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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by HypdUp, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Hello! I am in the making of an awesome server! and I am putting a lot of time in it and many mini games, I would love to put TnT Run rooms similar to Survival Games with its lobby wall thing. But this one putting you in a TnT Run Room as Ive seen on some youtube channels such as CaptainSparklez, I cant find any plugin like that so if its made I would love a link if you need further information just ask :D
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    Our Server Already has this Plugin in Beta and up and running on our server.
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    May I please get a download link :)?
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    Please reply to this what is that plugin
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    What would this plugin do?
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    Look up a video of TnT Run and your question will be answered.
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    The game itself can run just fine without plugins. Do you want map reset, lobby, rewards, timers etc.?
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    You can run the game fine in vanilla with tnt and pressureplates, but you'd have to reset the lobby every time someone wanted to play. Personally, I'd like the plugin to be able to reset the lobby, and have a lobby wall where you could see the status of games. That's really all it would need to do though, because you can easily turn off tnt explosions in a region using wordguard.
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    Just fork a Arena reset config out of one of Double_0_Negative's plugin then put it all together with adjustments etc.
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    that plugin sucks. i tryed to edit to add gravel to the "fallenblocks" and i couldn't.

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