[TP] CoorTeleport 1.7.1 - Teleport to and save Coordinates [1060]

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    Part of the ZeroBox
    Teleport to specified Coordinates and​
    save Locations for easier Teleport.​
    Download Latest Version here
    Old Versions:
    Supports Permissions 2.7 NOT 3.0 (working on it)
    If Permission is not detected, only OP's are able to use it.
    Permissions Nodes: (open)


    Features (open)

    Teleport to Coordinates
    <...> = Needed Options
    [...] = Optional Options
    /ct tc <X:Y:Z> [World]
    If world is not set, you will be Teleported in your current world.
    Teleport a Player to Coordinates
    /ct tp <Player> <X:Y:Z> [World]
    If world is not set, the Player will be teleported to his world.
    Save and Teleport to a saved location
    /ct save <X:Y:Z> [World] <Name>
    This will save the Location with a Name. You can then use:
    /ct tl <Name>
    This will teleport you to previously saved Location.
    If world is not set, your current world is saved.

    Upcoming Features (open)

    1. Add a "/ct save NAME" command

    • v1.7.1
      • Bugfix, used wrong Methods.
    • v1.7
      • Fixed a Bug, where the Commands didn't worked sometimes. (Stupid Java)
    • v1.6
      • Initial Release for Public
      • Added Location Save
      • Added Teleport Player to Coordiantes
      • Added Teleport yourself to Coordinates
      • Added Teleport yourself to Location
    The ZeroBox Project
    I started the Project myself. I will create Plugins and will unite them all in this Package. As soon as I have more Plugins, you can download them all at once with this link (There is no link, I said later ;) ) Maybe you want to contribute to this Package, then just PM me.
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    whenever i teleport to some coordinates which arent close to me i just get teleported beneath the world, fall for a while and then get kicked for flying.

    That makes this plugin useless :(
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    This is normal. The world must be loaded. Just login again and it should work. Every teleport plugin has this issue and this can't be solved. The faster the server the less time it take to load it ;)

    Try installing Permissions. It seems there is an error where I am checking if you have permission, but I don't have time to fix it right now :( Just install Permissions^^

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    well i dont have this problem with myWarp.
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    Any idea how I can fix this?:


    I'm using PermissionsBukkit. Here is my configuration file:

  6. Aww, the download link's broke, it's just what I need, too. :/
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    Your download link is still orphaned. Please fix.
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    Hey Zero 9195, please keep this plugin up and running for the current and upcoming CB recommended releases :). I'll soon start a new world on my CB1240 server and I'd like to refrain from walking/climbing/swimming vast distances, jsut to get vast disctances between sites ;)
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    I really need a mod exactly like this but for singleplayer because I'm uploading a map and I don't want to have to have the players find their way to the start. I know the Coords but I need to get them there :(
    If anyone knows if this is possible that would be helpful. Thanks.
  10. http://bit.ly/uVZWTD
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    download link is broken
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    Download link is broken, please fix..I really need a plugin like this and it seems to be the only one I can find.
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    I've recently released my own plugin, Mapcoords, that has similar functionality to CoorTeleport.

    Here is the link to it if anyone is interested: dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-mods/mapcoords/

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