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    i recently wanted to do something really big and complex with tnt in my server, but its way to much wurk to make an enormous redstone system....

    so, thats why i tought up this:

    when you place down TNT, itgets a certain frequency, for example 2
    you can detonate the tnt using /tnt detonate 2
    you can also detonate multiple tnts for example, i have 4 tnt placed somewhere, the frequency's are:
    2 6 7 11
    and then i can detonate all four by doing /tnt detonate 2 6 7 11

    if you forgot the frequency of a block of tnt, you could just type /tnt check
    and click on the tnt, than it sshould say something like: Frequency of TNT = for example 23

    hope you like my idea :)

    thanks in advance
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    Hm, interesting. This might be worth a developer's interest.

  3. Hi W&L-Craft,

    I'm currently creating a new plugin.
    My plugin it's mainly for my minecraft servers, but I prefere let him Open Source.

    If you want, you can suggest your request to the github of my plugin :

    Your request interesting me, if you create an issue to my github, I will create this command into my plugin.

    You can also read all wiki of my plugin to see all new adds :

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    also, it would be cool if it had a timer function, so you could do something like this /tnt detonate <frequency> timer <seconds>

    for example /tnt detonate 36 timer 10

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