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    Plugin category: Admin

    Suggested name: ItemList

    What I want: I'd like to have a plugins that functions like toomanyitems, but for server; the problem with me is that items from plugins are not shown in toomanyitems that is installed in client's minecraft.jar
    It is really time consuming trying to give yourself or a player an item that can only be accessed by crafting or using commands such as /mbgive jonny explosion, so the idea, if not already be produced, is really helpful for operators and moderators.
    I have invested my time looking for one; I found toomanybucket, but it is outdated. I have tried many keywords such as "itemlist", "toomanyitems for bukkit", "item" with admin tool filter, and such, but found none that satisfy my need.
    Perhaps I have not entered the proper keywords, but I have tried many search engine and only post when I am sure that in my power I cannot find this plugins; please leave the name of the plugins if any is available; thank you very much

    Ideas for commands: right click with a specified tool in hand will open a list of items which can be obtained when right click; yield a stack when shift right click, or biding a shortkey to open list
    note: items from other plugins must also be presented.

    Ideas for permissions: [no suggestion]

    When I'd like it by: [no time limit]

    thank you very much for helping!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    The problem with this idea is that TooManyItems is a client mod, as you mentioned. Even though Bukkit is a modded server, it uses the Vanilla client. When people download Minecraft, it is not capable of displaying the TMI interface, so the author of TMI wrote his mod to change the interface of Minecraft. Bukkit plugins can be used to perform tasks and manipulate player and their inventories, but everything (like timtower said) must me done through commands or through the interface that Minecraft already has. A Bukkit version of TMI might be possible, but it would not have the look and feel of normal TMI. It would look like the inside of a chest, or something along those lines because the chest interface is the only one available to use in Vanilla Minecraft. The client is not programmed by default (without a mod) to display other windows/interfaces besides the ones that appear in normal Minecraft. Anyway, I can mess around with the idea for the time being, using a chest interface, but I am not a super experienced plugin author.

    One question, though: Did you want every the plugin to give every kind of item? Just creative items? or really every item in the game...?
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    You can make a plugin with a basic GUI almost using Inventories and have a page forward button that will open the next page of items, you click the item, and it does whatever is needed... If you still want this done, this may be interesting.. :p
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    I am currently expanding an inventory plugin and could add this feature to it when i have time.
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    Check out CraftingPlus

    It has a recipe lookup view that shows all items including ones that come from other plugins (those can be a bit buggy atm, but im working on it).

    I will also add a mobile use (like an open command), so you don't have to craft a bench.
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    @RingOfStorms I am currently using your plugins right now; great plugins :D. But it would be really great if you can add options so that people with correct permission can get that item without crafting it; it will save people like me as a mapmakers from trying to craft 10 different arrows of "craftarrows" plugins in one stack; just a suggestion, thank you for replying !
    jobynad Some plugin items can only be access through commands or shop (crackshot); some requires crafting which is time consuming when you, as a mapmaker, trying to fill them up in a chest (craftarrows); so maybe an idea of making a full list of items with tabs such as "plugins item" would be nice.

    Guys, I appreciate your helps and suggestions; I don't know how plugins request works but I don't have the financial availability to donate or pay, so if this is your goal, I am sorry to announce so that your time will be well spent; thank you all :).
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    yep ill add in the command to open it next update. I totally forgot about it for this 1.6 update, but I added it to the future ideas so I don't forget. Because it takes so long for approval time I'm going to wait a bit until I add in more to get the command it.

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