Throwable slimeballs, magma creams, firecharges, inksacs, spider eyes, and fermented spider eyes

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    What I want is a plugin that allows you to throw slimeballs, magma creams, fireballs, ink sacs, spider eyes, and fermented spider eyes. They each have a different effect:

    Slimeballs - If you are hit by a projectile slimeball you are given slowness 7 for a few seconds
    Magma Creams - If you are hit by one of these you will get slowness 7 and set on fire
    Ink Sacs - If you are hit you get blindness for a few seconds
    Spider Eyes - When hit you get Hunger 10 for a few seconds
    Fermented Spider Eyes - When hit you get Poison for a few seconds

    Fire charges simply spawn a blaze fireball.

    Thanks to anyone who makes this plugin.
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    I'm failing to see how this would work since there is no entity of these items. However it is possible to make it so that once you right click with one of these items it spawns an egg, arrow or other entity with a given velocity (Adjusting the velocity determines how far it is thrown, giving you a little bit more control over range etc. ) The other way I can see this working is with using an invisible entity so that you don't actually see the item being thrown only the effects being cast on the target.. However I doubt this is what you want.

    There are probably other ways for this to work, but let me know what you think of this.
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    Actually when you drop an item you can set its velocity. So you can make the player drop the item when he/ she left clicks and set its velocity. Not sure how you would handle collisions though :/
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    I'll take this one guys, I should have it by Friday. :)
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    First of all, that should probably be a private message, since this is going off topic now :p

    But anyways, I shutdown the server I used to run, and am currently in the process of creating a new one. I don't have anything for you to check out ATM, since its in whitelist and undergoing testing
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    I think the way I would do it is to use metadata and check using the EntityTouchByEntity event or something then check if there is metadata on that item.

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