Inactive [TP] Blue Telepads (v0.5.3) - Commandless (and multi-world!) Teleporation [1060]

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    Blue Telepads - Simple multi-world aware commandless two way teleportation pads [935]:
    Version: v0.5.3

    Setup teleportation pads using a blue lapis block, four double slabs, a sign, and a pressure plate (per pad). Connect them by clicking on each pressure plate with redstone for commandless teleportation.

    Video tutorial Soon!

    • You should click on the pressure plates with redstone to link telepads, not on the signs (since ~v0.3)
    • You can specify the materials for the telepad by editing the "telepad_center" and "telepad_surrounding" config options and specifying an id for those blocks (you can use 0 for anything) <- delete config.yml or just append the options to get them
    • For an unlimited distance, specify 0 as the max distance
    Permissions nodes (if enabled, not by default):



    Usage (open)

    Step 1 - Setup two telepads; fourth line of each sign should be the name for that telepad. (Note, the direction of the sign determines which way players will land when they teleport to that telepad!)
    Step 2 - While holding redstone, click one telepad's pressure plate, then click the other one.
    Step 3 - When you step on one Telepad, you will be sent to the other!

    (Right click on a telepad sign to remove your stored location)

    Version 0.5.3
    • Sign now determines the direction you end up facing
    Further Changelog (open)

    Version 0.5.3​

    • Sign now determines the direction you end up facing
    Version 0.5.2

    • Added disable_teleport_message flag
    Version 0.5.1

    • Player now lands on the receiving telepad instead of in front of it, and is facing the direction he is when he leaves
    Version 0.5

    • Player now lands on the receiving telepad instead of in front of it, and is facing the direction he is when he leaves
    Version 0.5

    • Added "telepad_center" and "telepad_surrounding" config options, so users can specify the id of the block to be used. 0 = anything
    Version 0.4.1

    • Added 'disable_teleport_wait' true/false option in config.yml; this will disable the 'preparing to send you to' wait time when you step on the telepad.
    Version 0.4

    • Bug fixes here and there
    • Fixed issue with long range telepads not linking
    • You can now reset a telepad for re-linking by breaking the pressure plate on top of it, then clicking on the lapis block with redstone. Then you can relink it!
    Version 0.3.2

    • Fixed a few NPE, also added right clicking on telepads removes the stored location
    Version 0.3.1

    • Changed name line on telepad signs to the 4th line
    Version 0.3

    • Removed water effect, still working multi-world functionality, changed storage method for signs (for multiworld primarily), added permissions/op only support, added max_distance, added config file.
    Version 0.2

    • Added timeout between ports, switched to sync instead of async events
    Version 0.1

    • Initial update

    Note: I am taking over updating this plugin from ne0nx3r0, who is stopping updating his plugins. For more info, see here.
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    @Southpaw018 I apologize for keeping you waiting. I agree with the way you feel, however: I took this plugin over from ne0nx3r0 to keep it updated, not necessarily add more features in. Signshops has more than keeping my attention, so here; tag whatever moderator you need to get approval over on bukkitdev, I hereby hand over Bluetelepads to you. I appreciate your maturity, good luck. Gimme the link for the bukkitdev post once you have it and i'll change the info in the OP accordingly.
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    And I salute you, sir. Thank you very much for handing control of the plugin and for your maturity in turn. Let me know if you ever need anything. I'd be happy to help. Or, if you're ever in the DC area, ping me. I'll buy you a beer. :)
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    Hey ! I love this plugin, but there is something that bugs me, could you make the "Here goes nothing!" message changeable ? I don't like it :c
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    What would you prefer?
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    I know I'm just creating work here, but is there any chance of getting a polished up summary of the plugin with a new "last updated on" that's more accurate?

    I'm really interested in the work that you've done to the plugin, Southpaw018. I think that it fixes any issues that may have been experienced before.

    Thanks for your time.
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    I'm sorry I haven't posted yet. I'm ready to release v1.0. I've been running 1.0b2 on my server for a week and we've had zero problems. I'll try to get to it this evening EST/GMT -5.
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    I would just like a line in the config file to change it :)
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    Don Redhorse

    @Specops and @Southpaw018 please make corresponding changes to the op and create a new thread in these forums too. Thanks for both of your work.
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    Hey, everyone! Again, I'm really sorry for the wait. (After I made a big fuss about timing with @Specops343, of course. :()

    But, the good news is that I'm waiting for final approval of the v1.0 jar on BukkitDev.

