Tournaments and Profiles [Two plugin requests!]

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    As a server owner im always coming up with plugin ideas. Here are two that are out of my ability but I would really like. One of them is very complex but could be very cool.

    The first idea is called "PlayerProfiles" and hooks into McMMO.

    There would be a command like /who (playername) and it would bring up the chest gui with the player name you are looking up on the top of the screen. In the inventory slots would be a sword an axe a pickaxe a hoe etc for all the skills in McMMO. when you hover over the item the item lore would show you that players skill in that area. If you click a certain category it would dismiss the gui and just show you the mctop list for that category in chat like normal. This plugin could also hook into other plugins that could display information (if possible) such as jobs or other plugins that can track player stats that offer an api available.


    The second one is called Tournaments.

    This one is pretty complex. Players have the option to create tournaments with some options. They can set the entry fee, bonus prize pot (taken from their personal bank), loot/or no loot, Min/max amount of players, winner take all/or percentage according to placement in the tournament and the name of the tournament. This part would be command based and once the tournament was created would send an announcement like "{Playername} has created the PvP tournament {TournamentName} with an entry fee of {EntryFee} and a Pot of {PotAmount} {WTA or Cascading}. Tournament will begin in 5 minutes!". There would be signs that show created tournaments in the form of

    first line: Tournament Name
    second line: Current Pot Amount and pot type (WTA or cascading) (This would update for each player that joins with entry fee)
    third line: entry fee
    fourth line: Time countdown until start.

    Players can right click the sign to join the tournament and their entry fee is taken upon joining (this would send them a message like "You've joined the tournament and {entryfee} has been deducted from your account." Players can do /tournament leave and will recieve their entry fee back. When the max number of participants is reached or the time has counted down, the tournament will teleport all joined players 30 seconds before it starts to the tournament arena and will be frozen until start. Winners will be paid out after someone has won. This would have to work with iConomy. This plugin does not need any of the actual arena creation or anything. It just needs to be able to set teleport locations (up to maybe 10 or so) where joined players will be spawned and freeze them until start. Then it just tracks who dies in what order along with allowing items to drop or not drop and whether the player spawns back where they joined from with their items(if no loot) or without (loots).

    Would love to see these happen and would be more than happy to test them. I would really appreciate it!

  2. I cant read your text
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    Thanks for your expert insight.
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    This actually sounds awesome if someone can make it public :)
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    The command is /showSkills [Player] if you had looked at the help menu

    If you mean the profile one then go ahead and download it!
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    How would I have possibly known the help menu command? ;) It wasn't /mcmmoviewer help and you didn't explain anything lol.

    Anyways thanks for the plugin, it works great.
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    I kinda meant /help mcmmoviewer

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