Towny for Bukkit?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by McSpuds, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I sure hope we get towny on board or something very similar.

    Our most used used plugs are /towny, /iConomy, /WorldGuard, and /Boarderlands
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    I would have used towny if i had decided to use it when i first made my server but i as i did not find out what it was all about then i did not want to implement it afterwards.
    I am pretty sure that it will be ported, though i do not know, as it is a very good plugin :)
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    It would merge ok I would think. When notch makes his forced updates we loose towny and it merges ok later on for any towns. Visit my server to see it in action on a pvp server. Its a must for me.__
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    Unfortunately we all must deal with plugins failing. but I have someone working on maintaining that plugin. If we port it over to towny, we will release it here.
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    We need Towny, i want bukkit xD
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    omg i just made a thread about needing a towny-like plugin. Too bad i didnt read this one.
  7. <3 towny <3 hopefully it comes to Bukkit :) I know a few servers that wouldn't quite be the same without it, and there's some that are even dependent on it, so for the sake of peoples sanity we must have towny!!!
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    Yes, Towny is quite essential to our community as well. It adds a lot of depth.
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    I do not know what Shade's plan is for Towny, but I have taken on the stupid task of learning Java by porting it. I'm a python guy so all these variable type settings and semicolons are confounding me. But when I started eclipse reported 300 errors, I am now down to 250 :D
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    17:37 Shadeness • I could maybe port it if it was simple as changing hooks around...
    17:38 Shadeness • but that doesnt change the fact i need to refactor the code. big time
    17:40 Shadeness • i do plan on upping it to github and using that more. But I've been playing mc less and less. So I'm hoping by putting it on Git, that I can centralize any development people do instead of having a ton of people working on their own.

    Now would be the time to request any framework changes. If your doing changes on your own, might as well pm me on IRC. So we can combine everyone's efforts.
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    I just finished changing hooks and managed to bring the error count down to 4 different errors. My java isn't up to snuff yet to tackle those. Although permission checking, wall checking, and some of the block stuff got commented out in the process as those hooks are not in yet. I am more than happy to throw it on github.

    Would the best way to refactor Towny be to split it up into a couple of plugins? An example being a town, a nation, and a war plugin? I can see some issues with this such as town saying you cant place a block but nation says you can and I do not know what multi plugin communication entails.

    EDIT: Ok I lied, it isn't as simple as I thought. With the effort needed to port it it may as well be refactored. I'll try and corner Shade in irc and see how I can help out.
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    Copying from my hmod forum post:

    I've had some requests from my players mostly some iConomy integration.

    -Be able to buy a town from the market with the command /town buy <name of town> sets the mayor to the buyer
    -Have upkeep costs for the town either by residents or claims
    -Charge for each block thats claimed​

    To add to my suggestions some other ideas have been thrown at me:
    -Mayors can declare war on another village (for an optional cost through iconomy based on the size of your opponent)
    -Once war is declared there is 24 hours where protection between the two villages/nations still works and every person in that village/nation is warned of the wardec
    -After the 24 hours building protection is turned off as well as health regen but just between those two opposing forces, third parties are still affected by building protection
    -Wars last 72 hours after the 24 hour warning
    -If one side captures the home block then the town is disbanded and all territory becomes owned by the victor

    As well as:
    -Command to recheck all connected players and make sure they are registered, if not, register them instead of having to reload the plugin.
    -player command to remove self from village
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    Are we close yet?
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    Any progress on this?
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    Zazamari's post is brilliant, iConomy integration would complete my server.
    I'm willing to personally unload some cash to anyone who can get this done.
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    Oh really?
    You both probablly should be watching
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    Im from trixieworld and we use towny alot we have thought of some suggestions and we would like to see information signs that u can right click and it sends out a a message to all town residents and an ambassador spawn for the town for small allances between towns and so it provides a safe spawn for friendly towns.

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