Towny or Factions?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by RPGCraft, Dec 16, 2012.

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    We currently run a Towny server and notice that not many people have been staying. We repost daily on planetminecraft, and when we do, we get 10-15ish new players. None of them seem to stay.

    We keep the same 15-20 members that alternate online and offline throughout the day. Occasionally a new member, but not often.

    Most of the members are either staff or donators, or people who have been with the server since the beginning.
    I think if these are the same people who stay on only, we'll never get more donations and run out of money to run the server.

    I don't understand why though cuz the server runs fast at 2.5gb ram and we have very nice builds on the server.

    Would having factions bring in and keep more players?
    I think Minecraft is all about pvp now, and Towny isn't really a big pvp plugin...
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    Iv been running a server for about a year now and I found that factions is the way to go. I hate towny and factions but when it comes to other people they like it. Its true PvP is a big thing now in minecraft but you could do some cool things with factions. I know on my server i have started to make a "Warzone". In this warzone I am building castles and old ruins that they can battle over. Each faction can control what ever they want there. Its one way of making PvP more entertaining rather than just put an arena.
    Id say go factions. It has increased my player count. Also dont run the server expecting to make money or have it pay for its self =P I run my server for fun and for the community. If i make money thats awesome but if not then oh well =)
    good luck!
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    I use PS stones on my main server and Factions on my PVP server, factions actually is fun to start with, then it gets to the point where it scares of new players as factions dominate them, and they will have low power so no one will recruit them. Another problem is even OP's cant open faction chests incase they have xrayed goods inside. Lack of admin power. Faction = PVP, Towny = Survival. I wouldn't scare of the Donaters over a quick pvp thing which players will come and go for, it's not a long term solution as you cant build nice things without griefers coming.
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    Be aware that Towny isn't the best performance wise. I am lead to believe that this is why the majority of the large servers use factions.
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    I know this must seem kind of overkill. But I ran a Factions server for 6 months. It got hacked and we stopped for a month, after then we tried again. Got all our old players back, but within that month, Factions became overused. So I went on to code a custom Team Deathmatch plugin, which when people join. They just don't leave.

    My point is. Factions is overused, if somebody doesn't like a unique server, they can't go elsewhere to try, they have to stay with you and give you a few ways to improve. With Factions it's more or less, if you don't like it, find another one.

    Hope that gives you some advice on what to do. The more unique you are the better. But no so unique that nobody likes it.
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    Neither. There are already a billion factions and towny servers. If you want players to stay, give them something unique.
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    ^^ Like what I said :)
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