No doubt you'll reply to this in some ill tempered way as before. :rolleyes:
  13. How long have you guys been using this plugin?

    All things being equal, this is Olaf's MO. It's nothing against him, but this is how he seems to work. It's a shame such a great plugin takes so long to get updated when you know it's being worked on privately, or when there's bugs often times it's users plugging away at trying to find out what's wrong. (There was an outstanding issue for quite some time where gates weren't being saved. And another where the plugin only worked right if you had SpoutPlugin installed.)

    Again, I don't say this too harshly against Olaf, but this is the way he devs, and I for one have yet to find another gates plugin I like quite so much as this one. So we wait. Because he devs this at his convenience, not ours.
  14. Your astuteness is enlightening, as is your proclivity for listening to your own voice. Get off your soapbox before you fall and break your ankle. (I'm joking, of course. I'm enjoying this conversation.)

    Your example about how he's sitting at a hospital bed is completely impertinent. For all we (and you) know, he could be in a drunken haze. This example is equally (im)plausible, extreme, and pointless. As you say, we don't know. And, to be rather frank, it's not my job to care. I'm not a phyciatric profiler and I'm not a stalker. I am a guy waiting for a plugin despite being told that the wait would be over by now.
    Yes, I mention "his server" I also believe that I mention the word "the" serveral times. What is your point? That his server deserves things first (rightly so) and everyone else gets the sloppy seconds? That's an awful PR strategy, and I'd like to think that's not the case.

    But seeing as you're seeing my indignation as "ill temper", let's chill and simplify it, preferably without vilifying you, me, or Mr. Larsson anymore:
    There is proof that he has already developed at least a huge portion of this, by way of the fact that it's fit for running for his server and his members in the first place.
    If the plugin has been completed, then development has thereby ceased on it. And I remind you that he made that post twenty days ago. He last logged in on Thursday. For what purpose or for how long isn't up for speculation, although he posted in another topic on Wednesday on something of a helpful and informational nature. So I object to your theory that he hasn't had ample time to post or adequate cause to be away from this community.

    And I'm not ill-tempered. I'm just a debater, and nothing pleases me more than words with weight. Although I'm sure Olaf will come in, see my posts, and be offended by all this speculation.

    Do go on.
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    Cool story, bro.

    It's very good to have eloquent people like you sir to have around here to "outvoice" those Olafs and get competent feedback and information be it on a plugin status or the posted rubbish on some Brazilian Monkey (*). Some of us lack the eloquence (be because of inexperience or just the fact beeing foreign to the english written word). Because of this I highly endorse your attempts to hammer those Olaf children (**) with the power of the word sir.
    And please forgive my inappropriate selection of words in my opening they were not meant to offend you by any means but just spice up or perk up your interest in this reply :)


    * No offense on Brazil or Monkeys intented
    ** no offense on the name Olaf or any normal children intended
    ( in case some of you don't know: this is a legend and has nothing to do with Zelda )
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    One word for this plugin

  17. Ooh, I like you a lot. They will sing forever of your proclivity to bluster on in Valhalla. Can we be friends while we're waiting impatiently for Olaf to release this plugin that he has already constructed ahead of time?
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    You as an US citizen must have noticed that english obvisously isn't my first language and I apoligize if I offended you with my bad grammar or anything else I typed here. I just wanted to express how I liked your reply to MuttsNuts.
    So your attempt at insulting my "blustering" was uncalled for. As stupid it sounds ( and is ), refrain from using "advanced" english and sarcasm on obviously not english speakers to confuse them as a true debater looses his flair and authentication when trying to outspeak someone who doesn't even know how to proper speak or write in your language.
    Or how would we say in Slovenia : "Spravi se na svoje enake, ne na šibkejše."
  19. No! No! You misunderstand me! I wasn't being sarcastic! ...well, maybe a little. But the "blustering" part wasn't supposed to be an insult, and I apologise if it came across as that. I'm pleased by people who know their words (or "bluster on" as I had put it). By all means, keep it up - it's good entertainment until the plugin is released.

    Also, you may or may not have noticed from my spellings, I'm not a US citizen. I'm actually a UK citizen and I like The Simpsons. So my spelling might include more U's and S's (and less Z's) than some are used to.
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    how could i add premission nod if im useing enssentials groug manage.
    i tried those permissions n it doznt work
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    Just a question : How to let non-admin players pass trough portal ("You don't have access to go here...")
    Thank you !
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    mitjiva what permissions are you using? and what does your config look like (post using pastebin)
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    hey ehm why is nobody updating this awesome plugin? :) i need it really :) my Server ist nothing without it because the structure of my server was build with this plugin :)
  24. I wouldn't ask this question in public. I tried, and people got all up in my grill for it. As vague and unacceptable an answer as this is, "it'll be done when it's done" (despite all available evidence pointing towards it already being done).

    Apparently, cryptic rebukes are the way to go for the pro-Olaf party, and us who actually care about it have to sit in the Naughty Corner for asking such preposterous queries.
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    I am having the same problem as you
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    Guess we need to find a new plugin for portal gates? Would the new coding of bukkit make this plugin useless now?
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    On 1.1, I have a problem where whenever I log in, my minecraft freezes. My game works fine on any other server and on single player (so no RAM issues). I realize now that this plugin hasn't been updated in a while. Could it be the cause of my frustration?

    I suppose too that it could be a plugin conflict with this plugin as well, but I'm pretty sure this influenced the problem :/

    Don't get me wrong, I love the plugin! It's just that I'd love to see an update to it before 1.2 if possible ;)
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    Mine works, same version, with and without spoutcraft.

    Do you have spout in your server?
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    No I do not have spout. I try to avoid it as much as possible because I'm sure it will take up plenty of RAM (I've never verified that fact though).
  30. It doesn't.
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    But, spout is full of fail and conflicts so be very careful when using it. Can corrupt entire maps if have incompatible version.

    But anyway, Someone update this lovely missed gem of portal travel ;)

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