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    A simple set of scripts for OS X for helping to mod your minecraft client. You can get it here:

    Download this repo from github using git:
    git https://github.com/NickCody/minecraft-modshop.git
    Or, click on the "zip" button in GitHub and download and extract the zip to a directory of your choice.

    The recommended directory structure is as follows.
    . ├── mcjar ├── temp-mcjar └── zip
    mcjar and temp-mcjar will be created automatically. Download all of your mods to zip/ and extract them there. This way, you can run commands like:
    ./mcreset ./mcaddmod zip/biosphere/ ./package
    How it works

    minecraft-modshop is simply a set of directory standards and invocations of standard utility like cp (copy), Java's jar, etc., to move files into and out of minecraft.jar.

    When you run mreset, you're usually copying your system minecraft.jar from ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft to the mcjar backup directory. This jar is then used by mcreset on subsequent runs to restore anything crazy that you've done. If you already have a modded minecraft.jar that you want to use as a base, make sure mcjar/ is empty and the first call to mcreset should copy that minecraft.jar into this backup directory.

    Once you're reset, you can start invoking mcaddmod, which is the main modding script. You invoke this with a single argument, a directory that contains your mod that was extracted by unzip. This neatly copies the mod files into the staging directory for later packaging.

    When you are done modding, you invoke mcpackage which uses Java jar to pack up the staging files into a new minecraft.jar and copies it to your Minecraft install folder (~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin).

    Most mods need you to delete the META-INF files and minecraft-modshop does that for you iby deleting the MOJANG files and with the jar command's M option.
    Feedback can be sent to nick at primordia dot com.
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