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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Olof Larsson, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Olof Larsson

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    Could you please make it so you can deactivate portals using the watch/clock as well?
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    I am having some issues using Creative Gates, i recently started a new server and creative gates was working great with Multiverse and have since been adding new plugins including Spout which helped with the no valid frame error though now im experiencing an issue where the portals are doing nothing and in Pail server manager im getting " [SEVERE] Could not pass event CUSTOM_EVENT to CreativeGates " the weird thing is the fact that pretty much all of my gates are not functioning except for two gates that happen to be on the same world, there are other gates in that particular network but those ones are not working and its only registering these particular two. All of the rest are giving me [SEVERE] Could not pass event CUSTOM_EVENT to CreativeGates does anyone know what it means by "could not pass event CUSTOM_EVENT to creativegates" ? if i knew what it was i may be able to find whats causing it.
  4. Spout does not work well with Pail and could be the cause of your issue. I could be wrong, but I think I've heard Pail modifies your craftbukkit.jar. So it could be Pail itself. I'm not sure.
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    Thanks i will definitely look into it, something i haven't thought of.

    so that is what craftbukkit is telling me, also i turned off pail and still no change.

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    Awesome plugin! :D
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    There is no valid frame for the gate ?
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    It wont let me make them it doesnt say anything when i right click with diamond any thing im doing wrong?
    i have added permissions
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    it says there is no valid frame for the gate
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    installing the spout plugin fixes that

    your gate needs to have a diamond block in the bottom of the gate and you need to click the diamond block with a clock in your hand

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    yea thats what i did but it just sits there doing nothing -_-
    (i said the wrong thing earlier)
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    Awesome plugin. What about iConomy support ?
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    i keep geting a "invalid gate message" i thought this works with any design
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    Thanks for the fix Kade

    btw, is it possible to make different color'ed wools be different signatures? Mossy and cracked stone do the same thing.
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    Nobody but me can get through them. I have the permissions for MultiVerse access and CreativeGates use, but they still can't get through em. I use Permissions2x
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    Y U NO UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Please update :3
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    hi, i´ve got problem, i create a gate (like a nether portal, diamon, ...) and it give me an error, "there is no valid frame for a gate"
    any ideas?
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    It isn't working for me anymore. I run bukkit 1337 and if I try to make a gate it says: No valid frame here
  20. If you're having an issue with this plugin:

    Read at least the page you posted on. Maybe even the page before it. Not to be harsh, but the answers are posted all over around here.
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    Is it possible to put inside the gate portal block, but not water?
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    Eeeh, seems that portals between world broke.

    It also seems that's because the plugin tries to calculate the distance between those two portals, and can't since they are not in the same world. Any chance to get it updated ?
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    Posting to confirm this version is working in 1.0.0 with build 1492
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    There is an error. You must be an op to get through the gates. i tested this. I gave groups creativegates.* to see and I also gave them creativegates.use. Neither work.

    Please fix and inbox / reply to me. I like this plugin - it's a shame it don't work!
  25. Then I'm afraid that the error is on your side. Creative Gates, aside from the can-not-find-frame bug (for which there is an unofficial fix and a workaround) and the long running issue of gates not always saving right away, works fine for me with PEX and bukkit 1337.
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    im using a dev build. that may be why.
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    It would be great if different wool color aren't being checked as wool, no ?
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    May be, one day, the possibility to change effects ? something other instead of water and smoke... like portal and flints :)
    or nothing and a lot of flints (Star Trek transboarders :D).
    And why not, change or link a sound.
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    I LOVE U
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    Live or Die

    is this plugin still works on 1.8.1?
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