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    AncientGates - Easily create portals with custom design
    Author: Olof Larsson
    Maintained by: bladedpenguin
    Version: 1.0.2
    With this plugin the server operators (OPs) can create gates that will teleport anyone who enter to a location specific to that gate. The hightlights are: It is so darn easy to use! [​IMG] and The gates can look any way you like \0/

    Try the ingame command: /gate

    Download: AncientGates.jar

    Thought first you should take a look at the demonstration I and karibu6 created:

    • /gate help,h,? *[page] Display a help page
    • /gate create,new [id] Create a gate
    • /gate delete,del,remove [id] Delete a gate
    • /gate setfrom [id] Set “from” to your location.
    • /gate setto [id] Set “to” to your location.
    • /gate open [id] Open that gate
    • /gate close [id] Close that gate
    • /gate list,ls Display a list of the gates
    Why the name AncientGates?
    Because the purpose of this plugin that I envision is that players should not be able to create gates to other worlds themselves. The server operators build gates with cool ruins around them and in order to get to another world the players need to find one of those ruins.

    Who can create a gate?
    Only server operators! Not normal players. There is no suport for any permissions plugin.

    Who can destroy a gate?
    Anyone if you do not use a third-party protection plugin like Factions.

    Are there IConnomy integration, Features for user to dial other gates etc?
    Nope. This plugin is very minimalistic and plain. Server operators manage the portals players use them any time they are open.

    1. Download the latest release:
    2. Put AncientGates.jar in the plugins folder.
    • Find a way to inexpensively protect gates.
    Version 1.0.2
    • Fix seldomly occuring error on teleportation.
    Version 1.0.1
    • Fixed compatibility with half blocks.
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    Same issue... also, we need an update on this!-.-
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    Until someone decides to pick this up and work on it, IT WILL NOT WORK WITH RB1337. Either use an older RB (12**), a dev build that seemed stable (1377) or wait till the next one launches for Minecraft 1.0.
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    it worked fine for me on CB 1337 I just wanted to find out if it will be updated for the CB 1.0.0 build?
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    what does he mean with build a frame around that block when attempting to that command: /gate setfrom XXX ???
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    will this be updated as it broke on 1.1 for me
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    when i do /gate create new - it comes up with : You lack the permissions to create a gate , im a admin and im using permissionEX system
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    Can you update it to Bukkit R5 ?
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    There are so many problems with this plugin, it's almost a better idea to rewrite it from the ground-up than trying to port it as-existing.
    1. Uses a non-standard config (gson)
    2. Uses old event system.
    3. Uses depricated block functions which are no longer supported.
    I'm going to try to update it as I've already taken the source and added a 'random target region' to it. I'll post it here if anyone's interested, but it will use the new bukkit config system so all of your old gates will cease to function.

    I think I've actually got this fixed ... just one sticking point - when you open a portal you don't get a portal full of block 90, you just get a few of them and that's it.

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    I think the error is definitely in the current bukkit builds. If it's not fixed for the RB I'll file a bug on it.
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    Ok, I resolved the final problem. I'm willing to release this as a maintenance release; I've not fixed any of the problems that existed prior to my post, only updated it to work with 1.2.3. If anyone is interested let me know and I'll post the jar.
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    Im interested, i always using that plug ;) I love it!
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    Since yourself and a few others have requested it, I've attached it here.

    Let me know if you have any issues with it, it works on my server using the latest dev build.

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    I got some issues, i can't use /gate commands, like /gate create /gate open ... My old gates is working, but i can't create new gates and edit i got all permissions
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    Oh, I think I pulled all permissions out from it when I used it for myself; I'll put them back in!
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    Ok so i waiting till You repair it ;D
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    I'm going to have to re-grab the source, sorry; I'm finishing a portal plugin but when I'm done i'll update the thread here.
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    Thank you so much phondeux!
    You are awesome
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    I've taken the original source from github and updated it, migrating all deprications over.

    Please realize that this is a maintenance release and I've not bothered to contact the author. If the author would like I can submit my changes to git.

    Download here.

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    yes! look at my fork at github.
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    Have you test that plugin? I can't make gate, delete gate and ...
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    Works fine on my installation! I need more information to tell whats wrong. Have you got a stack trace or at least an error message for me?
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    Does mine work only for me, too?
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    Ok i give up
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    Boru: you give up without telling what's the problem?

    phondeux: I cannot open gates with your build! No error messages or anything in the server log! [I'm running Craftbukki 1.2.3 R0.2]
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    My gate just generate 1 block of portal.. :confused:
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    Which Version of Ancient Gates are you using? Could you give us more information!?
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    Is there a chance of getting an update for this mod?

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