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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by icemaker3, May 17, 2011.

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    What i have it is not really a problem but i have too much lag in my server.I mean when i am alone everything is fine but when my friend logs in it lags in an extremely high level.Is there a way to reduce the lag in my bukkit server?I host this server with if that helps
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    Increase the ram. Reduce Render Distance, remove items laying on the floor. Reduce lava, water, amount of lighting. The list is endless. Also how many plugins do you have??
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    I have about 20 plugins but i tried to run the server without them but there was still lag. By the way how can i increase the ram?
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    if you're using Java x64 you can simply replace -Xmx with -Xmx2G or whatever to your running script. If you're using Java x86 you can only use up to 1500M (instead of the 2G).
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    1500mb is only a little over a gig.
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    I know, but x86 cant handle more. So it's worth using x64.
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    How can i replace and where is -Xmx?
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    Im having the same problem as soon as ten people come on the lag gets unbearable
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    Why do players keep getting kicked out of my server with the following message: Connection Lost Internal timed out
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    Nathan C

    Slow internet
    Slow CPU
    Probably playing off same PC as you host on

    List goes on....
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