[TP] BackToBody v2.5 - Post-Death Teleport [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Valrix, Feb 18, 2011.

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    EDIT: It currently supports iConomy 4. Working on updating it to 5.
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    Could you implement BOSEconomy?
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    It's inactive, but I see the dev has been gone due to finals so I'll see about adding support for it.
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    It's still working with my server...
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    May still work, it's just that the dev has been gone too long so it's been marked as inactive and moved.
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    no wonder my backtobody not working
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    Hey Valrix the people on my server that love to hug creepers and the like love the mod. I do have a feature request... If it is possible.

    Is it at all possible to add a previous damage cool down. So after they die and respawn the mod wont allow them to use the /btb command for say 30 secs (or have it admin configurable) after taking damage. Here is an example how this could be beneficial:
    Say someone was PVPing and they die /btb becomes a very powerful tool. It may not give the killer time to loot anything of value which is the whole point of killing someone... that and any reward system the server has in place. So by adding a cool down to the person that died say 30 secs it would give the killer time to get the loot and get to a safe distance before the killed person reseurects with full health. Granted the person will spawn with nothing but i have recieved a few complaints about this.... If it was a good fight and not a gank, a lot of times the killer has only a sliver of health and the new spawner has the upper hand just because of the full health.

    Just a thought. Great plug in none the less but adding a cool down would help balance the PVP side of things. :)
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    Sure, I could add a config option to allow cool-down before being able to use the command again. Thanks for the suggestion :)
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    Hi Valrix !!
    I switch to your plugin cause DeathTpPlus conflicted with other plugins. yours is awesome and stable. Will you update to 818 (seems to work with) ? Is it possible to add support to translate the btb message in french ?

    Thanks :)
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    Sure, I'd like to add multi-language support for my plugins.
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    For big servers the BackToBody/players folder fills up with hundreds of loc files that are never used. Can we have a feature to specify a decay time for these files - say 30mins.
    And on everyy /btb, you go through that folder first and delete every file that is older than the configured 30mins.
    Even on big servers this will keep this directory rather small, so this will be no costly operation.
    To go one step further and prevent people who know the plugin from trying to put strain on the server by automatically spamming the /btb command, just safe the last time this sweep was performed in a variable and only perform the sweep if the last one is more than a minute ago.

    This will not only improve the situation with unused files for big servers, but also add a nice twitst for roleplaying servers that can set a much more aggressive decay time like 1min, so the users can't use this as some kind of onetime-warp that's valid forever till you use it.
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    Yeah, to keep an RPG aspect to it, you can think of it as the body "decaying" in a way so obviously you can't return to a rotting corpse with everything picked clean from it. I'll also add a "cooldown" option so they have to wait a specified amount of time until they can return. So far BackToBody is the most "Roleplay" filled plugin since it's the only one with flavor text.
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    Tried this on 818,820,now 830 and on every build if I use /btb we just fall into the ground or unloaded chunk and die but if I tp back or any other kind of warp I have no problems.
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    Weird, I'll work on it when I get home. Thanks for letting me know.
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    This plugin is useless for use on multiple worlds. Please add multi-world support.
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    Is it possible to change the message you get when you type /btb to something else instead of "The Reaper takes your corpse as you return to it..."
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    I know, I still have to add multi-world support for my plugins.

    Such as? I added it as flavor text to make it a bit more interesting.
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    Oh, I thought I could put in my own messages.
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    No, it was my own "flavor text" of sorts so it wouldn't seem so boring when you return to your body and instead of getting an "error message" you'll get a response from The Reaper. Just something I threw in to add to the game's roleplay aspect. Maybe in the future I'll have config options for those messages that'll default to mine.
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    Yes, that's what he was asking for. Also helps with using this in other languages.
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    Alrighty, once I get Netstats out since it's been in the works for weeks and is nearly completion I'll have time to fix my other plugins and add suggested content, etc.
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    Is there a way to change what it says when returning to your death place? I think the current one is a tad cheesy..
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    CHEESY? *sadface* In future versions, yes. You'll be able to have your own messages.
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    Haha, thanks :D
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    Please add multiworld support so I can put this back on my server.
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    Add multiworld!
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    I know, I know. I'll get to work on that guys. Patience please, I'm busy and having family issues right now. Once I'm back at college, I'll be working hard.
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    It always tells me I don't have permission to tp back but I put it in the permissions
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    thanks for this plugin.

    but It has critical problem.

    I set the cost 5000.

    and player has only 1000.

    /btb works without costs.

    using CB953, MC1.7.2
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    Sad thing is that a lot of people can't read either. They keep posting the same thing over and over.

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