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Is this a cool plugin idea?

  1. Yeah, It sounds really fun!

  2. It's kinda cool, but I feel like it's a waist of time to code something like this.

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    Hello Everyone, Here is another plugin request!
    --Since some of my requests aren't being filled, unfortunately; Here is another!--

    Plugin Name: TnT Games

    /tnt create <Arena-Name> (Starts a TnT Game)
    /tnt join <Arena-Name> (Joins a Certain arena)
    /tnt leave (Leaves an arena)
    /tnt start <Arena-Name> (Automatically starts a TnT game (OP Only) )

    What is a TNT game?:
    A TnT game is a game where all of the participants are spawned on one island after a 30 second countdown. After 15 minutes of collecting materials on the ONE island that the players cannot leave (Region setup using WorldEdit-/-World Guard) the players are scattered around the world. The objectives of the game are

    -Stay Alive
    -Be the last man standing

    Every player spawns with a compass that points to the middle island. After the people are scattered around the world, they need to make a shelter. During the night time, TnT falls from the sky. If you aren't protected by a Cobblestone/Stone+ house, you die and you become a "Ghost" and are invisible and can spectate people. (You can't make contact with blocks, animals, or people).

    - (Creates a Game) (V.I.P only!)
    - (Starts a game) (OP and Permission Based)

    Extra Information and Updates:
    Update 1: During the rain, the rain can slowly kill you. Being in the rain, your hearts decrease because the rain is "Acid."
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    Ty Cleere

    I like this! I might try to do something with this! Ill keep you posted:D
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    Sounds fun, but I can't make plugins!

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