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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by V10lator, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. I tried the image hosting of BukkitDev for a project banner today but I disliked it cause of the mini thumb in the upper right corner of the project description, so I deleted the image.

    Now a sentence of the Curse TOS:
    Okay, but:
    The only prove that I "deleted" the image is that it's no longer shown on the image index.
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    You misread the TOS, I'm not at a computer so I can't get you the specifics but what you removed was a FILE not a project, they retain all rights to that content, just as with wiki pages and forum posts.
  3. So I have to remove the whole project, which isn't easy (there's no remove button...) to delete one image? LOL...
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    Pretty much. This is why I dislike their TOS

    actually I don't know if that would remove their right to your image, since it's not technically a project file, they claim irrevocable rights to it...
  5. It is the banner of the project, shown on the bukkitdev page, included in the jar, ... so it's a project file.

    Some people would even say the banner is a project itself. why? Well, what makes a project to a project? Somebody planed and worked on it, that's counting for a image, too...
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    At the moment I'm at work, so I can't look over the TOS or get you the exerpt that pretty much steals your content. But I can when I'm home tonight :)
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    You mean this part?

    In short, "You can post content, such as your picture on Curse and it will be classified as a 'User Submission' which, by posting, you grant Curse the right to use in any way they see fit forever. There are also 'Submitted Projects' whose rights you can terminate by deleting them, but pictures are classified as User Submissions."
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  9. @alexanderpas: Yes and changing this is as impossible as removing the image... :(
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    You can upload another image and mark it as default.
  11. I just uploaded a 1x1 transparent png, setted it as default and deleted it again. Now the projects page looks better but still not like before. :/
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    Did you make a bug report about this? Did you make a bug report at all, before you started this thread?
  13. No.
    This is my bug report. Why should I contact Curse? It's and a bug report is some kind of feedback. :p
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    Because it's powered by Curse. Also, if you look at the bottom of the site, you'll see a link [Site Issues]( which links to that link.
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