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    Can Anyone Plesase build me a plugin for bukkit So It Rejects Any Connections Between Two Times
    Because I Have A Server Inside My School Intranet And Teachers Wanna Pull My Server Down Because Students Are Playing It During Class I Wanna Choose When The Server Go On And Turns On.
    if Any One Could Create One Asap Would Be Much Appreciated :)
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    Get to work.
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    Lol I Have Never Made A Plugin
    And Dont Know How to..... :(
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    Stop fooling around and get back to class. In my old school we only watched [Censored] and the teachers did not care.
    Still, get back to class!
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    Be a rebel and keep the server up 24/7! :p

    EDIT: On a more helpful note, would an active whitelist between timeX and timeY work?
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    You Jock. ^_^
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    Ummm yea how would I do the tine y time x sorta thing??

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    Sweet Bro Thanks
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    An idea for this is to use a control panel like Multicraft, and leave that running, then set schedules for when you want it to start/stop. Because a plugin cannot do this, when the server stops, all plugins are disabled until server start.
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    yea or just blocks in coming connections?
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    Please, Stop Typing Like This. Thank you :p

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