Timed Commands

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    Timed Commands

    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: Timed Commands

    PS: I have looked at plugins, none of which can combine times... which means it won't work!

    What I want: A plugin to delay commands say 1 hour or 24 hours... so here is what I'm looking for...

    I tell the config which commands to run now and when time ends, when I type the in game command...

    so a config might look like this

    cmd: /pex group member add essentials.warp.mobfarm
    cmdto: /pex group member remove essentials.warp.mobfarm

    cmd = command
    to = timed out (time ran out)

    so when I run command /tc mobfarm 1h
    it should give them 1 hour of use in the mob farm...

    if I run the command again, it should give them 2 hours.... (combining times is very important)

    also making sure server can restart without times would be really awesome

    Ideas for commands:
    /tc help
    /tc <config title>

    Ideas for permissions:
    timedcommands.admin and all commands allowed for OP and console

    When I'd like it by: My server is waiting on it... so ASAP

    Thanks for reading!

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