Torches that go away.

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    Hi, I'd like to have a plugin that will simulate torches periodically burning out. The best way I can think to do this would be to simply remove a random torch from the world, probably within X squares of a current online player.

    Would be nice if the timer to remove the torch could be set via a config file.

    Needs to be setup to work with multiworlds, so the time can be different per world, plus the ability to have it on or off in each world.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can make this.
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    Do you want a torch to have a specific time before it burns out, or just a random percentage chance of each torch burning out every X minutes, orr??
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    I'd prefer it be at every X minutes... but others who might download the program may want it to be at random within 1 to X minutes. Perhaps the option to have it at random would be the best.

    After reading your message again...

    I'd like it at a set/random time to pick a torch at random within X distance of a currently online player (choosen at random, in a world where a torch can be removed), and remove it from the map/game.

    As for the time before it picks a torch, probably should be in minutes, and should be 1 to x minutes.

    Hope that helps.

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    Alright, one final thing before I start making it, just so were on the same page.

    Every Y seconds, it will go through every online player, get all the torches within X distance of that player, randomly pick one of those torches, and then destroy it if it at least 1 minute old? (IE: The torch was placed over a minute ago), is that all correct?

    Or do you want it to pick a torch, and then have a Z percentage chance of destroying that torch, and then restart the cycle?

    And then Y, X, and Z will be configurable on a per world basis.
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    Almost right.

    Every X (X = set or random amount of time) minutes pick a single player at random (who is in a world that the plugin can remove a torch), get all the torches within Y distance of that player, select one of those torches at random and destroy it.

    Hmmm... a Z chance to destroy the torch does sound interesting. Perhaps this should also be an option. So 100 would destroy a torch no matter what. 50 would give a 50 percent chance, etc. That would be a nice feature.

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