[TP] BeastTP v1.0 - Easy to use TP plugin [Permissions] [1337]

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    Latest Build:
    Build #1337
    BeastTP: v1.1
    About BeastTP
    BeastTP is a Continue of Infernus' Awesome plugin EasyTP! so all thanks goes to him!

    /to <player> Teleports you to player and Tells them with the message "<user> Has Teleported to you!"
    /from <player> Teleports the player to you and Tells them with the message "You Have Been Teleported to <user>!"

    Permission Nodes:
    /to - BeastTP.to
    /from - BeastTP.from
    All Caps MUST be included

    BeastTP Features:
    Simple Commands (/to and /from)
    Permissions Support!
    CB: 1337

    BeastTP Future plans:
    /sto <player> Teleports you to Player without displaying message!
    /sfrom <player> Teleports Player to you without displaying message!

    Many Thanks to ArcheCane and Infernus!

    Made By Infernus Continued & Added onto By _Husky_
    Source in Jar!
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    New or old, we all need to follow the guidelines. Otherwise it's hard to understand what each plugin is for etc, etc. Get it up to snuff and it'll be just fine.
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    Thanks again, How does it look now?
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    Better, but you still need the version number in the thread title as well. I'm off to bed for now, good luck with your plugins

    Hey-o! It's the story of an open-source online community :p

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    Well still, WHY would you rewrite a plugin? Do people get horny of that?
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    Idk... I think most people just want to be a part of something, but don't have 100% original ideas to bring to the table most of the time, so they bring other people's ideas.
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    Yeh and thats just ridiculous. Why would you do that...
    That means they are getting horney of it.... -___-
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    Probably... But it's not really something to be discussed on this particular thread, I believe... We need a more concrete system for plugin admissions, but until we finish moving to BukkitDev I'm not sure that's going to happen. For now, I sleep... I need to be up in less than 7 hours.
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    Hahaha good night!
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    Its My First Plugin for Crying out loud, what do you expect me to do, i already made a plugin that whenever you type it says Hello <player>
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    I think a teleport plugin is pretty good for a first one. No-one's going to write PEX or WorldGuard on their first try. Don't harass people for learning. 8-|
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    Thanks for the support
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    Well, if youre blaming thats it youre first. The first plugin i made was a home plugin.
    With a whole /home system. I never released it tough cause its not useful for the community xD
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    I made a plugin and all it did was say Hello. that was when i was testing xD
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    I'm not trying to harass you, I'm actually glad that you are learning to make plugins, and I'm sure most other people would be too.

    My suggestion to you is:
    Even if you did write the plugin yourself and it is your own code, it's polite to not release it publicly if it has already been done. Even if you add a few small features of make it run faster/better/etc, people will only question why you even bothered because it already exists when you get down to the basic functionality.

    Edit: The only time the above does not apply is if you are taking over a plugin from someone else. (Or something of a similar fashion)
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    yer ok thanks, i will shut this down. thanks for everything
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    Actually I might just continue infernus' easytp as he has quit modding minecraft
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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    ok. Will do

    //EDIT - Updated!
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    Moved to releases
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    Husky don't listen to the others. You did a great service by taking a dead plugin and reviving it. You helped the community, so just ignore the ego's.
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    =D Thanks man!
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    Source ?
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    Sure man i was working on that this morning =D Will be up soon
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    Deleted user

    /to <player> Teleports you to player and Tells them with the message "<user> Has Teleported to you!"
    /from <player> Teleports the player to you and Tells them with the message "You Have Been Teleported to <user>!"

    Perhaps there can be a config where you can edit the message?
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    Nice Idea. I will think about this :D
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  30. really glad u have continued EasyTP. i have been using EasyTp (and now BeastTP) ever since i have had my server. great plugin.
    also if you add a config file a cool thing to add would be confirmation from the person being tp'd to or from (the guy who didn't type the command) before the tele, because if someone is making a secret base and gets tp'd to, the base is compromised, and if someone just found some diamonds in a cave and gets tp'd to someone and they cant find the cave again, there gonna get all hot and bothered.

    EDIT: any possibility for PermissionsBukkit support

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