    Here's the project:

    ...and until the file is approved, here's a download link:

    ....and for quick and easy reference, here's the changelog:
    [Version 1.0]
    • Assorted bug fixes for 1.0 release
    • Add option to use single slabs
    [Version 1.0b2]
    • Players were facing 180 degrees the wrong direction after teleporting
    • Fixed a bug where a lagging player could move slightly after stepping on the telepad, then hold still to teleport
    • Fixed a bug with calculating the slab destination option
    • Added missing destroy permission in plugin.yml
    • Move config loading so that only one server reboot is required on initial install
    • Fix for useSlabAsDestination only working with WALL_SIGN and not SIGN_POST
    [Version 1.0b1]
    • Initial public release
    • Added Register/Economy integration and free and pay teleport pads
    • Yanked Permissions support (deprecated plugin)
    • Added Bukkit Superperms support
    • Fixed bug where players could spawn multiple messages on a telepad
    • Major code cleanup
    • Exposed warmup and cooldown times as config options instead of hardcoding them
    • Added option to teleport players to slab across from sign instead of atop the pressure plate
    • Prevent signs from being broken
    Again, please accept my apologies for the delay, and my thanks for your support of the plugin. I promise to be the best steward I can be for it. Please continue discussion on BukkitDev from here on out, and please enjoy the plugin - and keep those suggestions coming! :)
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    I have a world with portals that have no surrounding slabs set (just the sign/lapis/pressure plate). Is it possible to get the ability back, to have no surrounding slabs and just use the central block for the portal? Thanks!
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    I love this plugin keep up the great work!
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    Working on 1185?

    EDIT: Yes it's working :)
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  15. I have the same set-up on my server.

    Helpful Info:
    1. I removed the block IDs for both telepadSurrounding in the config thinking that it wouldn't know what to check for now.
    2. Start server
    3. Start Minecraft
    4. Surround the centre block of a new pad with stone.
    5. Activate the pad.
    6. Remove the stone surrounding the pad. Replace it with anything, it should still work fine.
    7. Repeat with the other pad.
    8. Use pads fine after.
    I know it's not the best but it works for me on Bukkit 1488 snapshot with V1.1 of Southpaw018's Blue Telepads.
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    sounds great, but I am a bit confused on were the sign goes during the set up of the pad...
    EDIT: I YouTubed it and now they are working great for me! wonderful plugin!

    (for anyone who is confused watch it here)
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    Can you do a special version where you can have a command and add a title to the users that use the specified teleporter??
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    Any news on the potential revival of this fantastic plugin?

    I'm a huge fan of commandless plugins, and this one was one of my favourites.
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    frog Agh. Yessir. I've hat BlueTelepads 1.2 and Cenotaph 2.1 ready for testing for like 2 weeks, but I haven't yet had time to test my code. Let me see if I can clear some time this evening.

    Thank you for the compliment. It means a lot :)
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    i lost can u plz tell me how to set down the lapis blocks and slabs and stuff
    plz tell me steap by steap
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    Will yot Make this for 1.2 Love The Plugin. :D
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    Awsome Plugin. Are you planning on releasing this for 1.2 whould love it :D
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    Thanks, MooseOnTehLoose. What exactly did you change? Can you give me lines and snippets? I welcome input and will give you full credit if you fixed something I haven't! :)

    To all: I've discovered a bug in 1.2 related to economies in Vault (at least, EssentialsEco) in the latest CB beta. To work around it, please update to 1.2.1 and set disableEconomy to true.

    As always, the latest info is available on BT's devBukkit page.
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    [Version 1.2.2]
    *Compiled against Craftbukkit 1.2.4-R1.0 (2126)
    *Compiled against Vault 1.2.13. Economies fixed
    *You can now use ampersand-based color codes in destination names
    *BT will now track pads and force the plates to pop back up 1 second after they're used (works around MC 1.2.3+ bug)

    Head on over to the DevBukkit page to grab it :D
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    Brilliant Plugin, if it woud work!

    My Problem:
    I can make a telepads.
    They work perfect.
    But after a few minutes/hours they just stop working.
    It just nothing happens when you step on the pad.
    I can relink the pads and it works again for a few minutes/hours
    Running the actual Bukkit server 1.2.5-R3.0
    No entry in the server.log
    I just have MobileAdmin and dynmap plugins beside BlueTelepads

    Any Ideas?

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