[TOOL] MineUUID - Find out your Minecraft UUID!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by TheKomputerKing, Oct 26, 2013.

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    Mojang recently introduced UUID's to track Minecraft accounts, so that in the future people can change their Minecraft Username.

    Here's my little tool to find out your UUID, and when you find it, post a reply to this thread with your username and UUID so we can all share :)

    MineUUID - A tool by TheKomputerKing:
    Download Here!

    Build with Google's GSON library.

    Have fun Crafters :)
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    mega.co.nz..., yeah no thanks.
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    I don't see an issue here... Is there something bad about MEGA?
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    I see what you mean, it does look like a dodgy URL, but it's just MEGA. I'll post the source in a bit
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    MEGA is the new version of megaupload, same owner
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    Assult Ignore LaxWasHere he just loves to hate on things.
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    mega is 100% safe never had any viruses from visiting it
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    So? Anybody could upload a virus, that's true of all upload sites...
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    I thoroughly enjoy installing a random plugin/addon to my browser that doesn't even appear to do anything... just to download a tiny file.
    No, you're just hating that he has an opinion.
    See first statement in this post.
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    Why are you bumping a 2 month old post...
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    I mean the website itself is safe the uploads on it are a different thing
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    Could anyone make this tool in PHP and make it work vice versa (from UUID to username and from username to UUID) it would be a nice username case filter
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    Nice tool, I see nothing wrong with it. So he uses mega, big deal.
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    Never mind, i already wrote it myself, forgot to mention it here :p
    it did take a lot of time..
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    100% possible to do this PHP based, Already got it almost working after 5 mins. Will post a link soon :)


    Done! You can use this online PHP system i've made to get your UUID now :D connorlinfoot.com/uuid

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    Now this is awesome!
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    I am now working on the UUID -> Minecraft username system :D

  20. FUCK YEE!!
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    1. It keeps nagging you to download Chrome since Google sponsors them.
    2. If you have Firefox, it makes you install some plugin.
    Really, it should just give you a direct link to the file, but they decided to make it overly complicated on purpose. Also, since it's Megaupload reborn, it's sketchy in general.
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    This doesn't work properly for me. I type my username exactly and glick the button. Then it hangs for like 15 seconds, then it says Couldn't find UUID!

    What do I do?
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