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Would you like the TotalFreedomMod for your server?

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    Hello! I would like a plugin like the TotalFreedomMod. If you can use the actual files go to:
    I would really like this for my server as it is a op server (not done so dont ask for ip).

    I would like this by monday if possible. if not then next friday
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    You can just compile that source and use that for your plugin. It has all the requirements there to compile it.
  3. mrkirby153
    How do you know if he knows how to code or not? That's like telling a random person on the street to fly a commercial airplane. It most likely will not end well...
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    I actually don't know how to code but I have lots of knowledge on computers

    also what program can I use to compile it?

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    jamisen10 Link removed for copyright
    I do not take any credit for this plugin. Telnet listener is disabled as you are probably not using that anyways.
    I won't make any changes to this

    And when requesting a plugin, please make sure to be more online than once every 2 weeks
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    As the copyright holder for this plugin. The file you uploaded violates the licence.

    If you wish the receive the plugin, contact me privately through the official forums for the server.
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    Thank you for the quick response. Yes, not everyone is able to compile it. We want to make it a bit harder for people to steal our sourcecode and claim it as their own. The link to the license is publicly available on the same page where to sourcecode is located at.

    Thanks again.
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    I would like the plugin for a server and I don't want to compile it!
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    Prozza This is for you
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    You're making it easier for people to claim it as their own by making them compile it themselves. If you distributed JARs, you could clearly mark yourselves as the author (via bukkit and even some command like /totalfreedommod), however, by not distributing a JAR, you're making it easier for others to (albeit against your license) distribute the JAR themselves and change whatever they want (such as the author). Look at the movie/TV industry - if they don't provide easy access to their content, people pirate it instead. Same philosophy.
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    Fun thing: he even notified dropbox about copyright issues, removed 1 thing because I didn't had the files, said that I didn't take any credit etc. Was for a week unable to do anything at all.
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    And yet they still happily accept pull requests.

    Might I remind you, Prozza, that you're writing code for an API that works off of Mojang's copyrighted code. Unlike you, they make millions of dollars off of this code, and yet they still kindly allow people to modify and distribute it. Think about what you're doing.
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    And yet it is open source
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    The philosophy behind our weird license was not my idea, but I agree on your viewpoint. I talked with the other author and we'll be providing an official binary and support after the 1.8 UUID break. Until then, I believe this discussion may be closed as all questions/issues have been resolved.

    Please send me a PM. :)
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