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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TQ1000, Jan 25, 2021.

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    Plugin category: Admin tools, informational

    Minecraft version: 1.16.4

    Suggested name: SimpleTimer

    What I want: I'm looking for a simple plugin that just allows me to start a timer with a command, that triggers a command at the end. Would be great if you can set the timer to show in a bossbar, update in chat or be hidden.

    Ideas for commands:
    /simpletimer start <time> <command> <type> - Start a timer for given time (in seconds?), set the command that it executes, and define the type (bossbar, chat, hidden)
    /simpletimer time - See the progress of a timer. If multiple are set, enter a number to see that one (0 being first set, 1 the next...) (the ability to set multiple is optional, but a plus)

    Ideas for permissions:
    simpletimer.start -
    Ability to do /simpletimer start
    simpletimer.time - Ability to do /simpletimer time
    simpletimer.see - Ability to see the timers (on by default)

    When I'd like it by: Within the next two weeks, if possible
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    Good evening @TQ1000, I hope that you are well and it is a pleasure to meet you.

    I am willing to develop this plugin, however I must ask the following question regarding the requests in your post stating:
    • If the user chooses to receive updates in chat regarding the timer, at what interval do you wish for an update to be sent or do you wish for the interval to be configurable?
    I anticipate your response in due course.
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    @BB563780 Hello, I'm doing great!
    I'm not sure about this setting as I could imagine it getting annoying, so maybe it should be configurable.
    Alternatively, maybe it could announce a set ammount of times, say 4. So if the timer is set to 10 minutes, it would warn every 2 minutes 30. How does that sound?
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    Hello there,

    I started working on this plugin this morning when there were no replies yet and I just now saw that you are already discussing the development of it with someone else. Since I already finished the plugin, I'll just upload it here, however you can continue to work with the other guy if you want to :)

    But yeah, here is a quick rundown of my version of the plugin.

    /simpletimer start (time) (bossbar | chat | none) (command)
    -> Requires simpletimer.start permission (default set to op's)

    /simpletimer time (id)
    -> Returns remaining time on a given timer (0 = first timer, 1 = second timer, etc...). Required simpletrainer.time permission (default set to op). If a time with given ID does not exist, nothing will be outputted.

    /simpletimer start 10 bossbar time set day

    10 -> 10 seconds
    bossbar -> type of output display
    time set day -> command (there should be no "/" at the start)

    /simpletrainer start 10 none gamemode creative


    chat-announcements ->
    defines how many messages will be send in chat if the chat output type is defined
    restrict-commands -> if this is set to true, players can only execute commands that they have permission to. If it's set to false, all commands are executed with op permission. I'd personally keep this to true, otherwise everyone can execute commands with op perm.

    If you have any questions, issues or further requests with the plugin, feel free to post them in here ^-^

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    Looks perfect, thank you!
    I'll try it later today and let you know if I find any issues

    It works great, exactly what I wanted!
    Just a couple things:
    - the simpletimer.see permission works for the bossbar, but players do not seem to see the chat updates (except for me, opped) regardless of if that perm is set or not
    - again about the chat updates, is it possible to set it to also broadcast the starting time of the timer? (so if set to 60 seconds, it would display 60, 45, 30,15, 0, as opposed to 45, 30, 15, 0 rn)
    - This one's an oversite on my part, would it be possible to set a message to display on the bossbar rather than displaying the command that will execute? say through /simpletimer start (time) (bossbar | chat | none) (message) (command) - this could even work for the chat timer messages too

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    Congratulations @NewtyMan for all of your impressive contributions to the plugin requests on here for such a new member! I am glad to see that your plugin has satisfied @TQ1000.
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    I believe I managed to fix the issues. So to go through them line by line, the first one (other players not seeing chat timer) was caused by a small mistake in my code and should now be fixed.
    Second one has been added (broadcast chat on start of timer)

    And the third one has also been added, but due to the way current command works, I had to add a new one.

    /simpletimer name (ID) (name) -> Requires simpletimer.start permission (same as /simpletimer start ...)

    /simpletimer name 1 Set time to day
    /simpletimer name 0 Test Name

    Thank you a lot for your kind words <3

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