Inactive [TP] BedHome v0.4 - /home returns to bed [1.2.5 R1.0]

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    BedHome - /home returns to bed

    Version: v0.4
    1. Make a bed
    2. Sleep in the bed
    3. Using /home will return you to that bed
    • /home
    • /bed - does the same as /home
    Download BedHome

    Version 0.4
    • Updated or Bukkit 1.2.3 R0.2
    Version 0.3
    • Hardcoded locale
    Version 0.2
    • Added command alias bed
    • Switched to using player location not bed location - should prevent falling through floors.
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    Only the last bed they slept in
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    i love this plugin.
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    Works with 1060?

    -Thanks :)
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    Pink Floyd

    I do hope you keep this updated, it's exactly what I'm looking for. See, /sethome is an easily abused command by players, while spawning at their bed is perfect! Thank you!
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    As far as I know it still works, it should have very little reason to break (I haven't had the chance to upgrade and test my server yet)
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    Still works. been using for awhile. Great for survival/PvP servers :D!
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    Great plugin.

    Tiniest suggestions.

    Add superperms support.
    2 nodes, bedhome.self
    and bedhome.other

    also allow /bed playername to be teleported to another players bed location, useful for mods and admins
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    i love this plugin!!! im waiting for an updated one for v1.1 pls add it soon
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    while I appreciate your enthusiasm and excitement - this plugin will probably just work without any changes by me for 1.1 when there is a bucket 1.1 available.
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    Hey freeman Can you make the /home override the /home for commandbin. I like yours better and CommanBin Overrides it
  12. Please update this to R5... I want to keep it after 1.2 :)
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    Please do this. FREEMAN
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    Could you please update this? If it's a dead project, then I understand :). But this is by far my favorite plugin.
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    Myth confirmed, plugin gives an error in craftbukkit 1.2.3.beta2.
    Need update.
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    This weekend - I've had work to do that actually pays money.
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    Any luck with the update? It doesn't work with minecraft version 1.2.3.
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    Sorry got busy arguing over another plugin - this one however is open source so feel free to update it - I hope to get a chance to look at it tonight or tomorrow.
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    Hope you can, this was a GREAT and helpful plugin for my server! players are missing it :(
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    Updated, download here
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    works lovely, only problem is when i destroy the bed i can still /home back to that location -
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    That's always been an issue, there's no elegant way to fix it so I didn't bother.
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    i noticed it saves the player bed info in the file (in the plugins folder) -
    is there not a way for it to detect when a user's bed is broken and delete this?

    so it goes back to ' - you must set a bed first' ?
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    it saves the player's location when they enter the bed, not the location of the bed.
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    Permissions for Pbukkit? :D

    why not?

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    Codex Arcanum

    Perhaps this doesn't fall under the category of an *elegant* solution, but couldn't you just do a check of nearby blocks when you /home, and if none of them are beds cancel the teleport?
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    And here I was pondering saving the bed location to the same file ;)
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    Codex Arcanum

    Oh, OK. That would make much more sense. I didn't realize that the event had a built .getbed() method. I figured that you must be using player location because the event didn't have a way of getting the bed's location easily. Ah well, should've known better.
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    I was originally storing the bed location but that had issues as the bed's location is lower than the players location - usually resulting in them getting stuck in the floor so I switched to using player location as I figured if a player can stand there to enter the bed then they can TP there safely. What I'll do now is store both locations, tp to one if the other is undamaged.
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    As this is true, it would be used to fund the server costs, nor would it be outrageous priced derp
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    How about I put it on my todo list, but don't hold your breath

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