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    I'd love a plugin like tour guide...

    It's buggy and doesn't work 100% right atm but it's the idea I'd like...though I'd prefer if it could have way points for a tour guide to walk....which includes opening doors. Along with way points it should be able to teleport all the people in the tour after it completes the way points or a timer...

    Rather than people voting for the next point of interest it has a timer. e.g. tp's to poi walks through a door says this is blablabla walks downstairs this is blablabla says have a look around waits 30 seconds, we are leaving in 5 seconds tp's to next poi....etc

    Also multiple tour guides possible. Not just 1.

    Also if it could give people stuff when they join the tour....also if the tour could cost money (each tour being able to have a different cost) I'm sure a lot of people would like this...I'm willing to donate $20-$50 to whomever gets this right.
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    That plugin was updated very recently.. You should talk to the developer to get these features added, perhaps? I'll link them this thread for you.
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    Hi, I've replied to you on BukkitDev. I'll work on these features soon.

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